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Australia Visa For Indians- An Overview

Australia Visa For Indians

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Australia is a true paradise for all nature enthusiasts, offering everything, from long areas of the desert to stunning sandy beaches. But before you travel to Australia, you must meet the conditions for an Australian visa for Indians.

Also, planning a vacation to Australia requires that you always have a reliable online travel insurance. In general, when travelling abroad, having international travel insurance is always a good idea.

And selecting the appropriate types of travel insurance company and plan is crucial.

What is an Australian Visa?

Australian visa for Indians allows Indians citizens visiting the country of Australia for purposes such as tourism, education, and employment. Depending on the purpose of your visit to the country, you will be issued a visa accordingly. Each visa type has its set of criteria which you need to fulfil. If eligible, your application will be processed without any problems.


What does it mean to have an Australian Visa?


An Australia visitor visa is required for any Indian tourist. It demonstrates your intention to visit Australia only temporarily and leave the country once your visit ends. It is always best to apply for your visa well in advance and to take no chances. Get your paperwork organised before applying to lessen the likelihood of future delays. Your Indian tourist visa for Australia proves the Australian government has no objections to your presence.

What are the different types and validity of Australian Visas

  • Australia Tourist Visa from India

    Indian nationals looking to travel to Australia on a tourist visa are eligible for this type of visa, which has a typical validity of three to twelve months.

  • Australia Visitor And Working Visa from India

    Similar to a tourist visa but with more implications is a visiting visa, this visa can be used by people wanting to visit Australia on an invitation from family or friends who live there, on a brief business trip, to explore the country, or for any tourism-related purposes. The requirement is that they cannot stay in the nation for an extended period.

  • PR Visa

    Those who want to immigrate to Australia need a permanent residence (PR) visa. Because of the friendly relationship between India and Australia and many Indians migrating to Australia each year, obtaining a PR is not difficult for Indians.

  • Transit Visa

    You must apply for a transit visa to stay in the nation for 72 hours if you need to go through Australia to get somewhere else.


What are the eligibility criteria for an Australian Visa?


To be eligible to get an Australian visa for Indians, you will have to:

  • Travel with genuine intentions.
  • Bear the expenses for yourself and your dependents during your stay.
  • Have strong ties with your home country, indicating that you plan to return home.
  • Ensure you have a clean character record, for which a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) may help.
  • Be in good health in the eyes of the respective authorities.
  • The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Australian visa for Indians.

How can you apply for an Australian Visa?

Applying for a tourist visa to Australia is a quick process. This short-term permit is only available for tourist-related activities. You can submit your visa application online. The applicant doesn't need to travel to an embassy or consulate for a face-to-face interview. Your Australia visa will be delivered electronically and linked to your passport number.

  • The Australia ETA application form can be downloaded online from the Australian government’s website or at www.australiae-visa.com.

  • You must complete and submit the form while paying the necessary visa fees.

  • Depending on the accuracy of your information, you should receive the Australia ETA visa through email at the address you provided in the form within two to three days.

What are the fees applicable for an Australian Visa?

The processing charge for a visa to Australia can be checked online for the most updated information.

Is an Australian visa available on arrival for Indian Citizens?

No, Australian law does not permit Indian nationals to get visas upon arrival.


Know why your Australian visa can get rejected


Typical explanations for an Australian visa denials include:

  • A history of committing immigration offences
  • False information on your visa application
  • Incorrect itinerary
  • Incorrectly-filled visa application
  • Incomplete Covid-19 immunisation
  • Establishment of false motivations for seeking to enter Australia

Why is travel insurance essential for an Australian Visa?


If you are visiting Australia, travel insurance for Australia is crucial. Australia is a beautiful location to visit, but unexpected events can happen anywhere, at any time. Theft of cash, loss of a passport, medical emergencies, and luggage theft are just a few of the issues that travellers may encounter anywhere. So, it is advised to buy travel insurance online to safeguard yourself against these.

Medical costs are one of the most significant reasons why having international travel insurance is advised when visiting Australia. Travel insurance can also provide security in the below circumstances:

  • Theft and loss of bags
  • Personal accident
  • Medical attention
  • Flights that are delayed or cancelled

What are the documents required to apply for an Australian Visa?

  • Passport with 6 Months Validity starting from the date of travel

  • Completed Visa Application Form

  • Copy of PAN card or Adhaar card

  • 2 Photos: 35 x 45mm, matt finish, white backdrop with 80% space consisting of the applicant’s face

  • Covering letter with application information, passport information, trip information, and information on who will cover expenses

  • Income Tax Returns

  • Hotel reservations or lodging for the entire expected stay - Return or round-trip flight reservations

  • Financial records

  • Employment documents and salary slips


    The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Australian visa for Indians.


Are there any changes in documents after COVID for an Australian Visa?


  • Without having received your vaccinations, you cannot enter Australia.
  • You cannot board your aircraft without a face mask and cannot take it off except to eat or when specifically instructed.
  • You must always keep a safe distance from people.
  • Before flying to Australia, complete the Digital Passenger Declaration (DPD). The completion of this form is required before boarding the aeroplane.
  • You must get checked immediately and isolate yourself upon experiencing Covid-like symptoms.
  • A face mask must always be worn when using a public vehicle.
  • If you are travelling between states, you can be requested to do a Quick Antigen Test.

Tourist attractions in Australia


It is impossible to see all of Australia in one trip, no matter how hard you try. Hence, you are usually advised to limit your travel and focus on your areas of interest. So, if you're wondering what some of the amazing things to do in Australia are, check out the following list:

  • Swim in the Coral Sea to experience the Great Barrier Reef up close
  • Take a trip to the Sydney Opera House
  • Walk through the Blue Mountains
  • Visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to observe the sunset
  • Pose for a photo next to a kangaroo
Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to visit an embassy to obtain my Australian visa?

No. There is no need to physically attend an interview when you can apply for your visa online.

What happens if my policy expires and I have a cancelled flight back?

Your travel insurance plan will be extended for another 7 days if your policy expires and your return flight is cancelled for any unforeseen cause.

Is Australian travel insurance required?

No. Although it is not required mandatory to get have travel insurance for Australia, it is always advisable to do so to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 30th  November 2023


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