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    What is Travel Insurance?

    What is Travel Insurance?

    Travel Insurance offers coverage against various types of emergencies like medical expenses. The medical expenses involve medical evaluation and repatriation, detaining checked-in baggage or absolute loss of checked-in baggage, forgotten connections, financial emergency assistance, and so on. 

    A travel insurance policy is an important piece of documentation that is beneficial when you travel abroad. We must buy a travel insurance policy in advance to cover the dates you’ve travelled on. Not only this, but travel insurance also provides you with the freedom to enjoy your trip without any interruptions. 

    So, always make sure that you have the right travel insurance policy that covers all your needs and can be bought online. Buying travel insurance online would help you to stay secure in case of a mishap. Bajaj Allianz offers travel insurance plans for adventurous travellers and senior citizens. Travel insurance can be availed for multiple or single trips, depending on your needs and budget. 

    The multi-trip travel insurance plan is handy for the frequent travellers and it insures all the multiple trips within the specified duration. The cost and coverage of travel insurance depending on the nature of the trip. 

    Always remember that a travel insurance policy is an investment because it’s something that you’re doing for yourself and your loved ones to keep them safe. Now, you can select a travel insurance policy online sitting at the comfort of your home. We’re just a click away waiting for you with the best travel insurance plans in India. 


    Why Do You Need Travel Insurance?

    You need a travel insurance policy for various reasons like -


    ✓   Overseas medical emergencies

    ✓   Delayed flights

    ✓   Country/Visa Requirements

    ✓   Loss/Delay of Luggage

    ✓   Cover for Natural Calamities or Human-made Disasters

    ✓   Missed Flights/ Trip Cancellation

    ✓   Study interruptions

    ✓   Flight hijack


    Do You Need A Travel Insurance Policy? : If that’s the question you’re battling with, read on to check the answer to this question! Medical expenses usually cost 3 to 5 times more in foreign countries. Around 25 million baggage are mislaid by airlines every year. Travel scams are very common in tourist-heavy countries. 

    So, it’s important not only to purchase a travel insurance plan but also to choose the right one. If you buy a travel insurance plan online, you’re safeguarding your trip against all the financial losses. Leave aside the financial backup and roaming around abroad without any adequate insurance coverage, as this can prove fatal at the times of an unfortunate event. 

    A lost passport or a missed flight are very scary situations for the tourists. One can feel lost even without an insurance cover in a variety of situations, so always keep a backup with travel insurance policy. 



    Features of Travel Insurance in India

    Now that you understand the importance of buying travel insurance, it is important to understand its potential to provide coverage. Hence, listed below are the essential features of getting to understand how travel insurance in India can help you enjoy your holiday. 

    • Coverage for Flight Related Issues

      Coverage for Flight Related Issues:

       Even though an aeroplane is considered one of the safest ways to travel, accidents do not knock before coming. Flight-related issues include the delayed travel or hijack situation, the insurance plan will cover you for the expenses occurring during the course of adversity. 

    • Cashless Treatment

      Cashless Treatment:

      Although we do not wish to visit a hospital during a holiday, actually having to go there can also be financially draining. However, you can get covered under the travel insurance plans and benefit from the cashless facility. You can avail this service at the hospitals, which are empanelled under the insurance provider. 

    • Trip Related Adversities

      Trip-Related Adversities: 

      A lot of reasons can force you to cancel your trip, stay back, and attend to more important matters. Buying a travel insurance plan can protect from losing money. This includes non-refundable flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc. 

    • A Plan for Every Age

      A Plan for Every Age

      People belonging to different age groups have varied preferences regarding a trip. Where the aged individuals require more travel assistance and they are also vulnerable to theft and other similar incidents. The good thing is that you can buy travel insurance policy specific to your age group with apt benefits and coverage. 

    • Emergency Cash Advance

      Emergency Cash Advance: 

      Your travel insurance policy includes cash advances in emergency situations. Getting stuck abroad due to hospitalisation, loss of credit card/cash and traveller's cheques can be troublesome. With an insurance policy, you can receive a cash advance after a specified time. 

    • Coverage for Baggage Passport Loss

      Coverage for Baggage/Passport Loss

      Nothing can be more dreading and dangerous than losing your baggage or passport while on a trip. Travel insurance policy opted by you might not recover your passport or baggage, but you will get covered for the loss of cash or kind. Plus, it will cover the expenses incurred to get a new passport. 

    • Emergency Evacuation Plans for Frequent Flyers

      Emergency Evacuation Plans for Frequent Flyers: 

      Some insurance providers proffer year-long coverage plans for frequent flyers. To avoid spending recurring insurance policy costs, frequent flyers will receive the benefits for a year or multiple trips. 

    • Secures You Against Home Burglary

      Secures You Against Home Burglary

      Burglars are often on the lookout to pick houses which are vacant when the family is gone on a trip, but you should not let it hamper your travel plans. Home burglary coverage ensures that you get compensated in case of home theft in your absence.  

    • One Cover for the Entire Family

      One Cover for the Entire Family

       It is simpler and cost-effective. to get one insurance plan for the entire family instead of buying different plans for different age groups.

    • Automatic Claim Settlement With Trip Delay Delight

      Automatic Claim Settlement With Trip Delay Delight

      You won’t have to submit a claim to get the insurance benefits. For incidents like trip-delay or flight cancellation, the covered amount will be automatically settled. .



    Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance?

    Feature Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Benefit
    Premium Amount Starting from INR 206
    Claim Procedure Smartphone-enabled claim settlement, paperless
    Claim Settlement  Available 24x7, Missed Call Service also available
    Number of Covered Countries 216 countries and islands across the globe
    Flight Delay Coverage INR 500 to 1,000 compensation for flights delayed by four hours or more 
    Inclusion of Deductibles No Deductibles
    Add-on Benefits Adventure sports, hospitalization cover, check-in baggage delay, loss of passport, emergency cash advance, trip cancellation cover, etc. 


    Types of Travel Insurance in India

    Good and user-oriented travel insurance plans will make your trip a great vacation. It secures you at various steps, which is the financial coverage as the top priority. 

    Do not rush while selecting the best travel insurance policy for your family and yourself. For hassle-free and safe travel, choose wisely and save your money without selecting the first option you see. 

    A Travel Insurance is a cushion which takes the blow for the fall, makes your trip more fun and memorable. 


    • Individual Travel Insurance

      Individual Travel Insurance

      Going on a solo trip? Or travelling to meet your family abroad? When you are travelling alone, you need extra protection and access to instant help, especially in case of a hospitalisation or other emergency situations. 

      Benefits under Individual Travel Insurance Plan: All covers in the maximum plans are the same, or somewhat similar to the other, but vary with terms and conditions. It includes benefits like accidental emergencies, accidental death, medical services expenses, dental expenses and other non-medical factors like baggage loss, passport loss and many more. 

    • Family Travel Insurance

      Family Travel Insurance

      A Travel Insurance plan specially planned for the families who travel together. The insurance plan covers the immediate family of the policyholder under the family travel insurance plan. The policyholder, his/her spouse and children. 

      Coverage under Family Travel Insurance Plan: The insured family members of the policy holder are covered for medical expenses, loss of baggage, personal liabilities, loss of passport, delay in the baggage and many more. 

    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

      Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

      Just like the health insurance plan is tailored to the age factor, the travel insurance for senior citizens  is also best for individuals above the age of 70. The elderly people prefer to travel after retirement and often travel alone as well or just in couples. This type of plan protects them from uncertainties.

      Covers under Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan: The benefits for a senior citizen travel insurance plans include the unpredictable financial crisis on travel like repatriation of mortal loss, medical bills, loss or delay of check-in baggage, Emergency medical evacuation and more based on the insurance firm. 

    • Corporate Travel Insurance

      Corporate Travel Insurance

      The Corporate travel insurance plans serve best to the businessmen travelling frequently for corporate works. The beneficiaries under this plan can enjoy a year-long of benefits and policy coverage, allowing travel in and out of the country with a peace of mind.

      Covers under Corporate Travel Insurance Plan: The coverage under the Corporate travel insurance plans is basic medical expenses, flight delay, baggage loss, missing connecting flights, etc. 

    • Student Travel Insurance

      Student Travel Insurance

      This plan is specifically tailored to be student-friendly. It has a special feature of the extension of the validity up to specific time, mainly 2 years.

      Covers under Student Travel Insurance Plan: It covers the basic overseas travel insurance covers and provides some add ons as well. The covers like bail bond, medical evacuation, study interruption, sponsor protection and some more.

    • Group Travel Insurance

      Group Travel Insurance

      The travel insurance policy customised for the people travelling in groups. This type of travel insurance is mostly organised by the tour organisers. Tours for historic destinations, museums, industrial training are placed under Group Travel.

