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Mauritius Visa For Indians - An Overview

Mauritius Visa For Indians

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Most nations have loosened up their travel policies for visitors. So if you've been thinking about taking your family overseas, now is the perfect time to do so! Also, you would be done appropriately if you were thinking of Mauritius! You will be in for a treat as soon as possible in this idyllic location because Mauritius is a stunning country. And like every other country, you must have a solid online travel insurance plan for whatever kind of vacation you organise to Mauritius.

You can buy travel insurance online, which is very reasonable.

Why are we focusing on the significance of an international travel insurance policy for your trip to Mauritius? It's quite easy. Any international travel can be fraught with anxiety. For instance, you wouldn't know who to contact for assistance if any unplanned occurrences occurred while travelling.

You may experience an accident or get sick. You might misplace your bags, passport, or connecting flight. In such situations, your travel insurance will be quite useful.

What is a Mauritius visa?

A Mauritius visa is an official document, letter, or stamp from the Government of Mauritius' Department of Immigration. Mauritius’ embassies and consulates can legally grant visas to foreign nationals, including Indians.

As specified by the visa laws, the holder of a Mauritius visa is permitted to enter the country.

What does it mean to have a Mauritius visa?


For Indian visitors, Mauritius offers a visa-on-arrival option. Upon arriving in Mauritius, this visa is valid for 60 days.  This visa is free and allows only one entry. Every Indian traveller needs to present a few crucial travel documents at the immigration desk at the Mauritius airport to obtain a Mauritius visa for Indians upon arrival.


So, you must have a valid Mauritius visa whether you travel there on your honeymoon or with friends and family. A drawn-out process is not required to apply for a tourist visa to Mauritius.

What are the different types of Mauritius visas?

For Indian nationals, there are three main categories of visas for Mauritius:

  • Mauritius tourist visa

    When you arrive in Mauritius as a tourist, you will be issued a visa on arrival for this country.

  • Mauritius student visa

    International students who want to pursue a bachelor's or master's degree in Mauritius can apply for a student visa for the island nation.

  • Mauritius business visa

    The Mauritian government has ensured their regulations are business-friendly. Thus, you must obtain a business visa to move there and open your own company.

Validity of the different types of Mauritius visas


The Department of Immigration's regulations say that Indian nationals are exempt from paying a fee for a Mauritius visa for Indians on arrival for travel-related purposes. The cost of a tourist visa to Mauritius amounts to nothing.


An Indian can stay in Mauritius for a maximum of 60 days starting on the day of arrival if they have an on-arrival visa. Contact the Department of Immigration if you want to extend your stay. You can extend your stay after completing the necessary procedures, which can be done on the same day. To be safe, you are urged to contact the relevant department two or three days before the arrival-only visa expires.

What are the eligibility criteria for a Mauritius visa?

Indian nationals must unquestionably fulfil the requirements listed below to be qualified for a Mauritius visa for Indians:

  • Must have an Indian passport valid six months or more after the date of travel

  • Evidence of lodging in Mauritius

  • Confirmed return tickets that can be used during the 60 days while the visa is still valid

  • Possess money worth approximately Rs. 3,600 to Rs. 7,200 for each day of the stay

How can you apply for a Mauritius visa?

Indian nationals who travel to Mauritius for a vacation do not have to undergo a drawn-out and difficult visa application process. There isn't even a pre-registration procedure to complete. You should bring all required documentation on your journey and apply for a visa at the airport's immigration office.


What are the fees applicable for a Mauritius visa?

Indian nationals do not need to pay a visa fee to visit Mauritius to experience the island's tourism opportunities. At the airport, they can take advantage of the on-arrival visa option. Indian nationals must pay the set fee to migrate to other visas. The cost of a Mauritius visa varies by visa category.


Is a Mauritius visa available on arrival for Indian citizens?

The Department of Immigration's regulations set the provision for Indian nationals to be exempt from paying a fee for a visa on arrival for travel-related purposes. The cost of a tourist visa to Mauritius amounts to nothing.

Know why your Mauritius visa can get rejected

For the following circumstances, you might not be granted an Indian visa at the airport:

  • Incorrect or missing information on the visa-on-arrival application form 

  • No concrete evidence of your travel plans, with no discernible reason for leaving or returning from Mauritius

  • Immigration-related offences in the past or prior criminal activity

  • Lack of sufficient documentation to support your application for a Mauritius visa for Indians

Why is travel insurance essential for a Mauritius visa?

Adversity never comes with prior notice. While you are in a foreign land you may fall ill or meet with an accident that would require hospitalisation. Under circumstances like these, the hospitalisation expenses would be on the costlier side compared to India.

Having travel insurance for Mauritius trip can secure you financially for any emergency expenses.

A travel insurance policy is not a mandate to visit Mauritius. However; it is highly recommended to choose from different types of travel insurance available that fits your requirement. There could be many things that can ruin your Mauritius trip. 

What are the documents required to apply for a Mauritius visa?

You should be aware of the paperwork required to apply for an Indian citizen's Mauritius visa on arrival now that you are aware of the different types of Mauritius visas. A list of the documents is provided below:

  • Duly filled visa forms with all the relevant information 

  • Information on lodging in Mauritius

  • A valid Indian passport good for at least six months after the date of entry in Mauritius 

  • A currently valid visa for the country you intend to visit if you intend to go there from Mauritius

  • Evidence you have enough money to cover any unexpected costs associated with your stay

  • Ticket copies for confirmed return flights

  • A letter from the supporting Mauritius citizen if they fund your vacation. You must also include their address and the nature of your relationship with them

  • Two recent photos of the traveller that fit into a passport (s)

  • A recent bank statement (for some circumstances)

Are there any changes in documents after the Covid-19 pandemic for a Mauritius visa?


All of Mauritius' COVID-19 requirements for visitors have been lifted. The government has announced that visitors will no longer be required to present a negative RT-PCR test result obtained 72 hours before arrival to promote tourism in the nation.


Tourist Attractions in Mauritius

From beaches to beautiful islands, museums to monuments, architectural wonders to retail districts, and more, Mauritius will keep you on your toes. You can check out a few more things during your vacation to Mauritius. If you do, you'll return home with the most incredible travel memories:

●       In Belle Mare Plage, take in the spectacular sunrises amidst the vegetation.

●       At Pereybere, engage in exhilarating water activities.

●       At the La Cambuse, swimmers can let their hair down and swim to their hearts' content.

●      Spend some time cruising Ilot Gabriel Beach.



Do Indian nationals require a visa to visit Mauritius?

Indian nationals travelling to Mauritius can obtain a visa upon arrival. Before leaving for the trip, there is no need to apply for a tourist visa for Mauritius. 

Is it simple to obtain a visa to Mauritius?

After presenting a few required documents, Indian travellers can obtain a visa upon arrival from the immigration counter at the airport of Mauritius.

What is covered by the travel insurance plan for Mauritius?

Travel insurance for Mauritius plan offers the following coverages:

●       Medical insurance

●       COVID-19

●       Hijacking

●       Baggage loss

●       Personal Liability

●       Illness

●       Accidents

Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 28th  April 2023


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