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Bhutan Visa For Indians- An Overview

Bhutan Visa For Indians

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Bhutan is a country well-known for its hilly terrain, monasteries, and peaceful culture. If Bhutan is on your checklist of countries you wish to visit, it is a country rich in scenery for the traveller in you. Before visiting Bhutan, make sure your itinerary contains essentials such thick clothes, medication, and documentation. It might benefit you to also add a travel insurance policy in this itinerary to have a memorable trip without having to worry about financial burdens during an emergency.

Knowing that the travel insurance you purchased online/offline will protect you in case of any difficulty you may face in Bhutan allows you to sleep a little easier. You must be diligent about buying travel insurance online

What is a Bhutan Visa?

Wondering if you can receive a Bhutan visa for Indians on arrival? Indian citizens do not need a Bhutan visa. However, this does not imply that you can visit Bhutan without the necessary travel documentation & permission. The Department of Immigration of Bhutan provides this travel authorisation once you are in the nation.


What does it mean to have a Bhutan Visa?


This nation, officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan, is along the Silk Road. It is hardly surprising that being one of India’s closest neighbours, it is one of the most sought-after vacation spots for Indians.

For citizens of countries that need a visa to visit Bhutan, the document is the equivalent of official permission granted to them by Bhutanese authorities to allow them to enter the country and spend some time there (as long as their visa is valid).

What are the different types of Bhutan Visas?

As mentioned before, Indians may not require a visa to visit Bhutan. However, they may still require permits. Here are some entry permits you should be aware of

  • Bhutan entry permit by air

    At the Paro airport, you can obtain your entry permission if you travel to Bhutan by plane. Obtaining the permit takes longer if you don’t have your documents in order.

  • Bhutan entry permit by road

    Road travellers to Bhutan must obtain an entry permit at the checkpoint in Phuentsholing to enter the country, which is situated at the end of Phuentsholing in Bhutan and Jaigaon in West Bengal, on the border between India and Bhutan.

  • Bhutan travel permit for cars

    In addition to an entry permit, you’ll need a special permit if you’re driving into Bhutan. As part of this permit, a foreign car will be granted special permission, known as an Extension Permit, to drive on Bhutanese roads.

  • Bhutan special area permit

    You must obtain a special permit to go beyond Paro and Thimpu in Bhutan. This is available from the RGoB Immigration Office in Thimphu.

  • No permit

    There is no need for a permit if you are travelling to Phuentsholing under certain circumstances. Although Phuentsholing is located on the border between India and Bhutan, you can travel up to 5 kilometres through the city throughout the day.

    The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Bhutan visa for Indians.

Validity of the different types of Bhutan Visa

Unlike some other nationals, Indians do not require a Bhutan visa for Indians to enter Bhutan. The list of documents required to enter Bhutan is provided further in this article.


What are the eligibility criteria for Bhutan Visa?


The following requirements must be met before visiting Bhutan:

  • Have medical travel insurance
  • Conduct each mandatory COVID-19 test
  • Entry permit if travelling by car
  • Stay updated with all travel limitations imposed due to COVID-19
  • Completely adhere to the COVID-19 protocols

The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Bhutan visa for Indians.


How can you apply for a Bhutan Visa?


If you are a citizen of India, Bangladesh, or Myanmar, you will not require a visa to visit Bhutan. To obtain the relevant permit as an Indian citizen, here are the steps you can follow.

1. Go to the Immigration Office of the Royal Government in Phuentsholing to get a Bhutan visa for Indians.

2. Present the documentation needed for a Bhutan permit to this office, which is situated at the Indo-Bhutan border.

3. You will receive an "Entry Permit" to enter and move around the nation.

4. It's important to note that you must obtain this permit at the Paro International Airport even if you plan to fly into Bhutan.

5. Since the Entry Permit does not allow for travel beyond Paro and Thimpu, Indian nationals must apply for supplementary documentation for immigration to Bhutan.

6. Your "Special Area Permit'' application can be submitted at the RGoB Immigration Office in Thimphu. The office often issues these permits within an hour.

