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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Renewal

Road safety is a development concern and one of the leading causes of death and injury across the country. India has one of the largest road networks.

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What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance Renewal?

Our Commercial Vehicle Insurance offers cover in case of any accidental bodily injury/death of any third party. Also included is coverage for third-party property loss/damage, as well as personal accident coverage for the owner-driver during the policy period....We understand that uncertainty can occur at any time. To stay protected in the long run, make sure to renew your commercial vehicle insurance. Protect yourself from any litigation costs that may arise as a result of third-party consequences. Remember, your vehicle is the backbone of your business, so why miss the renewal date? Read more

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Statistic Say!

In 2021, approximately 4,12,432 road mishaps were reported in the country. The most vulnerable age group when it comes to road accidents is 18 to 45 years old. These figures account for 67% of all accidental deaths.

Accidents are difficult to predict, and they never come knocking. However, we can be financially prepared in the event of uncertainty. A comprehensive motor insurance policy is essential if you own a vehicle. Furthermore, if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, commercial vehicle insurance is required.

Bajaj Allianz Commercial Vehicle Insurance Renewals

  • Commercial Insurance

    Renew car insurance policy today and receive 24x7 roadside assistance. Get SMS updates on claims support even on holidays.

  • Private Car Third Party

    Remain cushioned against third-party liabilities by renewing your private car only liability insurance. Quick, convenient, and seamless with Bajaj Allianz.



  • 1

    Click on https://www.bajajallianz.com/general-insurance.html

  • 2

    Under the Insure section, select Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

  • 3

    Now, click on the Renew Online tab.

  • 4

    Enter the required details correctly

  • 5

    Click on the ‘Submit’ tab

  • 6

    Review the policy and other details carefully.

  • 7

    If there are no changes, make the commercial vehicle insurance premium made


  • Assess your vehicle insurance needs
  • Check the features and benefits offered within the plan
  • Choose an adequate sum insured by analyzing the risks and contingencies involved
  • Flexibility to increase the commercial vehicle insurance sum insured amount
  • Look for the network garages


Renewing commercial vehicle insurance timely enables the passenger or goods-carrying vehicle owner to mitigate losses and be safeguarded against third-party liabilities. Now, let us quickly go over the key advantages of renewing commercial vehicle insurance with us:

  • Liability to Third-party:

    A cover is offered in case of an accident where the insured is legally liable to pay to the third party. For the death or bodily injury to a person caused by the vehicle insured. Moreover, if there is damage to a property caused by the use of the vehicle insured.

  • Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver:

    Compensation is offered based on the below nature of the injury sustained by the owner-driver of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I choose commercial vehicle insurance?

If you have a vehicle that is used for commercial purposes, ensure to buy commercial vehicle insurance online. A third-party liability policy is mandated by law. 

When should I renew my commercial vehicle insurance policy?

You should renew the commercial vehicle insurance plan before it gets expired. 

Can I renew the commercial vehicle insurance online?

Yes, renewing commercial vehicle insurance online is easy with us. 

Injury Nature Compensation Scale
Loss of one limb or sight of one eye 50%
Loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye 100%
Permanent total disablement from injuries 100%
Death 100%

*T&C apply

Note: For complete information, please refer to the policy wording.


Why Bajaj Allianz General Insurance?


  • One of the Largest Private General Insurance Company
  • Abiding with the law
  • Comprehensive Coverage Against Third-party Losses
  • Round-the-clock Assistance
  • Quick Policy Issuance
  • Claim Support
  • Peace of Mind

Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 25thApril 2024


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