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Liability Insurance Policy

Public liability insurance, product liability insurance and more by Bajaj Allianz

Liability Insurance

With the ever-emerging business risks, your business is like a wounded person, left smack in the middle of a sea of sharks. They smell blood and they don’t understand the concept of mercy.

No matter how solid your business structure is, in the dynamic business environment, its vulnerable to a variety of risks. Many claims can be made against your business, right from a customer to an employee.

Such claims can make your business suffer a catastrophic loss, restrict your cashflow and disturb the daily functioning of your business. But of course, you knew all about the risks when you started out and it didn’t stop you, so why should it now?

What you need is a reliable long-term partner with global reach and expertise who you can fall back on when unexpected accidents occur and we, at Bajaj Allianz, with our Liability Insurance Policy say, ‘Challenge Accepted!’ 


We understand the responsibility and demands of this challenge and meet it with the help of the following:

We have access to an expert team of underwriters and claims and risk consulting professionals that include lawyers, engineers, scientists and industry specialists, and are supported to meet the largest business liability insurance challenges.

Our teams have years’ worth of experience across all industries, ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers and construction companies to power and utility companies and automotive manufacturers. 

We customise coverage as per your needs and the vulnerabilities of your business. 


    Our Business Liability Insurance products typically cover personal or bodily injury and property damage, and can be offered through individual primary policies, through excess layers and umbrella policies, or through international insurance programs for multiple risks in multiple locations.

    We offer the following types of liability insurance:

Public Liability Insurance

    Public Liability Insurance covers compensation claims made against your business by a third party. The third party could be anyone from a supplier to a client.

    For instance, if a supplier trips over a cable in your factory or one of your employees accidentally spills juice on a client’s laptop during a meeting, you’ll be held liable for the injury to the supplier as well as the damage caused to the client’s laptop.

    Such circumstances are unpredictable and mostly unavoidable, which is why, through our Public Liability Insurance Policy, we offer to cover such compensation claims for your business.

    We’ll indemnify you for your legal liability to pay damages for third party claims arising out of bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident in the premises and in the course of business during the insurance period. 

Product Liability Insurance

    When it comes to types of Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance is one of the most essential one. It covers claims against your business for injury and damage caused due to a product you’ve sold.

    No matter how strong your processes are, defects have a way of finding place and going unmonitored sometimes. This can cause serious injury to a customer or significant damage to their property.

    For instance, if you manufacture and sell furniture and a chair sold by you breaks and injures a customer, you’ll have to face the financial and legal consequences. This can be taken care of by us through our Product Liability Insurance.

    We’ll indemnify you for all third party claims arising out of accidental bodily injury or property damage that is caused by the sale or supply of your company’s products, solely in the course of business and during the period of insurance. 

Product Recall Insurance

    A product recall, whether voluntary or involuntary, can cause a heavy financial strain on your business. Product recalls are common in the Automobile and electronics industries.

    Due to supply chains now being spread across the globe and the manufacturing protocols differing in different countries, the risk of a product recall has not only increased dramatically but so has its cost.

    But they are often necessary because you don’t want to supply defected goods to your customers, which can not only lead to multiple law suits but also damage the brand name forever.

    But with Product Recall Insurance, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll take care of the costs so that you can go ahead and do what’s necessary without having to bear the financial burden. 

Clinical Trials Insurance

    The conduction of clinical trials is central to discovering treatment for various lethal diseases as well as developing new ways to detect, diagnose and reduce the risk of such diseases. However, clinical trials can be a tricky thing and things can go awfully wrong.

    With the help of our Clinical Trials Insurance Policy, we protect companies such as food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies as well as universities and hospitals who conduct clinical trials and investigations, against claims made by the trial participants. 

Workmen's Compensation Insurance

    Employees and their hard work is central to your company’s existence and we know that their safety and wellbeing is your priority. Therefore, Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy is a must-have Liability Insurance for small business as well as large firms.

    It will cover all compensation needed to be paid to your employees for bodily injury or death caused due to accidents or occupational diseases arising out of and during employment.

    This will not only help you meet the statutory requirements but will also help financially make up to your employee or their family. 

Professional Liability Insurance

    If your company provides professional advice or another such service, you need to protect it with the help of Professional Liability Insurance without delay. 

    Making decisions, personal or professional, is always a tough job because no matter the analysis or thought put into it, the outcomes could be unexpected.

    Professional Liability Insurance will help protect your business against claims of a client arising out of damages suffered by them on grounds of a mistake or negligence on your part.  

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