7. With your Extension Permit, you must also go to the RSTA if you drive your vehicle.

What are the fees applicable for Bhutan Visa?

Indian citizens may enter Bhutan with no additional fees thanks to a permit provided by the country's immigration department.

Is a Bhutan visa available on arrival for Indian Citizens?

Indians must get entry permission from the Phuentsholing Immigration Office to enter Bhutan. Anyone travelling to Bhutan by road must present this permit at each checkpoint for verification, valid for a week. Indian nationals who want to remain longer than seven days must apply for an extension of the permit's validity period in person at the Thimphu immigration office.


Know why your Bhutan visa can get rejected


You may be denied entry into Bhutan for any of the following reasons:

  • If you have a history of committing immigration crimes
  • If you refuse to assist authorities
  • If you lack the necessary paperwork to obtain a travel permit
  • If there are any signs that you are trying to harm the nation
  • Should you choose not to submit to a COVID-19 PCR test

Why is travel insurance essential for Bhutan Visa?

  • Having more security is always preferable, especially in a foreign location. You can get this protection via travel insurance coverage.
  • Choosing from various types of travel insurance can be a tremendous help when you lose your bags or experience sporadic flight delays.
  • Also, you should always purchase family travel insurance if you travel with family because you do not want to take any chances.
  • You ought to have international travel insurance to enter Bhutan; if you want an added layer of financial protection.
  • Your international travel insurance will offer assistance in all instances where you require it, from lost luggage to evacuation.

What are the documents required to apply for Bhutan Visa?

When visiting Bhutan, you must have the following documents with you:

  • A valid passport, or if travelling by car, an entry permit

  • Verified voter identification issued by the Indian Election Commission

  • Further travel restrictions may have been implemented due to the COVID-19 outbreak to stop the virus's spread. You may be required to present a negative RT-PCR test result acquired no more than 72 hours before you arrive in Bhutan.


Are there any changes in documents after COVID-19 for Bhutan Visa?


    One of the last nations to reopen its borders after COVID-19 is Bhutan. To protect the interests of its residents, the nation has been quite stringent in how it has dealt with the virus. You must adhere to these few regulations when visiting Bhutan:

  • Individuals who are fully vaccinated need to carry their immunisation certificates.
  • You may be requested to undergo a COVID-19 test at any time and must abide by any requests made by the authorities.
  • Unvaccinated individuals must spend 21 days in quarantine.
  • All visitors to Bhutan must show proof of a negative PCR test.
  • You will pay for any COVID-19 tests you take while in Bhutan.
  • Recognize and adhere to all applicable COVID-19-related legislation in the nation.
  • Always have your immunisation record on you, especially if you travel by car.
  • Inform the authorities and initiate quarantine immediately if your PCR results are positive.
  • All visitors to Bhutan will be required to pay a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF), the amount of which will vary depending on the visitor's nationality. Indians would now be required to pay an SDF of Rs. 1200 for adults and Rs. 600 for kids aged 6 to 12 years (per day).

The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Bhutan visa for Indians.

Tourist attractions in Bhutan


When visiting Bhutan, you will never run out of activities and sights to see Some of them are listed below:

  • Visit the Trongsa Dzong to experience Bhutan's royal past
  • With the Bhutanese monks, try the cham dance
  • Explore the royal city of Thimpu and climb to the Tiger Nest Monastery
  • See Mt. Everest up close
  • Experience archery at several nearby locations that provide you with a brief introduction
Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of a visa-on-arrival for Bhutan?

Bhutan is not a visa-required country for Indians, but visitors must obtain an entry permit.

How long may I stay in Bhutan once I've been granted entry?

Following your admission permission, you have seven days to stay in Bhutan. You may apply for an extension if required

What protections does my travel insurance provide?

Most travel insurance plans will offer the following covers:

  • Flight Delay and Cancellation Coverage for Passport
  • Travel Baggage Cover
  • Hijack cover
  • Health, and Accident Insurance
  •  COVID-19 Cover

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