      Covers under Group Travel Insurance Plan: The Group Travel Insurance covers the group going from India or within the domestic borders of India. It covers personal accidents and baggage coverage but it depends upon the limit per person of the group. 

    • Domestic Travel Insurance

      Domestic Travel Insurance

      When travelling within the geographical borders of India, domestic travel insurance is a beneficial companion. It protects you from several types of situations and emergencies (financial and otherwise).

      Covers under Domestic Travel Insurance: Benefits include medical coverage, personal accidents, and loss of baggage are also a part of this Insurance.


    • International Travel Insurance

      International Travel Insurance

      Covering a much wider range, the international travel insurance plans cover overseas travel, trip, holiday, family visitation, study, business meetings, and much more.  It further depends upon the plans offered by the insurance company.

      Covers under international travel insurance Plan: It covers several factors - medical and dental expenses, loss of baggage and passport, trip cancellation, flight delays, etc.

    • Schengen Travel Insurance

      Schengen Travel Insurance

      For the people travelling to a Schengen country, a special insurance policy is required, i.e. the Schengen travel insurance policy. They secure you from any type of financial losses

      Covers under Schengen Travel Insurance Plan: The medical coverage, loss of passport, delay in check-in baggage arrival, loss of check-in baggage, accidental death and dismemberment, personal accident cover and personal liabilities. These are the most common covers under the plan of Schengen Travel Insurance.

    • Single Trip Travel Insurance

      Single Trip Travel Insurance

      The single trip travel insurance plan is beneficial for those who travel abroad once in a while. This plan allows the insurance coverage from the start of the journey until the policyholder and the accompanying beneficiaries are back inside the country’s borders.

      Covers under Single Trip Travel Insurance Plan: If travelling internationally, the international travel insurance plan is opted along with the host cover for the other factors like medical emergencies, baggage loss or delay on check-in baggage, non-medical covers, etc. 

    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

      Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

      The Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan is customised for those travellers who travel often or more than once in a year. It stands to cover round trip journeys for a specified time period, which is usually one year.

      This plan of the multi-trip travel insurance is preferred by the businessmen and corporate sectors as it helps to save an ample amount of money by opting this policy for your travelling trips.

      Covers under Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan: The covers for the multi-trip travel insurance are like the other international travel insurance covers. The medical emergencies and non-medical ones like loss of passport, personal liabilities, emergency medical evacuation, loss or delay of check-in baggage and other covers specified under the plan by the insurance firm. 

    • Additional Tips for Opting the Best Travel Insurance Plans

      Additional Tips for Opting the Best Travel Insurance Plans

      When planning, try to choose the best travel insurance for yourself as well. It protects you from the unpredictable conditions that may occur and travel insurance secures you on the financial terms too.

      It is not tough to select the best plan with your insurance company when travelling abroad. Choose wisely so that any trip or journey you are taking should be a memorable one. Opt for the covers which are best for you. Never take anything for granted as nothing is predictable and we as your Insurance Advisers want you safe, always. 



    • Baggage Covers

      Loss of Baggage

      Under the baggage loss, you are compensated for the permanent loss of the baggage you were travelling with based on the check-in baggage stored. When stranded without baggage, you may feel left out and even frustrated, but the baggage cover allows you to incur the necessary expenses and they will be covered under the policy. 


    • Baggage Delay:

      Baggage Delay

      In travel insurance coverage, the baggage delay is compensated for the items in the baggage like worn clothes, toiletries, other essentials. When required, delay in the baggage can be stressful and sometimes leads to loss of baggage at the end. 

    • Flight Delay

      Flight Delay

      In situations of flight delay and re-booking a new flight, the unplanned additional expenses are compensated or booked by the insurance company if possible. In some situations the travel insurance company may offer to book a new flight for you, if delayed, but you should inform the insurer promptly. 

    • Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment

      Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment

      Various reasons can lead to a trip cancellation or curtailment. With the travel insurance policy, you can rest assured that your ticket expenses will be covered and you can get the amount reimbursed. Such a cover becomes even more important when the tickets you have booked are non-refundable.

      Riots, protests, strikes, natural calamities, death in the family, bad weather, and so on. Any sort of emergency situation can lead to trip cancellation or curtailment. But with the travel insurance policy you can get reimbursed for the ticket expenses. 

    • Bounced Flight/ Hotel Booking

      Bounced Flight/ Hotel Booking

      In situations like this, the hotels or flight seats already booked by the traveller are not available on arrival. In such cases, the insured person is reimbursed for the pre-booked hotel room or the airline bookings if the preferred accommodations are not available at arrival. The travel insurance coverage can be claimed for it if opted under the travel insurance policy. 

    • Loss of Passport

      Loss of Passport

      In situations of a bag being stolen and losing your passport, you are covered under the Travel Insurance Policy. Up to the sum insured limit, the charges of getting a new passport are met by the insurance company.

    • Hijacking


      In rare cases, if your plane gets hijacked during a trip, having this cover of a policy can compensate you for the emotional distress. These types of policy covers are not generally opted by the policyholder but when travelling to destinations unknown, can help with having this cover immensely.

    • Credit Card Theft

      Credit Card Theft

      Credit card theft is the cover which should be a must when travelling abroad. If and when your credit card is stolen or lost, immediately inform your insurer. Informing the insurance provider makes you eligible to receive emergency cash advance. The details of the same will be provided to you by the consulting agent or the information will be shared with the beneficiary appropriately. 

    • Home Burglary

      Home Burglary

      Under this point of the travel insurance coverage, if you are out on a vacation or a business trip and your house gets broken into, your Insurer will pay for the damages and loss incurred by you in that robbery. However, the amount you receive depends on your insurance policy and the extent of cover

    • Personal Liability

      Personal Liability

      The clause of Personal Liability covers you from the claim made against you for bodily injury, damage to property or damage to another person during a trip. When away from the security of your house, it gets difficult to settle a situation on an unknown land. The cover of personal liability secures you from such unwanted and unprovoked situations.  

    • Medical Covers

      Personal Injuries

      Personal injuries incurred during the trip are compensated or expenses are undertaken by the travel insurance company. Injuries met under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not covered.

    • Interruption of Studies

      Interruption of Studies

      Under the Student Travel Insurance Plan, many insurance providers cover expenses and costs you end up paying for your studies abroad. The insurance companies reimburse the tuition fees to the insured, paid in advance to the institutions by the insured. 

    • Dental Treatment

      Medical Evacuation

      Regular Travel Insurance covers emergency medical evacuation. It includes the airlift, or the cost incurred to supply medically equipped flight apparatus back to the home country. 

    • Accidental Death

      Accidental Death

      The accidental death cover is the most important aspect of the travel insurance plans. Any individual or family member of the policyholder travelling overseas should add this accidental death clause in the policy of their travel insurance.  In this cover, in case of the accidental death, while travelling,the family of the deceased is compensated up to the sum limit insured. 

    Any financial loss occurring before or during the trip is covered by the travel insurance coverage as a comprehensive cover. The trip can go down the hill due to some unforeseen situations very quickly and easily that can put you at a financial loss. It is where the Travel Insurance Policy provides the safety net and saves your trip. 

    Overseas Travel Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus (COVID-19)


    The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm inhibiting the course of daily life and pushing everyone towards a new normal characterized by social distancing norms. Millions of people have succumbed to the virus-led health issues while millions more have become prey to the side effects of suffering from a disease which does not have a concrete cure.

    Sovereign governments have put several restrictions on the citizens and inhibit the spread of the virus. Among several measures in place, travel restrictions have been put into place to curb the spread.

    In this, a question arises that what kind of coverage insurance companies will provide once the borders open again. We need to discuss the impact of travel insurance with reference to the impact of coronavirus in India.

    Does Travel Insurance Cover Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease in India?

    Yes, several travel insurance companies have developed coronavirus-oriented travel insurance coverage plans in India. The beneficiaries of these travel insurance policies stand to receive compensation for medical treatment (cashless or reimbursement), delays or cancellation charges, lost baggage, and so on.

    With Bajaj Allianz, you stand to gain from monetary compensation and assistance to secure treatment in empanelled hospitals. Furthermore, in these hospitals, you can also get cashless treatment facilitated via the insurance cover.

    • Overseas Travel Policy covers Medical Expenses arising out of Covid-19 outside India, including Medical Expenses incurred during Quarantine period subject to the policy terms and conditions.
    • Accommodation and non-medical incidental expenses arising during Quarantine period stand excluded.

    It must be noted that the insured need to present a COVID negative report 72 hours before travelling. If this is not available, the insured have to wait for 7 days for the insurance coverage to start.

    However, if you decide to extend the policy coverage period while on a trip abroad, you must do so before the break-in period starts. If you decide to extend the policy after the break-in period, then the same 7-day kick in norm will apply and the coverage will start after these 7 days.


