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Extended Warranty Insurance

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Cashless service in 400+ cities across India

Coverage for up to 3 years

Repair as well as replacement coverage

BAJAJ ALLIANZ Extended Warranty Insurance

Picture this: You’re enjoying the TV premiere of a Bollywood blockbuster and just as the climax rolls by, there is an electrical fluctuation and the screen blanks out! The weekend you’d been longing for has just turned into a nightmare. Despite your best attempts, you cannot get the TV going again, even as the fleeting minutes turn into hours. When the technician finally examines your TV, the prognosis is not good.

He tells you that a circuit inside it has got burnt and unless your TV is covered under warranty, it means shelling out a small fortune for repairs. To your regret, you find out that the Original Manufacturer Warranty expired just last month! The upfront cost of buying an appliance and the additional burden of repairs and maintenance end up making your brand new LED TV less than the bargain you thought it was!

When your TV is covered under warranty, you can be at ease about any repairs during the period specified by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers offer warranties on their products to ensure long-term durability. User manuals included with most appliances contain detailed instructions on the installation, use and maintenance of their appliances.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an extension on warranty? If you’ve always thought that warranties can be fickle and do not deliver when you need them the most, you’re in for a treat. Bajaj Allianz has made life simpler for you by taking Extended Warranty Insurance from the realm of wishful thinking to reality.

 With Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance, you can save both time and money. While your appliances save you time and make life more comfortable, with our extended coverage repair costs can be kept at bay, even after the original manufacturer warranty has expired. What’s more, with Bajaj Allianz, you are assured world-class customer service where your claims are settled speedily and any questions you have are answered in a friendly and professional manner.

If you’re a homemaker, a malfunctioning oven or grill can impact not just the cooking routine but also any leisure activities with the kids that you may have lined up for the evening. As disappointing as that is for the kids, you cannot be sure that you’ll be get it serviced quickly and affordably. This can have a telling effect on your monthly budget and family time. While such instances cannot be controlled or even predicted, you need an effective way to handle both the costs and time required to deal with them.

As a busy professional, juggling the responsibilities of home and work can become harder when an electrical device or consumer appliance stops running. With online Extended Warranty Insurance, you can ensure that your day is not completely derailed by a random act of fate! The result: it is business as usual.

Your electronic devices help you get more done even when you’re at work. Your laptop and mobile phone can help you run an entire business between them. However, these devices are as vulnerable as they are versatile. Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance protects you from having to spend anxious moments and covers your electronic devices, allowing you to excel at work. If you have a small team of professionals in your team, getting Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty makes strong business sense as it helps you minimize risks arising from unintentional damage and makes your business resilient.

Spending hours reading the terms and conditions of warranty can get disappointing when you realize that it is only available for a limited duration. Not anymore. With Bajaj Allianz online Extended Warranty Insurance, you can extend the warranty period offered by the manufacturer by a period of up to 3 years. With a few clicks, you can rest assured that your appliances can be used to the fullest, without worry. We’re here to take care of any damages!


When buying electronic appliances, you’d spend considerable time and effort getting the latest model from the topmost brand. Why? Because, you’d expect any appliance you buy to be durable and efficient. We’re sure that besides product specifications, you’d also keep an eye on the terms of warranty offered. That’s because you’d want to ensure that your device remains serviceable at no additional cost for as long as possible. But as the law of diminishing returns demonstrates, over a period of time the amount of effort and money it takes to keep an appliance operational, steadily increases.

 With Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance, you can ensure that besides the initial costs of purchasing an appliance, all other repair and maintenance costs are taken care of, even if the appliance ultimately requires replacement. You continue to enjoy warranty coverage for an extended period of time making you worry-free. Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance enhances the life of your electronic appliances even after the expiration of the original warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Buying an Extended Warranty plan from Bajaj Allianz puts you in an exclusive club of quality and cost conscious consumers who want to maximize their returns on investment. Here’s why Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance is a flexible and affordable option to protect your electronic appliances:

  • Minimal Cost


    Well, every purchase you make must be weighed against the benefits it provides for the money you spend. That includes not just the costs of buying an appliance but also how much it costs to operate it over a reasonable period of time. Bajaj Allianz offers online Extended Warranty coverage over the standard warranty cover provided by the manufacturer at a minimal cost. Some electronic appliances may contain moving parts that require certified professionals to handle them. Bajaj Allianz ensures that your appliance is serviced by specialists at authorized service centres, ensuring that only quality spare parts are used, minimizing chances of recurring break-downs.

  • Flexible Coverage

    Our Extended Warranty Insurance service provides tailored coverage, specific to your needs. You can opt for coverage for a period of one, two or three years, which makes it both affordable and comprehensive. Our repair and service network is spread across the country giving you unmatched flexibility. 

  • Fast Claims Processing

    Bajaj Allianz claim settlement processes have been certified by ICRA for several years in a row. When you need claims assistance, you’ll find that Bajaj Allianz offers a unique advantage. For our customers, that means quick and efficient claim processing, regular updates on the status of the claim and quick disbursal of funds once the claim is approved. 

  • 24*7 Customer Service

    We’re here for you 24*7, rain or shine. Getting your questions answered is simple and easy with Bajaj Allianz. Our team of professionals can help you with booking repairs, getting dealer support and just about anything else related to Extended Coverage that you may need. In the few minutes that it takes to talk our Customer Service executive, you’ll feel noticeably relaxed and convinced that your appliance is in good hands! Millions of our customers would agree. All you need to do is call our toll-free number 1800-209-1021 and experience world-class service with a smile.

