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Sri Lanka Visa For Indians - An Overview

Sri Lanka Visa For Indians

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Have you considered travelling to Sri Lanka soon? Consider purchasing travel medical insurance and getting your visa requirements sorted at the right time to enjoy a stress-free trip to Sri Lanka.

You should get travel insurance to add a layer of safety to your trip.

What is a Sri Lanka Visa?

A Sri Lanka visa is an electronic travel authorization for specific durations. It is required for most travelers, including tourists, business visitors, and transit passengers.

To obtain a Sri Lanka visa, applicants must submit an online application and pay the required fees. Along with these application steps, travelers must also possess the following:

  • A valid passport
  • A return ticket
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay

While not obligatory, it is advisable for visitors to consider purchasing travel insurance policies, including offline or online travel insurance, to cover various unexpected events during the trip. This insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Trip cancellations
  • Lost luggage
  • Other travel-related risks

A Sri Lanka Visa is essential for most foreign nationals visiting for tourism or business. Travelers must meet specific eligibility criteria to obtain the visa.

It is highly recommended to have appropriate travel insurance policies, as travelers with offline or online travel insurance can benefit from protection against:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Trip cancellations
  • Lost luggage
  • Other travel-related risks


What does it mean to have a Sri Lanka Visa?


A Sri Lankan visa for Indians is required to travel to Sri Lanka.

Ensure you have an online Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Sri Lankan visa before you arrive at the airport.

What are the different types of Sri Lanka Visas?

Depending on why they are travelling to Sri Lanka, one may choose from one of the following Sri Lankan visas for Indians:

  • Tourist Visa:

    The Tourist Visa is designed for individuals seeking to explore the mesmerizing beauty and culture of Sri Lanka. This type of Sri Lankan Visit Visa It is typically issued for short stays, allowing tourists to experience the country's scenic wonders, historical sites, and vibrant traditions.

  • Business Visa:

    The Business Visa is intended for those visiting Sri Lanka for professional reasons, such as attending meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities. It permits engagement in business activities while in the country.

  • Transit Visa:

    Transit Visas are ideal for travelers who are transiting through Sri Lanka en route to their final destination. These visas are typically short-term and cater to the needs of passengers who need to change flights within the country.

  • Student Visa:

    For those aspiring to pursue educational opportunities in Sri Lanka, the Student Visa is essential. It is granted to students enrolled in recognized educational institutions, enabling them to study and complete their academic courses in the country.

  • Visa on Arrival:

    The Visa on Arrival, as the name suggests, allows eligible travelers to obtain their visa upon arrival at a Sri Lankan entry point. It is a convenient option for those visiting the country for short stays, typically for tourism or business purposes.


What are the eligibility criteria for a Sri Lanka Visa?


All foreign nationals wishing to travel briefly to Sri Lanka must first get an ETA. The original validity of an ETA visa for Sri Lanka is 30 days. Non-Sri Lankan passengers, however, are only permitted to have their ETAs extended for a maximum of six months.The eligibility criteria for Sri Lankan Visa depends on the type of Visa you want to get. However, there some criterion that are common across all types of Sri Lanka Visa. They include:

  • Confirmed return tickets
  • A passport that is valid for a minimum of six months from the date of departure
  • Proof of accommodation
  • First and last page of your passport (scanned colour copy)
  • Passport-size photograph with white background
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • An invitation letter from the educational institute/company you have secured an admission/employment in.

Please note that the exact eligibility requirement can differ as per the specific type of Visa you apply for and the conditions of your application.


Validity of the different types of Sri Lanka Visas


The validity of your Sri-Lanka depends on the type of Visa you select. The tourist visa for Sri Lanka is valid for 30 days from the date of issue. A Business Visa to Sri Lanka is Valid for 6 months. However, you can only stay for a period of 30 days at once. For Indians, the validity of a Ttransit Visa is 2 days. The validity of a Sri Lankan Student Visa depends on the duration of the course an applicant secures admission in.


How can you apply for a Sri Lanka Visa?

By completing an ETA online application, available online at www.eta.gov.lk or Sri Lankan Missions overseas, applicants can acquire a valid Electronic Travel Authorization for Sri Lanka.

ETA procedure:

  • Use the official website to submit your application and get an acknowledgement.
  • Get ETA permission via the email you provided during the application.
  • When necessary, print out the approval you obtained via email and give it to the immigration authorities at the airport.