    Scenario-wise Travel Insurance coverage for COVID-19

    Scenario or Incident How does the Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Policy Work?
    COVID-19 symptoms kick in after you obtain a negative report before travelling.  You are eligible to get compensation under the policy
    COVID-19 symptoms manifest before travelling or you are in direct contact with a corona positive person 14 days prior to travelling..  You are not eligible to get compensation under the policy.

    Add-On Covers / Optional Covers in Travel Insurance Policy


    Add-ons are the additional features or the advantages you add to the travel insurance to make it even more extensive and airtight. The add-on covers are generally added to decrease the financial burden that you’re likely to incur at the event of a mishap.

    So, the more add-ons you include in your policy, the higher will be your premium that has to be paid. It’s always recommended to add features that act as a value addition to the policy. Most of the time, individuals who go for the option of travel insurance policy plans are dubious about what it covers. 

    Here are some things you must know before you opt-out for a travel insurance policy. Let’s have a look at the add-on and optional covers under the travel insurance policy that we offer- 

    • Trip Delay Delight:You will be delighted to know that the financial loss caused due to the trip delay or any type of trip cancellations is reimbursed up to the policy limits. There’s a different limit for one trip, round trips or the multiple trips
    • Schengen Cover It basically covers the expense that might arise in connection with the repatriation for the medical reasons or urgent health conditions such as emergency hospital treatment or death of an individual. 
    • Compassionate Visit By A Family Member Guests won’t have to return home because their compassionate visit would be covered up to some limit in the travel insurance policy. So, why not go for it, when it has so many benefits?
    • Emergency Hotel Accommodation For Family Member Under an urgent situation where the emergency hotel accommodation of the family member is required, you’ll face no hassle because the online travel insurance policy will cover it too. 
    • Emergency Hotel Accommodation For Insured And Family Member Not only the family member who urgently requires accommodation but also the insured will be covered up to some limits under the ‘emergency hotel accommodation for the insured and family member’ in the travel insurance policy plan. 
    • Escort for Minor Child If you carry a minor or a baby along with you to the flight, this expense will also be covered up to some limit under the ‘Escort of minor child’ section.
    • Loss Of Personal Belongings Cover Whether it’s your luggage or the passport that’s lost, the best travel insurance policy will always cover you under the loss of personal belongings to help you out in the times of difficulty.
    • Replacement and Rearrangement of Staff This is yet again, an unforeseen situation and is covered under the travel insurance policy. There are a few limits, rules and other obligations that one has to go through, before opting for travel insurance plans. 
    • Optional Covers

      These are basically the optional covers that are designed to add more fascinating features to your existing travel insurance policy. It’s like a bonus cover for the individuals who opt for different types of travel insurance policies.
    • Pre-existing Illness Coverage The best thing about the optional cover is that it covers pre-existing illness. It means the diseases or a physical condition, illness or ailment that existed already at the time when you bought a travel insurance policy. Isn’t it amazing how functionally the travel insurance policy plan works?
    • HIV and AIDS This is an optional cover for the people of any age who have a pre-existing medical condition that includes HIV & AIDS. It includes all the complications that might occur as a result of a medical condition that falls under this disease. This also creates a risk for all the people who are travelling abroad without an adequate travel insurance policy. This is why an optional cover is made to avoid the risk of large medical bills for travellers.
    • Maternity and Baby Cover from Day One Coverage So there is an additional benefit for the pregnant mommies! There’s a maternity and baby cover from day one coverage for the pregnant women on board. So, you don’t need to worry if you’re pregnant and flying. We’re here to make your experience worthwhile.
    • Mental Illness and Alcohol-Related Disorder Cover Apart from the physical problems, various disorders like alcohol disorder or mental illness are also covered under the optional cover of the travel insurance policy. So, it’s up to you to choose a plan that suits you the best.

    Travel Insurance Plans Offered by Bajaj Allianz

    Aspect or Function Individual Family Student
    Best Suited for Solo Travellers For self, spouse and two kids
    Age for Parents: up to 60 years
    Age for Kids: less than 21 years
    Students aiming to study abroad between the ages of 16 and 35
    Not suitable for students above 35 years of age.
    Premium Amount Starting from INR 308 Starting from INR 1470 Starting from INR 624
    Medical Coverage  Up to $1 Million High Medical coverage High Medical Coverage
    Expenses Covered ✓ Trip Cancellation
    ✓ Medical Expenses
    ✓ Trip curtailment
    ✓ Trip Delay (up to 12 hours)
    ✓ Medical Repatriation
    ✓ Personal Accident Cover
    ✓ Home Burglary coverage
    ✓ Emergency Cash Advance
    ✓ Daily Allowance (Hospital)
    ✓ Loss of Passport and Baggage Delay cover
    ✓ Hijack coverage
    ✓ Trip Cancellation
    ✓ Medical Expenses
    ✓ Trip curtailment
    ✓ Trip Delay (up to 12 hours)
    ✓ Medical Evacuation
    ✓ Emergency Dental Pain
    ✓ Personal Accident Cover
    ✓ Medical Repatriation
    ✓ Personal Accident Cover
    ✓ Home Burglary coverage
    ✓ Emergency Cash Advance
    ✓ Daily Allowance (Hospital)
    ✓ Loss of Passport and Baggage Delay cover
    ✓ Hijack coverage


    ✓ Medical Expenses
    ✓ Loss of Passport
    ✓ Loss of Laptop
    ✓ Tuition Fee Reimbursement
    ✓ Bail Bond Coverage
    ✓ Medical Repatriation ($6500)
    ✓ Medical Evacuation
    ✓ Hospitalization Allowance
    ✓ Death or accident cover
    ✓ Cover against hijack
    ✓ Loss of baggage
    Additional Benefits In-House claim settlement In-House claim settlement Sponsor Protection up to $10,000

    Coverage based on Trip Classification;

    Solo Trip and Family Trip


    Benefits Provided Coverage for Solo & Family Trips
    Expenses Covered
    ● Medical
    ● Loss of Passport
    ● Loss of Baggage
    ● Trip Delay Compensation
    ● Trip Cancellation
    ● Home Burglary
    Regions Covered

    ● Asia
    ● North America
    ● Schengen
    ● South America
    ● Australia
    ● United Kingdom
    ● Middle East
    Expenses Not-Covered ● Life-threatening diseases (arising out of non-disclosed conditions) Suicide
    ● Mental Disorder
    ● Self-inflicted injuries
    ● Depression or Stress
    ● HIV/AIDS
    ● Substance Abuse


    Eligibility Criteria for Travel Insurance Policy in India

    Type of Travel Insurance Plans Eligibility Criteria
    Family Travel Insurance Self, His/Her Partner, and 2 children (dependent, below 21 years of age)
    Age of adults should be between 18 to 60 years.
    Age of children should be between 6 months to 21 years)
    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Age should be 70 years
    Student Travel Insurance Age of the insured should be between 16 to 35 years

    Group Travel Insurance

    Minimum members required: 10

    Travel Insurance Policy Exclusions

    Under all the types of travel insurance in India, the insured won’t get coverage under the following conditions/incidents/scenarios:

    • Substance Abuse: Alcohol or drugs.
    • Human-made situations: War, Civil war, Terrorism.
    • Medical Exclusions: HIV/AIDS, Alternative treatment, cosmetic treatment, pre-existing conditions or diseases, not following doctor’s medical advice, suicide or self-inflicted injury
    • Baggage or Passport: Loss of passport is not covered under the travel insurance in India when the same is left unattended. Also, if the baggage is shipped separately from the insured, there is no coverage.
    • The travel insurance policy won’t cover Injuries due to participation in adventure sports.


    Omissions / Optional Add-Ons in Schengen Travel Insurance

    Below you will find omissions in insurance claims submitted while travelling in Schengen countries.

    • Medical conditions ailing the insured before they buy travel insurance online
    • Injuries or life-threatening conditions occurring to participating in adventure sports in the Schengen countries
    • Travelling to high-risk countries or areas designated as a red zone

    Parameters That Affect Travel Insurance Premium


    Due to its dynamic nature, every travel insurance policy has a different set of conditions. Consequently, the travel insurance premium for each of these plans is also different.
    Given below are the factors that affect your travel insurance premium.

    • Age: The insurance premium of young individuals is less relative to the aged beneficiaries. The reason is simple, adults and aged individuals are more prone to life-threatening risks than a 21-year-old graduate.

    • Travel Destination : Insurance is all about the risk. If you are travelling to a high-risk area, the chances of meeting with an unprecedented accident are also higher. This leads to an increase in the premium amount than visiting an area or country which is relatively stable.

    • Duration of Travel: The travel insurance premium is proportional to the duration of the stay.