  • Free of Cost Home Visit in case of a Claim

    We want to do our bit to help you get your appliance running again. With Bajaj Allianz, there are no charges when our experts visit your home upon filing a claim. You’ll find us on your doorstep within hours of registering a claim. After all, timely identification is the first step in resolving a problem.  We diagnose the problem, suggest the best course of action and help you arrange for repairs in a professional and transparent manner.  

  • Coverage equal to Invoice Amount

    Getting a good bargain is always satisfying! You may consider spending a little extra on a premium product because it promises better value for money in terms of durability and service. With Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty, you get coverage up to the invoice amount which lets you rest assured that the appliance you’ve just bought will serve you well over the long term.  All you need to do is read the manual carefully to make sure that you can use it to the fullest. As for malfunctions and technical problems, online Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance has you covered. A few clicks is all it takes!

Register your claim

Filing a claim under Extended Warranty Insurance is simple and convenient. All you need to do is call our 24*7 toll-free number, 1800-209-1021. Alternatively, you can register a claim at any time of the day by emailing us at ew.cda@bajajallianz.co.in or to register online click here .

To know your claim status  click here.


Bajaj Allianz offers a whole range of services that include both repair and replacement. In case of a claim, our representative visits your home free of cost and inspects your product. We also arrange for it to be serviced at an authorized service centre with genuine parts. In case your product cannot be repaired, a replacement is provided free of cost.


What’s more, restoring your electrical device to working order is now completely cashless!  Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance is available in more than 400 cities across India. Regardless of where you live, professional service is just a phone call away! Online extended warranty with Bajaj Allianz- unmatched value at an unbeatable price.

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Who Can Buy Extended Warranty?

The Extended Warranty product has been designed to cater to the requirements of owners of various electronic, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, furniture and fixtures, portable equipment's like camera, laptop, mobile etc., who wish to avail of an Insurance Protection for loss or damage caused by Manufacturing Defects after the expiry of the Manufacturer's Warranty Period. It can also be purchased by Manufacturers who wish to offer Extended Warranty cover for their customers.

When Can You Buy Extended Warranty?

You can buy this policy either on the same date of purchase of the asset or any time before of the expiry of the manufacturer's Warranty on the asset.

If you want to buy this cover after 6 months from date of purchase of Asset but before the expiry of the Manufacturer's Warranty, a loading on the premium will apply as per the below 

Delay in Insurance Cover Purchase from Asset purchase date

Loading on


Less than 6 months 0%


6 months to 1 year 4%


More than 1 year and less than manufacturer warranty


Why Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty?

Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty offers you peace of mind by giving you a financial cover for unexpected repair work related to your insured asset. Here are some of the reasons for considering the Extended Warranty insurance from Bajaj Allianz:

✓  Comprehensive coverage on parts and labour

✓  Unlimited repairs during EW period, subject to sum assured

✓  Hassle-free cashless facility

✓  Quality repair assurance

✓  Genuine Spare Parts

✓  Coverage for multiple brands

✓  Door-step service for large appliances

✓  Nationwide service network

What are the major exclusions?

Some of the major exclusions include:

✓    Physical/liquid/fire or any damage due to any external sources

✓    Commercial/rental/profit generation usage of the insured asset

✓    Excessive usage: overloading, strain, short circuit, over running, wear and tear, abnormal electrical/gas/water supply etc.

✓    Service calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in workmanship or material

✓    Consumables (e.g. filters, bulbs, belts, battery, toner, software etc.)

✓    Rusting, denting, scratching etc.

✓    Unauthorized repair and changes

✓    Defects or faults that were not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty

✓    Loss or damage for which the manufacturer of the insured asset is responsible under a guarantee and/or warranty.

For a detailed list of exclusions, kindly refer to the policy document/prospectus.

How to get premium estimate for your asset?

To get an estimate of the premium payable for your asset, you need to visit the Bajaj Allianz Website. Based on the information you share, you’ll get the details of the premium amount that needs to be paid.

What is Sum Insured?

The sum to be insured for various assets should be equal to their original purchase price.

What is covered?

We cover the repair or replacement cost of your Insured Asset caused by a breakdown arising out of manufacturing defects and/or due to poor workmanship of the service personnel of the authorized workshops during the policy period. By a breakdown, we are referring to mechanical and/or electrical failure that causes your asset to not function in its intended manner.

What Documents Will Be Required At The Time Of Opting For This Product?

You’ll need the Product/Sale Invoice when you buy the extended warranty insurance. 

What Would Be Claim Process?

For any assistance on extended warranty claims, please call 1800-209-1021 or mail us on ew.cda@bajajallianz.co.in

You can also use the below links to register your claim online or check the status of your claim:

To register a claim click here

To check claim status click here



I hereby authorize Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. to call me on the contact number made available by me on the website with a specific request to call back at a convenient time. I further declare that, irrespective of my contact number being registered on National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) under either Fully or Partially Blocked category, any call made or SMS sent in response to my request shall not be construed as an Unsolicited Commercial Communication even though the content of the call may be for the purposes of explaining various insurance products and services or solicitation and procurement of insurance business. Furthermore, I understand that these calls will be recorded & monitored for quality & training purposes, and may be made available to me if required.

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