What are the fees applicable for a Sri Lanka Visa?

Sri Lanka Visa Types Sri Lanka Visa Cost (In USD)
Short Visit Visa Sri Lanka Tourist visa 20
Business Purpose visa 30
Transit Visa Free


Categories of Residence Visa Sri Lanka Visa Cost (In USD)
Employment 200
Investor 200
Religious 200
students 200
Former Sri Lankan citizens and their dependents 100



Is a Sri Lanka visa available on arrival for Indian Citizens?


Yes, Indians travelling to Sri Lanka may obtain a Sri Lankan visa for Indians on arrival. However, you must obtain the Sri Lanka ETA in advance and ensure your passport is valid for at least three months after your departure date.

Know why your Sri Lanka visa can get rejected


Some of the common reasons your Sri Lanka visa application may be rejected are:

  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Having a criminal record
  • Incomplete visa application
  • Inadequate funds in your bank.

Why is travel insurance essential for a Sri Lanka Visa?


It is best to have an offline or online travel insurance for Sri Lanka plan if significant concerns could disrupt the holiday atmosphere and cause worry.

Also, you must have travel insurance with medical aid to help cover any unanticipated medical crises, given how the COVID-19 epidemic has outstayed its welcome. If you are diagnosed with a COVID-19 infection while travelling, you must be hospitalised at a reputable hospital to receive the necessary care and recover.

So, before embarking on your vacation, you must compare various types of travel insurance and choose a reliable travel insurance plan for Sri Lanka!


What are the documents required to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa?


The following travel and identification documents must be with you when travelling from India to Sri Lanka:

  • A passport with six months validity after the anticipated departure from Sri Lanka.
  • Two passport-sized, recent, coloured photos.
  • Documentation proving sufficient finances in Sri Lankan rupees or any other currency.
  • A yellow fever vaccination record if you are travelling from an area with the disease.
  • Confirmation of hotel reservations and a confirmed return ticket (if any).
  • A working sim card from India and an unlocked smartphone.

Are there any changes in documents after COVID for a Sri Lanka Visa?

Travelling to Sri Lanka is safe as long as the COVID-19 recommendations are followed:

  • Only visitors with a current COVID-19 complete immunisation certificate issued by an international organisation are permitted access. At least 14 days before travel, the second dose has to be taken.

  • Before boarding, you must present proof of a recent negative PCR test.

  • Instead of a PCR test before boarding, travellers who have recently recovered from the virus and have received at least one dose of a licensed vaccine must provide results from a negative antigen test performed 48 hours before the flight. The vaccination should have been given at least 14 days before the trip, and the recovery should have occurred at least 3 months before.

  • A second PCR test will be performed on the 14th day of a 15-day quarantine at a "Level 1 Safe and Secure" hotel. If the results are negative, the traveller may be released from quarantine with a "discharge paper" signed by the hotel doctor.

Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka


Make sure you carry your passport, visa, international travel insurance, and other important documents when you are out and about. Here are some of Sri Lanka's top and busiest tourist destinations to aid your selection:

  • Udawalawe National Park:

    You will be in awe at the richness of this park, which includes elephants, crocodiles, deer, jackals, and many other animals.

  • Mihintale mountain:

    According to legend, a Buddhist monk named Mahinda met King Devanampiyatissa on this mountaintop.

  • Unawantuna:

    The white sands of this beach are some of the purest and most unspoiled in all of Sri Lanka. This beach has thrilling underwater activities like snorkelling to discover the coral reefs and the varied marine life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which travel insurance policy is the best for Sri Lanka?

It is crucial that the international travel insurance plan you select safeguards you against any unforeseen financial situations. This includes providing medical support. You can compare policies online and select the one that suits you best.

Is the best travel insurance for Sri Lanka inclusive of baggage loss?

A travel insurance plan does provide coverage for lost baggage or delayed baggage arrival. The policy could cover the necessities you require up until your bags arrive if you happen to receive your baggage late. Also, per your policy's coverage, if your luggage is misplaced, the insurance may pay for all lost items.

Is purchasing medical travel insurance for Sri Lanka required?

Yes, Sri Lanka requires travellers to buy travel insurance online or offline. You would need to carry medical travel insurance in the nation in case of a medical emergency, even if the health declaration form submitted to Sri Lankan immigration authorities was approved.

Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 24th  November 2023


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