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Meera Rupani, Pune

I Don't Look at Price Tags Anymore - after 18 years with Bajaj Allianz


Rajesh N Puri, Bhadra Assam

Security Personnel to Managing Rs. 1.5 Cr+ of Portfolio - A 14-year stint with Bajaj Allianz has been a Career Transformation

Benefits of becoming a General Insurance Agent

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Zero capital investment

To become a general insurance agent, you don’t require any investment for infrastructure or raw material. Rather, the primary investment is your time and effort.

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Noble Profession by Helping People in Times of Need

As an insurance agent, you will be helping customers make the right choice that will enable them to financially protect themselves during difficult times like an accident, hospitalisation etc. You will also assist them during the claim process to ensure that their claims are settled promptly.

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Stable and Continuous Income

The same family will require home, health, motor and pet insurance. So, you can sell multiple policies to the same set of people. Over a period of time you can build a large portfolio/customer base which will provide a steady and continuous income lifelong through new business and renewals of policies. To calculate your earnings, use our earnings calculator.

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Flexible Work Timings

You will have the ability to set your own work schedule, which will help you have better work life balance. Another benefit is that you can schedule meetings with clients at their convenience, and not only during specific working hours, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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Recognition programmes and awards to acknowledge your achievements

You will continuously be motivated and encouraged to reach new heights with a host of recognition programmes and awards to recognize your achievements. These programmes serve as a milestone and goals for you to achieve a successful career as an agent.

Join Bajaj Allianz as a General Insurance Agent

We insure everything from a needle to an aircraft!








13 Cr +

Satisfied Customers

Trusted brand since 2001

  • Legacy of 20+ years
  • Community of more than 84,000 advisors
  • Presence in more than 1000 locations.
  • Lowest grievance ratio
  • Best in class claim settlement capability & highest solvency ratio

200+ unique insurance products

  • Motor : Two Wheeler, Four wheeler and Commercial Vehicles
  • Health : More than 12 products for every need.
  • New age products :  Pet dog insurance, cyber insurance, all risk home & many more.
  • Commercial Insurance : Insurance against property damage, business interruption, theft, liability, and worker injury.

Best in class claims service

  • ISO Certified claims settlement.
  • 8000+ network hospital for cashless treatment in health
  • 6500 +  garage tie up for cashless settlement in motor
  • Unique digital solutions for faster claims process 

Professional Development

  • Learn from our industry experts, certified trainers &  insurance veterans.
  • Community of veterans agents to learn from.
  • Relationship Manager and products expert
  • Central Support Team

International platforms through our unique Club Membership and other reward Program

  • Earn Rewards
  • Celebrate your achievements & get recognized across domestic & international platforms through our unique Club Membership Program

Digital Capabilities

  • Enhance your reach with our digital capabilities
  • B Care APP -  Your office on the go.
  • B CARE portal - End to end business solution
  • B Care BOT and Query tracker - for instant solutions of your queries
  • Microsite - Enhance your reach and efficiency with your personalised microsite

Who can become an Insurance Agent

If you own a shop or run a business, you can become an agent easily by tapping into your existing customers

Excellent business opportunity to boost your income

Benefit from your network of existing customers

Benefit from association with a leading brand like Bajaj Allianz

Get recognized on domestic and international platforms

Help your existing customers buy insurance from you instead of someone else.

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Diversify your product portfolio if you are selling other financial products like mutual funds, life insurance etc.

Diversify by selling multiple general insurance products to your existing clients

Choose from Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, Home insurance and 20+ products

Help secure the financial wellbeing and assets of your clients

Get recognized on domestic and international platforms

Help your existing customers buy insurance from you instead of someone else.

