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General Insurance Features Explained.

General Insurance Features. Explained.

We provide host of features and services as per your insurance need.


General Insurance Features

Insurance can be your life-jacket, when life lands you into a sea of troubles. Whether it is your home, your vehicle, your health or even your travels, a general insurance policy can make a huge difference to your financial stability.

But why do so many of us choose to not secure ourselves? It’s mostly because insurance can be a complicated subject. Your insurance policy can come with a lot of features, but you may not be able to fully grasp their importance simply because of lack of information. A lot of the times people also are unable to fully utilize the benefits of insurance because they’ve opted for the wrong type of policy, or not opted for add-ons that are relevant to their specific needs.

Hence, to help you make more informed choices, and to help you select the insurance that will best suit your requirements, we’ve compiled a series of short and easy to understand articles that will answer all your insurance related queries.

Read on, and secure yourself!

Confused about Insurance? Here are some videos to help you out!

  • Car Insurance

    Got car? Then for Insurance, look no further than us! With the Bajaj Allianz family, signing on the dotted line gives you privileged

    Learn more
  • Two Wheeler Insurance

    A new bike deserves matching insurance and a classy helmet to boot! As you rack up the miles, Bajaj Allianz offers you top-class services

    Learn more
  • Health Insurance

    Dressed in white, doctors may be considered to be angels personified. However, a visit to them is perhaps the last thing on your calendar. 

    Learn more
  • Travel Insurance

    To travel is to go around exploring the world and knowing your relationship with it. It is not surprising then, that exploration (while being safe, 

    Learn more
  • Home Insurance

    A home is where your heart is. There is no place quite like home. After all, it is a place filled with memories- the warmth of your elder’s love,

    Learn more
  • Cyber Insurance

    In today’s digital world, it is almost impossible to imagine your daily life without some or the other activity happening in the online space.

    Learn more
  • Extended Warranty Insurance

    Many companies give warranties on their products to provide long-term durability. Bajaj Allianz Extended Warranty Insurance provides

    Learn more


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