    • Number of Travellers:As it is with the duration, the premium amount is set to increase with the number of travellers. But, in case of multiple travellers, you can also opt for group insurance or family insurance.

    • Add-Ons:Adding security features and cover like zero depreciation, passenger cover, etc., will increase the premium amount.

    • Add-Ons: Additional covers widen the protective shield but at a higher premium. So, if you choose to add home burglary cover or study interruption cover, the premium will also increase.

    Steps to Calculate Travel Insurance Premium Online

    Before you can buy travel insurance online, Bajaj Allianz gives you the option to calculate the insurance premium with a few steps.

    • Step 2: Begin by sharing your mobile number, name, and email address

    • Step 3: After this, you will be asked to enter the country of residence

    • Step 4: Based on the answers, you will receive a confirmation and a premium quote

    Bajaj Allianz has a common insurance premium calculator churning out purpose-specific premium quotes.

    While buying an insurance policy, your aim must be to spend the minimum amount and get the highest extent of benefits. An insurance premium calculator helps you with this aspect. Not only can you find out your monthly payments but also customize the policy-based features to suit your needs and budget.

    With the internet-based calculator, you can also tweak your responses to try out different combinations of policies and get an apt travel insurance policy. For calculating the travel insurance premium, our calculator also provides you with additional options like the destination, duration, and dates of travel.

    The motive is to provide you with the best quote characterized by a minimal error. It is also possible to enter the traveller details (number of people and age) with the online calculator.

    Another significant benefit of using the online travel insurance policy premium calculator is that you can compare the premiums of different types of policies and companies.

    Tips to Lower Your Travel Insurance Premium


    The importance of buying travel insurance in India is not unknown. By now you must have realized that purchasing travel insurance is not an extra burden in your vacation budget, but it can give you a peace of mind which is essential to enjoy your trip.

    Travel insurance is important, but you can adopt methods to lower the premium;

    • Opt-in for a Multi Trip Cover: One of the best options for frequent travellers, a multi-trip cover will protect you for a specified time (mostly, it is one year). So, you can travel in and out of the country for several trips and have a single policy to protect you and your interests.
    • Buy Insurance Early On: Getting the travel insurance plans early on is beneficial from multiple facets. First, it shows that you understand your responsibilities. Second, in case you want to cancel your trip or there is an unprecedented situation, early insurance helps you make the required changes.
    • Tailor-Made Insurance Policy: We want you to combine this point with the previous point, “Get Travel Insurance Early On”. If you start early, you can try out different combinations of features and check out different insurance providers. This is opposed to a scenario where you choose the wrong policy coverage and end up paying more while getting fewer benefits.
    • Go For Group Insurance: Group Insurance packs a punch of services, provision to add multiple members, offers several benefits and has relatively lower premiums.


    Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance Online?

    The fast-paced urban lifestyle has always kept our hands busy and our mind riddled with all sorts of duties and responsibilities. In all the chaos, you should choose to buy travel insurance online. Along with the ease of applying, the online process has several other benefits. 

    • Easy Online Comparison: There isn’t one insurance provider offering travel-related coverage policies and plans. With an almost saturated market, you are faced with several players under a single umbrella. This can be overwhelming, but if you do it right, the market competition can be beneficial for you.
      When you compare travel insurance online, it becomes easier to create a list of potential insurance providers with services and benefits specific to your travel plans.
      Online comparison of travel insurance plans in India is also time-saving and signifies a faster way to look at different options.
    • Convenient: To get your preferred travel insurance online, all you need to do is take out your phone, visit our website, fill in the form, and get covered for the trip. Browse through different insurance plans at the time of your convenience.
    • No Agents: Instead of asking your friends or relatives to refer a good insurance agent, go online and take the matter in your own hands. Plus, not talking to the agents will save you a lot of time and money in commissions.
    • Contactless Purchase: With the Bajaj Allianz option to buy travel insurance online, there is no need to visit the brand and submit the papers. You can upload the documents on the website in an instant and also receive the insurance confirmation letter on your email.
    • Get Insured Anywhere, Anytime: Forgot to buy the insurance plan during the office break? No issues. You can also do it while coming home, in a restaurant, or while watching a movie. Everything from filling the form to paying the amount can be done online anytime, anywhere.
    • Policy Issued Instantly: As soon as you make the payment, you will get the insurance papers on your mail. No need to run after the agent to get your confirmation letter or insurance papers.

    Why Travel Insurance?


    Why Travel Insurance?



    Things to Consider While Buying Travel Insurance Online

    To achieve the maximum benefit of your insurance plan, you must conduct some research while analyzing your trip characteristics and boil down to an optimal travel insurance plan. 

    ●  Age: Travel insurance plans differ for different age groups. Where seniors are more prone to risk, their premium is also higher as compared to the younger population.

    ●  Destination: Travelling to a high-risk destination increases the chances to meet with an unprecedented situation. Besides risk, insurance companies also look at the medical expenses of the destination countries as well as their proneness to natural disasters.

    ●  Duration: The trip duration has a direct impact on the travel insurance policy benefits and premium. Here, a better way to go is to buy the multi-trip insurance if you will be travelling frequently in the next 12 months. Also, if you are taking a single vacation, but for a longer duration, the premium will be higher.

    ●  Type of trip: Your insurance provider will look at the trip itinerary to analyze the type of trip. An action-packed vacation consisting of adrenaline-pumping activities and adventures will invite a higher premium as compared to a trip where you are relaxing on a beach or reading a book in the mountains.

    ●   Add-ons: Add-ons provide additional coverage for unpredictable incidents during the trip or back home. Common add-ons include home burglary protection, fire insurance, study interruption coverage. These additional services do come at a cost which will increase the travel insurance premium.

    ●  Sum Insured: The total insurance amount has a direct impact on your premium. Buying insurance policies that cover for you a wide gamut of services has a higher insured amount, as a result, the premium will increase. But you should not always go for a higher sum insured, list down your requirements and look for a suitable coverage plan.

    ●  Coverage: Do not stick to one insurance provider. Do some research and analyze which insurer is giving the most benefits at the lowest premium. Along with this, make sure to first consider your requirements and then look at the packages.

    ●   Claim settlement ratio: Before you buy any sort of travel insurance plans, check the claim settlement ratios of the various insurers. If a company has a higher settlement ratio, this means they have completed more claims than others, and that company should get preference.

    ●   Affordability/Premium: A smart move while buying travel insurance plans will be to weigh your affordability and the premium amount on the same scale. Go for an insurer who provides a higher compensation, with fast claim processing at a reasonable premium.

    ●   Claim procedure: There is no point in going with a lower premium when you end up knocking on different doors to get your claim processed and settled. Going step by step, after you have chosen a few travel insurance providers by analyzing other aspects, also look at their claim settlement procedure. Go for a company which provides online claim submission and hassle-free processing.

    ●  Schengen check: There are some peculiarities when it comes to travel insurance for Schengen countries. Insurance on a Schengen visa is different from a visa from other countries. Always cross-verify the same with your shortlisted travel insurance policy providers to avoid any last-minute interruptions.

    ●  Exclusions: Insurance companies may also have some reservations and may not provide cover for a few incidents. While researching for your ideal travel insurance provider, look at the exclusions. These are the instances, conditions, or scenarios where you will not get the reimbursement.

    ●  Medical Conditions: Check the eligibility conditions to know the medical diseases or conditions for which your insurance provider will not be liable to pay.

    ●  Personal Belongings: Even though most of the travel insurance providers cover the expenses for loss of passport, cash, baggage and other belongings. But no company will compensate for negligent behaviour and your failure to take care of your belongings. It is recommended to know what amounts to negligent behaviour before buying the travel insurance plans.

    Apart from these major aspects, you may also look at the insurance company’s solvency ratio and additional benefits that come with your policy to fully understand the scope of your travel insurance policy. 

    Steps to Buy Travel Insurance Online

    There are three ways to buy travel insurance online from Bajaj Allianz:

    ●     From the Official website

    ●     From the Caringly Yours Mobile App

    ●     Offline

    Buy Travel Insurance Online from Bajaj Allianz Website

    • Step 1 : Visit our website  and proceed by by selecting the type of insurance you want to avail. You can choose from Individual, Family, Business, or Student..

    • Step 2 : Fill in your full name in the given column and then select the policy type. Out of the three options, Leisure, Business Multi-Trip, and Student, choose one. This is followed by selecting the relevant option according to your previous selection. 

    • Step 3 : You will be asked to provide your date of birth, departure and return dates, destination, and your existing pin code. 

    • Step 4 : Bajaj Allianz will analyze your selected values followed by sending a quote to your phone and giving you the option to select a plan instantly.

    • Step 5: Choose the plan you want, include some add-ons from the given options followed by making the payment.