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If you are a homemaker, becoming a general insurance agent is a stable career choice with growth opportunities

Become financially independent

Get trained in insurance by the best in business

Zero cost to get started and flexible working hours

Professional and personal growth, and recognition

Become Care Advisor Right Image

Other professionals, seniors can use this as a second career option and benefit from the growth in the General Insurance Industry

Create a recurring source of income with zero investment

Become part of a team of insurance professionals with a leading Brand

Leverage your existing network and help them secure their well-being and assets

Get recognized on domestic and international platforms

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How to Become a General Insurance Agent with Us

There are 3 steps involved in the process of becoming a General Insurance Agent at Bajaj Allianz:

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The first step is to fill out the registration form with KYC details (link below)

The first step is to fill out the registration form with KYC details (link below)

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Get comprehensive training on all aspects of becoming a successful general insurance agent.

Get comprehensive training on all aspects of becoming a successful general insurance agent.

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Exam & Appointment

Pass the final exam and become a licensed general insurance agent with Bajaj Allianz.

Pass the final exam and become a licensed general insurance agent with Bajaj Allianz.

View To Learn

Senior Care Rider

Health Prime Rider

Health Insurance

Motor Insurance

Hear from leaders in general insurance Industry

Tapan Singhel


"There is no better service to the nation, than to expand retail insurance in the country, and serve a billion people , in times of their need"

Aditya Sharma

Chief Distribution Officer - Retail Sales

"The strength of our distribution lies in the massive network of our expert advisors. Strong communication, transparent processes, commitment to grow business & ever-lasting partnership define us. With care in our heart & passion in our mind, we aspire to protect every household in India".

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Frequently asked questions

How to Become an Insurance Agent?

If you are looking for a rewarding career that gives you the opportunity to grow, flexibility to manage your time and, a desire to create a passive income you can become a Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, you develop relationships with prospective clients through networking and referrals. You should possess good interpersonal and communication skills. The qualification criteria is simple and easy:

  • Education:

    The minimum qualification is a 12th standard pass or equivalent examination conducted by any recognized Board/Institution, where the applicant resides in a place with a population of five thousand or more as per the last census, and a pass in 10th standard or equivalent examination from a recognized Board/Institution if the applicant resides in any other place

  • Age:

    Anyone over 18 years of age

  • Training from an approved institution like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance:

    Complete 50 hrs. of training In case of candidate seeking agency licence for the first time and, 25 hrs. of training in case of candidate seeking renewal of licence

If you are new to General Insurance and want to learn more, you can join our Career Agent's Academy

How Much Commission Can I Earn as a General Insurance Agent?

This is how much you can earn by selling just one insurance policy for these four categories. Based on how many policies you actually sell, your potential earnings per month as a insurance agent may go up to ₹50k*!

The monthly earning potential is based on an assumption that at least xx car package, xx two-wheeler package and xx health insurance policies are solicited in a month. How Do I Get Started as a General Insurance Agent?

What documents are required for an insurance agent?

The following documents needed:

  • Your photo
  • Aadhaar copy
  • PAN card copy
  • Class 12th and/or 10th mark sheet
  • Bank account details
  • Cancelled cheque or NEFT form photo upload

Do I need to take an exam to become an Agent?

Yes. You have to pass the examination conducted by the IRDAI.

Is English speaking mandatory for becoming an agent?

Not at all. We will give you all the information in the language you prefer.

Does this job require physical presence or can I do it from my preferred location?

This opportunity provides you the flexibility to work from your home/workplace.

How will it help in my career growth?

On the basis of your performance you can grow & be a part of our prestigious club membership program.

Is there any fee to be paid upfront for the IRDAI examination?

Yes. The fee is charged by IRDAI to schedule examinations.

What is an IRDAI licence?

IRDAI grants the IRDA License for starting an insurance business. It provides agents permits to start the business of selling insurance products.

What is General Insurance

General insurance is like a safety net that protects you and the things you value from the financial impact of unforeseen disasters. Whether it is your health, home, car, or pet, insurance is there to help you pick up the pieces when things go wrong.

As just one example, let’s say you get sick and need to be hospitalised. With health insurance, your insurance company will cover some or all of the costs of hospitalisation, so you don’t need to worry about draining your savings or worse, going into debt.

General insurance provides financial assistance and peace of mind during unexpected situations like accidents, natural disasters and theft, and as a general insurance agent, you will be a key part of providing this facility to customers.

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