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Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon

About Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon (BAPHM) returns at a much grander scale, ensuring another spectacle and best-in-class experience for the participants, volunteers and spectators. This second edition will be held on Sunday, December 22nd, 2019.

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon is hundreds of miles and a habit. The race event is just the finish. Through training, you build up the habit that leads to wellness. Often it is a challenge for people to chalk out the right methodology to achieve the required training. While many don’t know where to start, there are another lot, fitness freaks, who love to train hard and run. We enable all of you.

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon is a journey in itself with the event being the culmination of the programme in its entirety. We provide our participants with a platform to set their goals and complete them.  We provide our runners with a highly curated and personalised training programme to ensure they challenge their physical boundaries by expanding the mental limitations.


Race Categories:
Half Marathon | Timed
10K | Timed
5K | Timed
3K | Fun & Family Run: You set your own time


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Why wellness?

Being healthy is a great place to be, for sustained performance at work or to simply feel happy.  Our bodies are designed for movement and energetic activities, and it’s no surprise that fitter individuals lead a more productive life. Being physically fit also contributes to mental wellbeing.

We all want to be healthy, but it somehow does not become a priority for most of us, for the long term.  We are trying to do our bit to ensure wellness becomes ‘your’ priority. Our promo runs, training plans, nutrition advice and the entire event are some of the nudges to help you take that first step and be the better version of yourself thereon.

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Distance : 21.1 km

Minimum Age Eligibility : 18 years on the Race Day (born on or before 22.12.2001)

Fees : ₹ 1100/- (+taxes)

Running the Half Marathon is an experience like none other and finishing it is immensely rewarding. It comes with its own set of physical and mental challenges; therefore, it requires rigorous training. We will help you train, encourage and celebrate your special run along the way.

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Distance : 10 km

Minimum Age Eligibility : 14 years on Race Day (born on or before 22.12.2005)

Fees : ₹ 800/- (+taxes)

Finishing a 10K run is a testimonial to your fitness. Committed training can help you achieve this goal. We have personalised training plans to gear up for this. Time to take on the 10K. Get Set Go.

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Distance : 5 km

Minimum Age Eligibility : 6 years on Race Day (born on or before 22.12.2013)

Fees : ₹ 500/- (+taxes)

The 5K run also is timed. We encourage families also to participate in a bid to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It provides a platform to runners to push themselves. This one is no less demanding and requires adequate training.

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Distance : 3 km

Minimum Age Eligibility : 6 years on the Race Day (born on or before 22.12.2013)

Fees : ₹ 400/- (+taxes)

The Fun & Family Run is the new addition to 2019 edition and possibly is the coolest one. This is the time to walk/run with your best buddy, challenge your spouse or that neighbour. This one suits all.

This is more like a fitness picnic

Or a platform to dress your best

Raise funds for a cause

Or take that first step towards fitness..!!

Let’s enjoy a ‘Fit Sunday coming Dec 22’.

This addition is tailor-made for an unforgettable experience for all of the above and more. Not a bad idea even if you decide to club them all!

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Creating a culture of health and wellness in a workplace improves the overall well-being of a workforce. Introducing endurance-related goals to your employees is embracing a fit way for team-building. The segment also creates competition between businesses and can be used as a platform to raise charities.


The Corporate Challenge has two categories:


Category 1: Corporate Cup – 10K Challenge
  • ✓   10K Race
  • ✓   3 trophies at stake – Men’s, Women’s and Mixed
  • ✓   Mixed segment requires a minimum of one female/male participant
  • ✓   5 participants per team
  • ✓   All members for a registered team must be from the same organisation
  • ✓   The winning team in each segment will be based on the minimum collective time taken by the team 


Fees: ₹ 4000/- (+taxes) for each team


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Category 2: Corporate Cup – Maximum Participation Challenge


  • ✓   The organisation with maximum participant employees wins this
  • ✓   Applicable for all four categories & Corporate Challenge Category 1


If you are looking for bulk corporate registrations, reach us at

he challenge brings together companies from Pune and across the region to be amongst the sea of participants in Pune’s biggest wellness festival. We encourage you to use our training plans


Join your colleagues, train and run together towards the finish-line goal.


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Take a look at the fun, frolic and flair of last year's edition of the event!

Bajaj Allianz Pune Half Marathon

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Participants Benefits




*Training plan & Nutrition Guideline is only available for Half Marathon & 10K categories T&C Apply



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