    • Step 6: Wait for the payment confirmation and you will receive the acknowledgement and the insurance documents on your mail instantly.


    Buy Travel Insurance Online from Caringly Yours Mobile

    • Step 1 : Download the app and you can use the same login Id and password to start using the “Caringly Yours” mobile application.

    • Step 2 : Select travel insurance and fill in the details including your name, DOB, travel details, travel dates, and your pin code.

    • Step 3 : Wait for the application to process your answers and you will receive the insurance quotes on the phone

    • Step 4 : Select the plan which suits your travel itinerary, include add-ons (optional), and pay for the plan. 

    • Step 5 : Choose the plan you want, include some add-ons from the given options followed by making the payment

    • Step 6 : Wait for the confirmation receipt and insurance documents which you will receive on your emve on your email address. 

    Travel Insurance Claim Procedure


    It is imperative to understand the travel insurance claim procedure when you are visiting abroad. The best way to file a claim is online via your mobile application or check the website for the claim procedure.

    Below, you will find three types of claim procedures offered by Bajaj Allianz


    • Cashless Travel Insurance Claim:

      The Bajaj Allianz travel insurance cashless claim is applicable for hospitalization expenses overseas. However, it must be noted that one should seek a claim if the expenses are more than USD 500. For amounts less than USD 500, you can file a reimbursement claim.

      • ● Initially, you need to submit the documents online for verification.
      • ● Once the claim is submitted and verified, you and your care-provider (hospital) will receive a payment guarantee letter.
      • ● In case the information provided is incomplete or missing, you will be asked to complete the formalities and the claim process will continue.
    • Travel Insurance Reimbursement Claim:

      The Reimbursement claim process takes around 10 days provided you complete the documentation and the paper submission is accurate.

      • ● First, you need to collect all the required documents and submit original copies at the BAGIC HAT.
      • ● Post scrutinization and verification, you will receive the payment within 10 days in your Indian bank account via NEFT.
      • ● In case some documents are missing or incomplete, you will receive an intimation regarding the required documents, which you have to submit within 45 days.
      • ● Bajaj Allianz also sends three reminders every 15 days asking you to complete the formalities.
      • ● Post the 45 day period, if the documents are not complete the claim proceeding will abort.
    • Mobile App Claim Settlement: Automatic With Trip Delay Delight:

      With Bajaj Allianz, you will get a special service of automatic claim settlements in case of trip delays.

      If you are using the Caringly Yours mobile application, there is no need to seek a claim for trip delays. The application will keep track of your flight and in case of a delay, the required pay-outs are automatically processed.

    • Documents Required for Travel Insurance Claims

      Documents for Medical Emergency (To be Attached with the Claim Form):

      • ● Policy Documents (Number, Name of the Insured, and Contact Details)
      • ● Reports of the diagnosis
      • ● Place and country of the incident
      • ● Attending physician’s Statement (APS)
    • Loss of Baggage:

      • ● Claim form
      • ● Baggage tags copies
      • ● Confirmation letter from the airline authorities about the loss of baggage.
      • ● Property Irregularity Report
    • Baggage Delay:

      • ● Claim form
      • ● Baggage tags copies
      • ● Confirmation letter from the airline authorities about the loss of baggage.
      • ● Invoices of the purchases made during the delay period.
    • Trip Cancellation/Interruption/Missed Connection:

      • ● Claim form
      • ● Confirmation from the airlines about the scheduled arrival and departure
      • ● Letter of correspondence from the airline certifying the delay
      • ● Statement of the reason for the delay along with the necessary documentation pertaining to the reason.
      • ● Tickets (original copies)
      • ● Invoices or receipts of the expenses incurred and proof of cancellation charges.
    • Loss of Passport:

      • ● Submit the photocopies of your new passport and old passport (if available).
      • ● Original copies of the expense receipts and invoices for the new passport
      • ● Photocopy of the FIR or Police Report
    • Hijack Situation:

      • ● Claim form
      • ● A full account of the events that unfolded during the hijack
      • ● Corresponding letters from airlines
      • ● Photocopy of the ticket and the boarding pass
    • Accidental Death:

      • ● Claim form
      • ● Original copy of the death certificate
      • ● Photocopy of the Coroner’s report, FIR, Post-mortem report
    • Study Interruption:

      • ● Submit the medical reports authenticated by the doctors
      • ● Bills and receipts of the university fees paid earlier


    Steps to Renew Travel Insurance Online / Offline

    Renew Travel Insurance Online
    Those who do not want to go through the time-consuming offline process can renew travel insurance online. Going by this method you will save time and also some money that is spent on travelling to the branch or meeting with the agent.

    • Step 1 : Visit the Bajaj Allianz website and go to your travel insurance policy page Click on renew and read through the existing benefits along with identifying if you want to add other coverage benefits and update the policy.
    • Step 2: If applicable, submit the additional documents. If not, you can straightaway go to the payments page and initiate the same via Credit card, Debit card, or Net Banking.
    • Step 3: Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the soft copy of your insurance policy on your email address.

    Renew Travel Insurance Policy Offline
    Offline renewal means that you will either have to get in touch with your agent or visit the branch and complete the formalities there. 

    • Step 1:  Contact the agent or visit the branch before the existing insurance policy ends. Take the time you have to review your existing policies and its benefits. If you want to add something to coverage, ask the agent to do the same. 
    • Step 2:  after reviewing the travel insurance policy, ask for the additional forms or applications pertaining to the add-ons, only if applicable. Submit the required documents (ask the agent or the branch representative for the same). 
    • Step 3:  Carefully review the policy documents, conditions, and guidelines before you pay the premium while buying travel insurance in India. 
    • Step 4:  In offline processing, you have to make the payment via cheque. Make sure that the beneficiary in the cheque is the insurer and not the agent or the representative you are consulting. 

    Countries Where Travel Insurance is Mandatory

    Even though international travel insurance is not mandatory to visit abroad, it is recommended that you secure a policy to safeguard your interests. In a foreign land, where you are unknown to everybody and where people are reluctant to help you, having something to protect you is essential.

    Hence, we recommend you to buy the appropriate travel insurance policy. Having said that, there are some countries which necessitate that every non-citizen is secured with a travel insurance policy. Without submitting the insurance confirmation, you may not get a visa for these countries.

    • ● Antarctica
    • ● Cuba
    • ● Ecuador
    • ● Qatar
    • ● Russia
    • ● Schengen Countries
    • ● Turkey
    • ● United Arab Emirates
    • ● United States of America

    How to Extend International Travel Insurance?


    Extending your stay while you are on a trip involves three scenarios, pre policy expiration, post policy expiration, and emergency extension. Be it any sort of situation, there is a way to extend the travel insurance policy provided you inform the insurer accurately.

    Pre Policy Expiration:This is a situation when you wish to overstay in the travelling country for any reason but an emergency or medical condition. While you have to arrange for the return travel tickets, accommodation, and other expenses yourself, the insurance will cover you for the extended time subject to the extension approval.

    • Step 1: Initiate contact with the Bajaj Allianz team online or by giving us a call to give the details of the trip extension.
    • Step 2: The representative will ask you to fill out a ‘Good Health Form’ and submit the same at the earliest.
    • Step 3: Your request to extend the travel insurance policy will be forwarded to the underwriters who will examine the same and assist you with the extension details further.

    Post Policy Extension: If you decide to extend the travel insurance plans coverage after the existing policy has expired, it comes under the purview of post-policy extension.

    • Step 1: Contact the Bajaj Allianz team and inform them about the extended stay. You need to state a reason for an extension.
    • Step 2: After the initial query your request will be forwarded to the underwriters who will scrutinize the decision and help you with the extension.

    Both pre-policy and post-policy travel insurance extension requests come under the ambit of planned extension. Insurance policy extension is subject to valid reasons and you will also have to pay an extra premium for the extended stay.

    Emergency Trip Extension: If you decide to extend the travel insurance plans coverage after the existing policy has expired, it comes under the purview of post-policy extension.

    In this scenario, you can get an extension on your travel insurance policy and also cover the costs for emergency hotel stay for the insured and the family members.

    • Step 1: You can contact us either by giving us a call or sending an email explaining the emergency situation requesting to extend the travel insurance cover.
    • Step 2: Along with the reason, you may also need to present a letter from the airlines citing the reason for flight cancellation.

    We understand that getting stuck abroad in an emergency situation is already stressful. At Bajaj Allianz, we do not want to extend your worries and will prefer to help you quickly and efficiently.

    Travel Insurance Portability


    Travel insurance portability gives you the freedom to switch the insurer without losing any benefits provided with the existing policy. Bajaj Allianz respects your freedom of choice and allows you to change the insurer as well as welcome everyone to get protection from our policies.

