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List of Travel insurance features

List of Travel insurance features

Features under travel insurance policy

To travel is to go around exploring the world and knowing your relationship with it. It is not surprising then, that exploration (while being safe, of course) has always been vital to the development of the human species. From dangerous voyages across seas to stepping foot on the moon, it is curiosity and the urge to explore that has provided the fillip for many a discovery. 


Travel Insurance

That being said, successful explorations have never been left to chance. None were mindless adventures, undertaken for the sake of adrenaline. Most of them have been well thought-out, involving adequate safety measures.

Today, you need not be an astronaut or a sailor to explore the world; but just a tourist. Further, as unknown explorations became replaced with documented travel itineraries; travel insurance gradually started getting prominence as a necessary safety kit while on a trip.

No matter how pleasurable the activity is, travelling – particularly to foreign shores – can be fraught with risks of varied kinds. These can precipitate financial losses and damages, ones that could burn a glaring hole in your pocket. Is it a wise thing to take avoidable risks? We say NO, and that is also where Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Policy assumes significance.

From loss of baggage/valuables and flight delays to abrupt medical expenses or hospitalization, our comprehensive travel insurance policy is there to attend to you. However, if you think you can do with an enhanced level of protection, we have that as well.

Be it travel insurance plans specific to senior citizens and students or one that is suited for a family, chances are you’d find something for every need of yours. Also, we can never be too prepared to take setbacks and adversities head on while on a trip; hence, the platter of options in front of you.

No matter where you are in the world, just give a missed call on +91 124 6174720 and we shall connect with you on priority. Also, we’ve made claim settlement easier than ever before. In times of need, you’d not be kept hanging in the balance.

Want to know what sets us apart from the crowd? Insurance, for us, isn’t business. We think it as a way to building a relationship with you, an association that rests on transparency, integrity, faith and of course, our problem solving abilities!

That’s all because we have committed to remain ‘caringly yours’!

Happy exploring!

  • Baggage/Passport loss coverage

    While travelling can take you to the most exhilarating corners of the world, it can give you nightmares. Several things

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  • Flight Delay Cancellation

    Travelling can be a mixed bag of experiences. While airline delays are not predictable, they can be planned for with flight delay and cancellation coverage.

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  • Trip cancellation/Trip curtailement

    Varun and Shivani are about to go vacationing with their two kids. They plan to go skiing and accordingly make bookings in a resort which includes skiing package.

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  • What is Home Burglary Insurance

    Home burglary is a quite common crime in India. And contrary to popular belief, a large number of the burglaries take place in broad daylight. This is one of

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  • Miss Call Facility

    Be it a business trip or vacation, the most critical inclusion of every travel checklist is travel insurance…

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  • Student specific travel insurance

    Specifically designed for the students who go abroad for their further studies, Student travel insurance covers a range of situations…

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  • Medical/Hospitalisation covered

    On average, the cost of a week-long hospital stay in a Western country is many times more expensive than in India. Without…

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  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    Senior citizen travel insurance plans are specifically designed to make travelling easier and safer for the senior citizens…

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