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Insurance Premium Calculator


Bajaj Allianz General Insurance provides you with a wide range of insurance premium calculation tools. You can calculate the premium on your preferred insurance according to your needs, budget and age in a seamless and swift manner.

If you step into your kitchen and look around, you’ll realize that the day-to-day objects used right from knives to the gas stove pose great danger if not used correctly. Your house could catch fire as easily as your toddlers could hurt themselves. What do you do then? Stop cooking food at home and get rid of all these things? Of course, not! You take the necessary precautions. That’s just what you need to do with all aspects of your life.

Life is full of uncertainties but that shouldn’t stop you from living it the way you desire. You have every right to enjoy your life to the fullest. As for the risks, well, there are precautionary steps you can take and getting Insurance is one of them.

From covering yourself and your family’s health to covering your precious assets like home and motor vehicle, you can financially safeguard all the aspects of your life that mean the most to you.

However, if the complexity associated with the premium calculation has made you put this important task on the back-burner for the longest time, your troubles are over once you access our General Insurance Calculator, online.

A few basic details and a few seconds is all our calculator needs to give you an instant premium on quote on any Insurance Policy from Home and Health to Car and Travel and everything in between. 





Do you remember that time in school when you could finally use a calculator during your math exams and how easy that made solving those algebra equations? Well, with our General Insurance Calculator online, doing the numbers is a breeze!

For instance, you might be deciding your next travel adventure in an exotic international destination and know for a fact that owing to the risks involved, you need to get a Travel Insurance Policy but are stuck on the question, ‘How much would it cost?’

Normally, you’d have to head down to the insurance office, call up a friend who is a seasoned traveller or get ready for some extensive internet research of your own, but with our General Insurance Calculator Online, you’ll sort this question out in 10 seconds.

Our online insurance calculators help you to calculate the premium of your policy based on need, budget, age and other variables in a swift, hassle-free and seamless manner.

Here are some benefits of the online insurance calculators:

Helps You Make an Informed Decision

Everyone knows that information is power and why should you run all over the place to gather the needed information for your policy? With our general insurance calculators, you can be seated comfortably at your home while getting access to all the options and calculating the premium for each one of them.

Thus, you can decide which insurance policy is the best for you while pleasantly sipping tea in your favourite spot.

Helps You be Prepared

Unexpected expenses are welcome by no one. Yet, they are unavoidable no matter how much time you spend budgeting. While keeping a reserve for unforeseen expenses is prudent, accounting for all possible known expenses accurately is just as important.

With the help of our general insurance calculators online, you can account for the cost of covering your and your family’s medical expenses, car, home and more, all within a matter of few seconds. This will help you manage your personal finances better and feel more prepared.

Time Saving

We know you lead a busy life and that there are many things that keep you occupied throughout the day. Why should you have to add another task to your to-do list because of insurance related matters?

We not only provide you all insurance related information and assistance online but we also let you calculate your insurance premium from the comfort of your very home. Whether it’s while eating breakfast or while commuting to work, all it takes is a few seconds to find out your premium estimate. 





You are very special to us! And we try our best to ensure that the insurance premium is not at all burdensome for you. This is the reason, why we consider a number of different factors while deciding your insurance premium.

While different factors are taken into consideration different insurance policies, listed below are some of the more common determinants:


Usually age is just a number, but when it comes to insurance, the earlier you get it, the more affordable it is. This is especially true for Health Insurance.

For motor insurance, however, the older the car is, the premium is likely to reduce. This is because the IDV of your vehicle reduces as your vehicle ages, leading to a lesser premium.

Sum Insured Amount

We offer you the flexibility to choose the amount of cover that you want for yourself because we understand that your budget plays a role in what you opt for.

Thus, irrespective of your need, age or gender, we have a policy, the premium of which will not only meet your preferences but also your budget. However, the premium amount would differ depending on the sum insured amount you select.

Individual or Group

One of the factors that is taken into consideration while deciding the premium amount especially for Health or Travel Insurance is whether it has to be taken for an individual or for a group.

There is a difference in the amount of insurance premium that you have to pay for buying the cover for yourself compared to you getting it for a group.

Other than this, depending on the type of asset you want to cover, the factors change accordingly.



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