    However, there is a process that you must follow to ensure a smooth transition from one insurance provider to another.

    • Inform us about the portability requirements via online registration.
    • You must inform the existing insurance provider 45 days in advance.

    You must note that the premium amount of a similar travel insurance plans is at the discretion of the new insurer.

    Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 04th January 2024




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       Is Travel Insurance mandatory?

    No, travel insurance is not mandatory for all countries. However, certain countries have made it mandatory like Australia, Schengen countries etc.

       What is a deductible? Why is this necessary?

    A deductible is essentially the sum of money you agree upon to be paid towards your cover before you begin to make claims on your travel insurance. With most travel insurance policies, the deductible is applied to emergency medical care costs. It may also extend to baggage or trip cancellation/ interruption coverage.

       Can I buy insurance if I am going on a work permit abroad?

    Most travel insurance providers in India do not provide travel insurance to people travelling abroad on a work permit. It is advisable to check with your travel insurance provider before purchasing the travel insurance policy.

       Are 'business travellers' eligible for a Travel Insurance policy?

    Yes, business travellers are eligible for a travel insurance policy, however, this will depend on the company on the type of cover they have agreed with the insurer, it is also important to ensure in case of international travel the policy is eligible overseas.

       Can I buy insurance if I have an immigration visa?

    Yes, you can buy travel insurance online even if you are travelling on an immigration visa. The maximum duration of your policy can only be 180 days. After 180 days, you need to purchase the policy from the country you are immigrating to. Some insurance companies provide coverage to immigrants for 90 days and some others for 180 days so you can select the plan accordingly.

       What is an Emergency Assistance Service provider?

    Emergency assistance refers to a service which provides help in medical emergencies during travel or you are in need of urgent care. The assistance service provider may be called first, or after the individual has been taken by local emergency services to the hospital. Emergency assistance contact information can be found on your travel insurance provider’s contact page.

       Can I be issued more than one policy for the same trip?

    No, only one travel insurance policy will be issued per single trip to the insurer by the insurance company.

       Is it mandatory for the customer to be in India during the purchase of policy?

    Yes, it is mandatory for the customer to be in India because once you depart from India, you cannot buy the travel insurance policy.

       What paperwork is required for buying travel insurance online in India?

    Zero paperwork is required for buying travel insurance online in India because it can be purchased online.

       How can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

    To cancel your travel insurance policy, you will have to contact the travel insurance provider directly. In case you have cancelled your trip and did not make any claims, you simply need to deposit your proof of passport to show that you did not take any journey for the trip. Request for cancellation is considered within 14 days after the commencement of the policy.

       Will I get a refund if I cancel my travel insurance policy?

    If the cancellation is done before the departure date then a full refund fewer cancellation charges will be provided. If it is after the start date and non-departure, then you have to provide proof of your non-travel, a full refund less the cancellation charges will be provided. However, if you are cancelling the policy post-travel or leaving for your home country amidst of your journey based on utilised premium, remaining premium sans cancellation charges will be provided.

       How many times can we extend the policy?

    Yes, you can extend the travel insurance policy any number of times. But this holds true only if the total duration of the policy is equal to or less than 360 Days.

       If the customer returns home earlier than planned, can he/she get a partial refund on travel insurance?

    Travel insurance companies charge a premium to travellers on a per-day basis or take the entire payment in advance. If the insured returns home earlier than planned, he/she will be eligible for a partial refund provided the premium was paid in advance and no claims were raised during its tenure.

       What are the maximum days for which I can take the travel insurance policy?

    The duration of the days varies from one travel insurance company to another. The maximum number of travel days under a single trip that will be insured is 182 days.

       Contact details from Different Countries? List or numbers?

    You can contact your Emergency Assistance Provider. All the contact details of the TPA are specified in the travel policy schedule.

       What is Sum Insured?

    Sum insured refers to the maximum coverage you are entitled to under a specific benefit. This benefit is mentioned in your policy schedule against each benefit like medical, baggage loss, trip cancellation etc.

       Who is the TPA/ Emergency Assistance Provider?

    Emergency Assistance Provider/ TPA( Third Party Assistance) is a travel insurance company hired service provider appointed for providing administrative services and cashless services to their customers. A TPA acts as a mediator and serves as a claim processor, information provider for the customer and also helps in networking.

       Whom do I contact while abroad in case of any emergency?

    You can contact your Emergency Assistance Provider /TPA in case of any emergency. All the contact details of the TPA are specified in the travel policy schedule.

       From where I can access the list of network hospitals?

    There is no specific list of network hospitals which can be provided directly to the Insured. Travel policy covers all the hospital and the service providers in case of emergency. You have to contact the Emergency Assistance Provider. 

       What do I do first when I fall sick while abroad?

    If you fall ill while travelling overseas, you can visit any hospital and intimate the travel insurance company after your visit to register a claim for reimbursement.

       How do I know Limit of each type of expenses? What expenses are covered or not?

    All the types of limits and expenses are listed on your travel insurance online portal. You are recommended to go through the policy wordings for all the details, it has all the fine prints of the policy.

       What is covered under Personal Accident & Personal Liability?

    Personal Liability covers damages for claims legally filed on the insured against

    the property damage and medical expenses to others as a result of bodily injury caused by the insured in an accident. For Personal accident cover, you can refer to the table of losses in the travel policy wording. Apart from the death and permanent disability cover, you also get covered against the partial and temporary disability

       Within how many days I need to submit the documents for my travel insurance claim?

    You have to arrange and submit the travel insurance claim documents within the 30 days from the date of return to India or expiry date of the travel insurance policy whichever is earlier.

       Will I be getting any card which I can produce in the hospital to avail medical services?

    No, there is no card, you only have to submit the copy of your travel policy in the hospital and simultaneously contact your travel insurance company Service Provider to intimate the claim.

       Do you cover if we purchase only medicines from Pharmacists without consulting a doctor?

    No, medicines purchased from pharmacies directly are not covered until and unless prior consultation is taken from the doctor and the same medicines are prescribed as part of the treatment. You will have to pay upfront and file a claim for reimbursement with the supporting consultation notes and prescriptions from the doctor.

       What if I lose all the original documents?

    It is very important to provide all the supporting documents to your travel insurer to get your claim approved. But if you fail to produce the original documents, your claim will most likely get rejected and you will not get the claim amount.

       Is there any pre-approval required before hospitalisation?

    In case of the planned hospitalization, you have to inform your travel insurer TPA about your medical treatment in advance. Moreover, you will also have to take a pre-approval from your travel insurer before getting admitted in case you want to avail the cashless claim facility.

       Do I get a free look period in travel insurance?

    Free-look period is available in the annual multi-trip option where you have 15 days to review your policy. Most travel insurance policies do not come with any free look-in period. However, few travel insurance in India companies do offer a free-look period to people who are opting for annual multi-trip or student travel insurance.

       Do I get a grace period for domestic/international travel insurance?

    Travel insurance companies generally provide a three days grace period to get your travel medical insurance policy extended provided there is no claim in the expired policy. 

       Can I buy travel insurance after leaving the country?

    No, you cannot buy a travel insurance policy online or offline for your journey after you depart from the country. Many travel insurance companies do not allow travellers to buy travel insurance even on the day of their journey.

       What should I do to check the status of my policy?

    You can check the status of the travel insurance policy by registering yourself on The travel insurance portal and login with your username and password. This will give you all the information related to your travel insurance policy.

        What are the minimum and the maximum duration the insurance can be purchased?

    You can buy travel insurance up to the day before you leave on your trip. The coverage of a travel insurance policy for your trip begins as soon as you commence your journey and end the moment you return back to your city of residence. The duration of each journey is restricted to 30-60 days

       What credit cards offer free travel insurance?

    Premium credit cards offer a lot of travel benefits including travel insurance.

    Credit cards offering travel insurance are:-

    ●     HDFC Regalia credit card

    ●     Standard Chartered Visa Infinite credit card

    ●     Axis Bank Privilege Credit card

    ●     IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card

       Can you buy insurance after starting your trip?

    No, you cannot buy a travel insurance policy after starting your trip. You can buy a travel insurance policy at any point in time before your journey starts.

       Is it mandatory for the customer to be in India for international travel policy Issuance?

    Yes, to buy any sort of travel insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz or any other insurance provider you need to be present in India. 

       I already purchased insurance, but there seems to be some change in my journey dates. Can I alter/change my trip dates in the policy?

    Yes, the travel dates can be altered in travel policy after contacting the travel insurance company.

       I am an OCI Cardholder (Overseas Citizen of India). Can I buy a travel policy?

    Yes, OCI cardholders can buy a travel policy but you should have a valid Indian passport and you intend to return back to India.

       I want my parent(s) to visit me. Can I be their proposer and purchase their policy?

