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Travel Insurance for Dubai

Travel Insurance for Dubai

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Travel Insurance for Dubai

Life can be unpredictable. At times, even the best-laid plans may sometimes fall through, especially in the aftermath of unexpected occurrences like the recent travel delays brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai and are worried about such situations, you may find travel insurance for Dubai useful.

Therefore, before setting off on your excursion, it is a good idea to buy international travel insurance for the UAE and financially safeguard yourself.

Travel insurance for Dubai protects you from uncertainties during your travel.


Why Do You Need Travel Insurance from India to Dubai?

There is no certainty in life, which also holds for vacation plans. Online travel insurance for Dubai will be necessary to handle unforeseen events that may arise before or during your trip to Dubai. This may include a sudden illness that could cause you to miss your flight, baggage loss or delay at the airport, or a medical emergency while travelling to or from Dubai.

As a result, purchasing online international travel insurance for Dubai is recommended to protect yourself from unforeseen events that could jeopardise your vacation.

Benefits of Having a Dubai Travel Insurance Policy from Bajaj Allianz GIC

Bajaj Allianz's travel insurance policy for Dubai provides you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your vacation without worrying about unforeseen events. Our Dubai travel insurance plan offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Customizable Policies -

    With our extensive portfolio of plans, you can select a policy that suits your requirements, including special covers for students and senior citizens.

  • Efficient Support -

    Instant assistance is just a missed call away, from anywhere in Dubai.

  • Prompt Claims -

    Our hassle-free process ensures early disbursement of your travel insurance claims.

  • Comprehensive Coverage -

    You can enjoy financial protection against a range of unexpected events while travelling. For example, hospitalization, cancellation of your trip, lost baggage , and even burglary of your home.

Dubai Visa and Entry Information

The following documents must be submitted when applying for a pre-arranged visa:

  • Applicant's colour photograph
  • Applicant's passport which must be valid for at least three months

The following group of people can apply for a 14-day Dubai visa for Indians for a certain price. With additional payment, one may be able to extend their stay for some more days.

  • Indian nationals holding passports that are at least six months over their arrival date
  • People who have a green card or a visit visa issued by the relevant U.S.A. authority, which is valid for at least six months
  • Citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom
  • Holders of GCC residency permits must apply for a visa before travelling to the UAE

All visitors to Dubai with pre-approved visas must carry the following documentation:

  • Health statement form
  • Form for undertaking quarantine
  • Working travel insurance policy including coverage for medical costs during the visit Additionally, it is advised for tourists visiting Dubai to carry a valid, medically comprehensive travel insurance package.

A hard copy of the visitor's visa or the visa confirmation number must be presented during any random eye examinations that are now a part of the immigration process at Dubai International Airport.

The Application Process for a Dubai Visa

All Indian nationals visiting Dubai must have both - a current passport and a visa issued in advance. Before visiting Dubai, buying and carrying a valid travel health insurance policy may also be a good idea. Indian citizens visiting Dubai must apply for a visa online well in advance. The following categories of Dubai visas for Indians are accessible:

  • Visit permit, which is good for 48 hours

  • 96-hour visitation permit for visitors

  • 30-day, single-entry, transitory tourist visa for use in Dubai

  • 30-day short-term multiple-entry tourist visa that is good for admission into Dubai

  • Single-entry tourist visa suitable for 90 days starting with the day of arrival in Dubai

  • Long-term multiple-entry tourist visa for 90 days after the first entry into Dubai


What are the Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to Dubai?


While it is highly advised to buy travel insurance for the UAE, some travel documents are also needed for flights from India to Dubai. They are stated below:


  • Valid passport for India (valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in Dubai)
  • Pre-approved visa
  • Traveller's colour photograph
  • Prescription for drugs, if required
  • Travel medical insurance with Covid-19 protection

Safety And Precautionary Measures to be Undertaken When Travelling to Dubai

Protect your possessions, especially in congested areas and popular tourist destinations.

  • Use official, commercial transportation instead of hiring a private driver.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol in public settings, as it is against UAE laws.
  • Avoid going to isolated or unfamiliar places, especially at night. Protect yourself with travel health insurance for Dubai.
  • Don't engage in illegal activities.

The best travel insurance for Dubai will protect you financially from mishaps and unexpected medical costs.

Important Information About the Indian Embassy in Dubai

The Indian Embassy in Dubai is located at the following address:

Contact details of the embassy in case of issues related to international travel insurance online:

Telephone number: 00-971-2-4492700
Fax number: 00-971-2-4444685
Work Hours: Sundays to Thursday, 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Public Interface Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM


Which are the International Airports in Dubai?

There are two major international airports in Dubai:

  • Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • Dubai World Central or the Al Maktoum International (DWC)

Currency and Foreign Exchange to Carry When Travelling to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), known as the "Dirham”, is the country's official currency. It is advisable to have enough AED on hand before your vacation begins.

Tourist Places You Can Visit in Dubai

Here are a few locations in Dubai that you absolutely must visit:

  • The Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world and one of Dubai's most well-known monuments. Visitors must see this design, architecture, and human achievement miracle in the thriving metropolis.
  • The Dubai Dolphinarium, a well-liked tourist destination that permits dolphin interactions, is renowned as the Middle East's first indoor dolphinarium.
  • Jumeirah Beach embodies the friendly and upbeat attitude of Dubai. You can walk on the sand, shop on the nearby boulevard, and engage in water sports.
  • The Dubai Museum, housed inside the A-Fahidi Fort, is home to important artefacts from Dubai's past, including miniature wooden boats, paintings, and life-size reconstructions of historical settings.
  • The tallest fountain show in the world, the Dubai Fountain Show, is a captivating sight that may fascinate spectators. The fountain offers guests a distinctive and unforgettable experience against a varied musical backdrop.

Having the best travel insurance for Dubai will give you a stress-free vacation experience in the UAE as you visit the places mentioned above.

Which is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

November to March, when a moderate winter blankets the city, is the finest time to travel to Dubai and explore the city in all its splendour. The city typically experiences temperatures between 19 to 31 degrees Celsius throughout this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a Dubai travel insurance policy?

Visit our website and select online travel insurance for Dubai if you want a comprehensive Dubai travel insurance package. You will be asked to fill out the necessary personal information and choose the level of coverage you want to purchase on this page.

How much should I spend on a Dubai travel insurance policy?

Several important aspects, like the length of your stay in the city, will affect the price of your travel insurance Dubai plan. Visitors to Dubai can purchase the best travel insurance for Dubai after considering the various coverage factors they need while keeping their budget in mind.

Choose an acceptable sum assured to ensure that you have enough protection for the duration of the trip. If you are going to Dubai with family, the sum assured needs to be chosen in a way that will give you travel medical insurance in Dubai as well.

Is purchasing a medical travel insurance Dubai plan required?

Yes, valid travel health insurance for Dubai coverage is required. You can financially secure your travel to the UAE by purchasing this package.


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