    Yes, you can purchase a trip insurance policy on behalf of your parents as a proposer.

       Do I need to undergo any medical examination for coverage?

    Many travel insurance companies offer cover without a medical check-up, however medical tests are required for certain age groups, and in case you are visiting a country where certain medical tests are mandatory before arrival. It is advisable to check the guidelines of the travel insurance company.

    You can also cancel your health insurance policy before its expiry instead of renewing it. You might also be eligible for certain benefits, if you surrender your policy after renewing it without break for a certain fixed number of years. You can contact your health insurance provider and know the complete details to cancel your medical insurance plan.

       Does travel insurance cover me if I cancel my flight?

    Yes, your travel insurer will cover all the expenses and losses incurred due to flight cancellation before the date of the departure. However, you have to give the valid reason for the cancellation.

       Who are the travel assistance partners?

    Travel assistance partners provide essential information that helps the customers to organize their journey including administrative requirements, medical requirements, safety information, medical repatriation etc. 

       What document will I get as proof of Insurance?

    You will receive a copy of the travel insurance policy detailing the benefit of the policy from the insurer. 

       Does Travel Insurance Cover the Loss of Credit Cards?

    Yes, travel insurance policies cover credit card loss, having a travel policy covering credit card loss helps recover credit card replacement cost and compensation of any fraudulent transactions. 

       Are Non-refundable Tickets Covered Under Travel Insurance?

    Yes, the non-refundable tickets are also covered under your travel insurance policy. But, the amount of compensation depends on your insurance policies and conditions.

       What is the meaning of medical repatriation?

    Repatriation covers the cost of being transported home if it's medically necessary after a medical emergency has been stabilized. This includes medical transport if necessary. If the worst happens and a covered traveller dies on the trip outside the home country, this service will transport the remains back home.

       What is Emergency Cash Advance?

    Assistance service when the person requires emergency cash following incidents like theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold up. Two popular emergency cash advance services available to you include emergency loans and traveller’s check. In order to be eligible for emergency cash advances, you must present an official police report for the incident.



       How am I covered in case I meet with an accident and suffer injuries / any loss?

    The travel insurance policy covers will compensate you for any unfortunate losses or outcomes of an accident that takes place during your travel. In case of an injury/losses, you will be covered up to your sum insured amount by your travel insurance policy. All your medical expenses and bills including hospitalization will be covered by your travel insurer.

       What kinds of risks are covered under the travel insurance policy?

    A travel insurance policy protects you from the risks of having a financial loss rising

    due to accidents, medical emergencies etc while travelling. The most common risk that are covered under the travel insurance policy is:-

    ●     Accidental death and injury

    ●     Overseas funeral expenses

    ●     Medical expenses

    ●     Theft

    ●     Delayed/loss of baggage

    ●     Overseas dental treatment

    ●     Loss of passport

    ●     Home burglary insurance

       What benefit will I get from this insurance in case of a medical emergency?

    In case of a medical emergency, you will get the following benefits from the travelinsurance:

    ●     Expenses incurred for any sudden illness or injury.

    ●     Medical evacuation to India.

    ●     Transportation expenses of mortals remain back to India.

    ●     Accidental bodily injury during the trip.

    ●     Cost towards burial in case of one’s sudden demise.

       I am not a professional sportsperson. Will I be covered if I meet with an accident while ballooning/gliding?

    If you meet with an accident while ballooning/gliding, then you will have to bear treatment expenses on your own. This is because many travel insurance companies do not cover adventure sports activities unless you purchase additional cover for adventure sports. It is best to confirm with your travel insurance company.

       Does the travel health insurance policy cover for dental treatment?

    Yes, the travel insurance covers the injuries or mishappening which occurs during the travel span. So in case you face any kind of mishappening during the travel and a medical emergency comes up so all the expenses during the treatment would be covered under the policy.

       Does health insurance in India cover any kind of diagnostic charges like MRI, X-Ray or any other body scans?

    Yes, health insurance in India covers some medical tests and scans as per the terms and conditions mentioned in your policy for in-patient hospitalization.

       How will my policy help me if I lose my passport?

    Under travel insurance policy we get an opportunity to apply for a new or a duplicate passport. All the expenses which might occur during this time which is to apply for a new passport all are covered under the travel insurance. Hence we can claim all those expenses from the bank.

       What will happen if my baggage does not clear in time? Will my policy help me in any way?

    Under travel insurance, we cover all the expenses of your baggage if the baggage delivery is delayed for more than 12 hours. The procedure includes reporting the delay in baggage with the concerned airlines you have travelled. This works as proof of delayed baggage and also helps the authorities track the same. 

       What if a handbag is lost while travelling by airline, will it be covered?

    If any handbag is lost during travelling it does not get covered under travel insurance. The policy only speaks for any delay in luggage which would be handled by the airliners. However, you need to present the required documents of baggage delay to get the benefit.

       If I suffer any loss while travelling by railway/ship in a foreign country, does my travel insurance policy help me in any way?

    Yes if you are travelling by any of the commercial mediums you get the requisite cover for the points mentioned in your policy. Make sure to go through the covered expenses and conditions therewith while buying the policy. 

       If I hire a car while travelling and meet with an accident, will the policy cover me?

    Any situation where you end up with any sort of injury, health problems, or even death is covered under the policy. Travel insurance is inclusive of the personal liability due to which it is eligible for these expenses incurred during the trip. Also, any third party property losses can be covered under this policy

       In case I am short of cash, can I avail of Financial Emergency assistance?

    Getting compensation for the cash shortage is a special requirement and it only applies if you are a victim of a theft or a robbery. But, you won’t get help if you run out of cash on your trip.

       What if my flight is hijacked? Will my insurance policy be of any help?

    If in any case flight in which you are travelling gets hijacked for more than 12 hours. All expenses faced during this period would be covered under the travel insurance. 

       My house is going to be locked for months. In case there is a robbery/theft or fire will the insurance policy reimburse us?

    Yes, you can get the compensation for such an incident, but for that, you need to get the Home Burglary Cover. With this additional travel insurance policy cover, you can avail compensation for actual robbery or for attempted. However, you will not get the required help in case of a fire or any other incident. 

       As a student, if I fall sick and have to repeat a semester will my travel insurance policy help me in any way?

    In case of any hindrance in your studies travel insurance policy may help you via the Study Interruption Cover. But this could be possible if the reason is valid and you are hospitalised for more than one month. The reason could be any illness or injury, disease or any medical grounds.

       Is pregnancy or disease/complication arising out of pregnancy covered?

    Travel Insurance does not pay cover for the disease/complication arising out of pregnancy. In certain circumstances such as in unforeseen pregnancy complications can be covered to some instances or in the prior purchase of travel insurance plan then pregnancy.

       If I sustain a loss on the last day of the policy and continue treatment abroad will the policy be automatically extended to cover the loss?

    Yes, if in a covered period any loss occurs then the insured will get the claim. But the policy will not get extended. All the expenses of the loss will be covered.

       If a loss is sustained during the policy period while abroad, and this results in death or disability after coming to India. Will this be covered?

    Yes, if a loss sustained during the policy period while abroad results in death or disability after coming to India will be covered under Travel Insurance policy terms and conditions.

       What is Accidental death and Dismemberment-Common Carrier?

    Accidental Death and Dismemberment-Common carrier is a travel insurance policy cover that provides the insurer cash due to loss of life or limb in an accident during a covered trip.

       What does this travel insurance policy cover under Compassionate visit?

    This travel insurance policy covers the travelling expenses of any one family member or friend under a Compassionate visit apart from covering wholesome some for the loss of the insured.

       What cover does the International Travel Insurance offer towards home and home contents?

    A standard travel insurance policy will not provide any sort of cover towards the home or its contents. To avail for the same, you need to get an add-on cover on your insurance policy. 

       Can the existing International travel policy be extended to cover domestic travel as well?

    No, you cannot extend your existing international travel insurance policy to cover the domestic travel expenses as well. For domestic travel protection, you need to secure another domestic travel policy or rely on your health insurance policies to provide the required coverage. 

       Will the policy cover the expenses towards new passport loss incurred in India?

    No, the International travel insurance will not cover the expenses towards new passport loss incurred in India but if the travel insurance includes domestic trips then the loss will be covered under some travel insurance plans.

       Do you cover Ambulance Charges also?

    Yes, in case of accidents during the covered trips, all the expenses including the Ambulance Charges are covered under Travel Insurance Policy.

       Will my family be covered under one Policy or Do I need a separate policy for travel and separate claim documents for each family member?

    One can take the Family Travel Insurance Policy to cover your entire family. No separate claim documents are required for each family member under this policy.

       I suffer from Hypertension/Diabetes. Can I buy a travel policy?

    Yes, even if one suffers from Hypertension or Diabetes one can buy travel insurance but one has to disclose this fact before purchasing the travel insurance policy.

       What sum insured should I opt for while travelling to Schengen countries?

    A minimum sum insured to travel to Schengen countries is about 30000 EUR which is equivalent to 2,692,890 Indian rupees. The minimum sum criteria may differ from one travel insurance to another but this is a general estimate.

       How long does it take to receive the policy papers once I purchase the insurance online?

    When one purchases the travel insurance online, a confirmation is immediately received. Along with this confirmation an ID card is also sent which is printable. This ID card alone is enough to make a claim. 

       If a student travel policy is issued for 2 years, the sum insured is applicable every year or overall?

    Travel Insurance for a student issued for 2 years is applicable for the entire period of the policy taken. The sum insured is not applicable every year.

       Does my international travel insurance cover me in case of emergency medical attention required on an OPD basis?

    Yes, international travel insurance covers the insured in case of emergency medical attention required on an OPD basis. Travel Insurance covers for OPD, injuries, local emergencies, etc. But it does not cover Self-inflicted damages and illness.



       Will you have to pay an additional premium to extend your travel insurance?

    In case you want to extend your trip, it's recommended to extend your travel insurance plan which automatically means an additional premium amount to be paid. To extend the policy one has to fill the extension form online or one has to visit and fill the form in the nearest branch.

       What are the modes of payment?

    Travel Insurance can be purchased with both physical and digital modes of payment. In physical forms, they accept cash, cheque, debit, and credit cards. Digital modes refer to Google pay, Paytm, and several other options.

       How do I decide the scope of travel insurance I require while travelling or does the insurance company decide this?

    One can decide the scope of travel insurance which he/she may require. The insurer can provide them with the travel insurance plans which will cover all their interests. The insurance company can only suggest you opt for a better plan with add-ons but won't decide the scope for you.

        Can I avail of discounts on my premium amount? How?

    There are no provisions to avail any sort of discount on your premium amount. 

       What is Travel Insurance Premium?

    The travel insurance premium is the sum one pays to get cover benefits in case of some unfavourable events listed under the terms, plans, and conditions of the policy. This sum is annually payable.



       How does Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance settle its claims abroad?

    In case any incident happens which is covered under the policy then all the expenses whether medical, services, hospitality, etc. are paid by the company and even cash in advance is also provided in some situations.

       Does a claim have to be lodged or made in a specific time frame from the time of the accident?

    Yes, Travel Insurance states the time frame which is 30 days. Under this time window, the claim is to be filled so that the claim procedure can start. After this time frame, the claim is not processed. If the insured is unable to fill the claim document then his/her family member has to act on it.

       Do I need to pay the doctor/hospital/service provider or will they be paid by Bajaj Allianz?

    No, you won't have to pay for a doctor, hospital, and service provider. All these expenses are covered in Travel Insurance and will be paid by the Bajaj Allianz. Apart from this Travel insurance policy also pay for the Compassionate visit in such cases.

       How long does it take to settle a claim?

    After completion of all the formalities and documents, the claim is settled either in cash in case of death of the insured, cancel tickets, loss of passport, etc., or paid directly to the service providers, hospital, and doctor in case of injury or illness overseas

       What kind of documentation is required while making a travel insurance claim?

    The extent of documentation required to get the travel insurance claim is minimal and this makes the process smooth. The documents required in case of an online purchase is the ID card and identity documents. Apart from this, the FIR copy is necessary.

       Do travel insurance plans Policy cover Pre-Existing diseases?

    No, Travel Insurance plans won't cover pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, mental disorder, HIV/AIDS, self-inflicted illness, alcohol/drug abuse, travelling against prescription by doctor or physician. Travel Insurance plans don't hide any of the facts and conditions which are not covered.

       In the case of any medical emergency is there any need for pre-approval before hospitalization? If pre-approval is required then what is the procedure?

    In case of any medical emergency, one must contact the insurer's TPA so that they can make the negotiation for the cashless claim. In any case, this cashless claim is denied then one can fill for the reimbursement for the cash claim to meet the medical bills. 

       What is a sub-limit?

    As the name sub-limit suggests, limitation. Well in travel insurance, sub-limit refers to the limitation on the amount of coverage which the insurance company is liable to the insured. It is a specific limitation on the coverage amount which limits the cover on a certain type or extent of the loss.

       Can I file a travel insurance claim once I return to India?

    Yes, the insured can file a travel insurance claim once they return to India. The time window is 30 days or at the end of your trip. But this purely depends upon your travel insurance agency and the travel insurance plan which one has purchased.

       How will the reimbursement happen? Will I get the money in local currency or USD $?

    One gets the policy reimbursement either in cash or the claim is settled on a cashless basis. If one gets reimbursement in cash then it can be in local currency or USD depending upon the location and situation.

       Will I receive the reimbursement money in my account directly or by cheque?

    It is stated under the Business Travel Expense Policy that the advances for travel and reimbursement should be paid via cheques and not cash. So the amount of reimbursement money will be received in the form of a cheque by the insured.

       Can I claim for the treatment in India after returning to my home country?

    Yes, one can claim for the treatment in India after returning to the home country if the treatment is prescribed to be taken under a specific doctor's residence of India or the treatment required is only available in India. But in reality, these cases are very rare.

       What if I am unable to submit original documents for reimbursement?

    One has to submit the original documents for reimbursement or in any case one is unable to submit them such as if lost or destroyed, then one has to arrange its copy or make it new to get the reimbursement.

       Will I be able to extend the travel insurance policy if I already have an ongoing claim?

    Yes, one can extend the travel insurance policy even if they already have an ongoing claim. The premium on the extended travel insurance will vary and this also depends upon the current plan and insurance company.   

       How many days does it take to settle the claim?

    To settle the claim, one has to submit the required documents and after the acceptance of the same, the procedure will start. This procedure takes about 15 working days to process and then the claim is granted.

        Is an FIR required for the occurrence of an accident?

    Yes, FIR is required on the occurrence of an accident. This is one of the necessary documents required for the claim and one must also provide the affidavit stating there was no third-party claim, if there was, then that must be disclosed as well.



       What is the Current Declined list of countries to which travel insurance coverage is not extended?

    It depends on the package of your Travel Insurance. There are several types of packages such as worldwide, worldwide except America, Schengen countries, Asia, Asia excluding Japan and Korea, etc. The list of countries will be stated in which the insurance will cover the loss and also the countries which will not get covered under any loss.

       Will I be covered for any expenses incurred due to the treatment of COVID-19?

    Yes, you will be covered for the expenses incurred due to the treatment of COVID-19 but not the expenses of isolation and quarantine by the Travel Insurance. This claim will be granted under certain conditions one of which is the time frame. 

       If I'm diagnosed with COVID-19, could I be covered for trip cancellation?

    Yes, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within the 14 days of travel then you can get the trip cancellation coverage. Although this completely depends upon the insurer and the travel insurance one has purchased.

       How can travel insurance help people travelling through parts of the world with a heightened risk?

    Travel Insurance helps people travelling through parts of the world with several plans. These plans provide coverage while travelling to different parts of the world but the amount of premium is high in comparison to other countries. 

       If I’m being advised to quarantine; are any of my accommodations or re-booking expenses covered?

    No, the isolation and quarantine expenses are not covered by any insurer of the Travel insurance policy. The expenses of accommodation will be paid by you. The re-booking amount, however, may or may not be covered by several insurers.

       Is the COVID-19 cover applicable across all countries?

    Yes, the COVID-19 cover is applicable across all countries. Moreover, COVID-19 Health Insurance is provided to pay for the treatment of the illness and other expenses as well which does not cost more. The Travel Insurance Policy may or may not provide the benefit all alone.

       What would be the documents required to file a claim for COVID-19?

    To get the claim, one must provide documents such as identity documents, passport, copy of the report in which it was declared positive for COVID-19, hospitalization prescription letter by the doctor, insurance documents, etc. These are the necessary documents that are required to file a claim for COVID-19.

       Are there any general exclusions to the Coronavirus cover?

    Yes, there are general exclusions to coronavirus cover. These general exclusions include home quarantine, non-recognizable quarantine centre, hospitalization without Doctor's recommendation, etc.

       Can I still extend my policy if I have contracted COVID-19? I want to get an extension as I'm stuck overseas - How do I do this?

    Yes, you can extend your policy if you are contracted COVID-19. You have to download and fill the extension form, for the reason one has to disclose their condition. The insurer has to be informed when you get contracted immediately. 

       Are there any restrictions/guidelines on domestic travel insurance coverage for Coronavirus?

    The conditions set forth due to coronavirus for international and domestic travel are similar. You are not eligible to secure any sort of coverage if your report is positive before travelling. 



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