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Singapore Visa For Indians - An Overview

Singapore Visa For Indians

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Singapore, also known by some as the "City in a Garden," presents stark contrasts between temples and skyscrapers. One second, you are in the vibrant marketplaces; the next, you are in the swanky malls or crowded streets.

Tip: Apply for a Singapore visa for Indians immediately if you're considering taking a quick vacation.

What is a Singapore Visa? What does it mean to have a Singapore Visa?

The Singapore Immigrations and Checkpoints Authority, which decides whether to award an immigration pass, has declared that all international visitors must meet the entrance requirements by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). You must adhere to certain entrance requirements when visiting Singapore as a tourist, such as obtaining a Singapore Tourist Visa. Also, the (ICA) officials at the point of entry decide whether to award an immigration pass.

However, you should note that an immigration pass is not the same as a Singapore visa. A valid visa holder must get an approved order to be admitted to Singapore. Obtaining a Singapore tourist visa would take roughly 3–4 days. So be smart and apply at least 7 days before your trip.

How can you apply for a Singapore Visa? What are the different types?

A Singapore visa for Indians can be obtained through licensed visa brokers. Since the High Commission of the Republic of Singapore and the Consulate-Generals have discontinued accepting individual walk-in applications, the application must be submitted through the visa agencies in person. You can fill out Form 14A to apply for a Singapore visa. The new electronic visa (e-visa) application system created to handle visa applications online can also be used to submit visa applications. If the applicant has a local sponsor in Singapore with a "Singpass account", the sponsor may also submit online applications on the applicant's behalf.

  • A regular tourist visa application process involves the following steps:

    • Submitting the online Singapore tourist visa application
    • Making sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival in Singapore.
    • A photocopy of the Biodata page of the passport is also required.
    • Purchase a confirmed round-trip flight ticket, and have your tour schedule on hand.
    • Writing a cover letter addressed to "The Embassy of Singapore/The Consulate General of Singapore", which includes the itinerary and the reason for the trip.
    • Getting a letter of leave on your company's letterhead.
    • Making sure that all writing is in English.
    • Attach your residence evidence if your current address differs from the one listed in your passport.
    • Bringing your most recent three years' worth of tax returns and a three-month bank statement.

    The above information is an overview of the list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Singapore Entry Permitvisas for Indians.

  • Business/work visa application:

    If you want to travel to Singapore for work or to start a business, you must first apply for a business or work visa, also known as an EntrePass. The duration of this visa is one year. The Employment of Foreign Personnel Act, Singapore, governs the process for issuing the EntrePass. This business visa is processed in around six weeks. You must register your company for an in-principle approval letter, complete your biometrics, and obtain the EntrePass before you can submit the completed application..

  • Student visa application process:

    The first step for a student visa is an offer letter from your chosen institution in Singapore. The Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority receives the Singapore student pass from educational institutions in Singapore on behalf of applicants from India (ICA). The Student's Pass On-Line Application & Registration (SOLAR) system handles student visa requests.


Validity of the different types of Singapore visas


Indian passport holders must apply for a Singapore tourist visa, which has a 2-year maximum validity and permits them to remain for up to 30 days. You must ensure your passport is valid for at least six months post-admission into Singapore.


What are the eligibility criteria for a Singapore Visa?


  • Passport from India and a return ticket from Singapore
  • A passport validity of at least six months from the travel date.
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Completed payment processes


What are the fees applicable for a Singapore Visa?


The cost of a Singapore tourist visa is approximately 30 Singapore Dollars. Whether your visa application is approved or denied, this money is non-refundable, and you cannot withdraw your application after it has been submitted. The Authorised Visa Agencies may also charge a service fee of INR 300 in addition to the visa processing fee if you are applying for a Singapore tourist visa from India.

The above information is an overview of the complete list of requirements. Please refer to the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa office of the respective country for additional information on Singfapore visas for Indians.

Is a Singapore visa available on arrival for Indian citizens?

Indian nationals are ineligible for the Singapore visa-on-arrival option, except for transit travellers (although this is not guaranteed). They must have a valid boarding pass to their final destination and just transit through the Singapore zone. All citizens of nations classified as Level I and Level II assessment countries must get visas. Namely, India belongs to the Evaluation Level I countries.

Know why your Singapore Visa can get rejected

Although there aren't many instances of a Singapore Visa is denied, it does occasionally happen, mainly due to:

  • Any history of immigration offences.

  • Not correctly completing the application form.

  • Being perceived as entering Singapore with bad intentions

  • Mismatch of a person's application and supporting documentation issue in providing all the requested documentation.


Why is travel insurance essential for a Singapore Visa?


The next important factor you should consider is international travel insurance. Every time you travel abroad, you absolutely must have travel insurance.


Travel insurance for Singapore is particularly crucial because things can get a little pricey if you are not well-prepared.

Among other things, the various types of travel insurance can cover loss and damage in the event of a break-in at your home while you're away, cover the costs of obtaining a duplicate or replacement passport upon a loss, and reimburse you for cancelled hotel and airline reservations.


Travel insurance for Singapore also includes medical expense coverage.

Moreover, both offline and online travel insurance covers costs incurred due to illness or injury, including ambulance transportation to the hospital, medical care, and supplies.

What are the documents required to apply for a Singapore Visa?


You should have the following documents:

  • Indian passport valid for at least six months after the anticipated entrance into Singapore.
  • Photocopy of the biodata page of your passport.
  • 2 recent 35mm x 45mm passport-sized photos with an 80% face close-up, a matte finish, and a white background. Your shirt should be a colour that stands out against the white background. One photograph must be glued inside the passport and cross-signed. The second photograph is attached to the visa application. Ensure that these requirements are followed strictly as they are specifically set by the ICA.
  • Airline tickets for both inbound and outbound flights.
  • Bank statements for the last three months.
  • Visa Application Form-14 A.
  • Cover letter with the reason for your trip to Singapore.

Are there any changes in documents after covid-19 for a Singapore Visa?


Singapore was among the last nations to permit unvaccinated people to enter its borders.
The restrictions that continue to apply to travellers include:

  • Face-mask in confined public spaces, such as inside public transportation and hospitals.
  • Immunisation for entering cafes and restaurants.
  • International travel insurance with at least SGD 30,000 in medical coverage for those not immunised.

Additional limitations you can adhere to maintain your safety include:

  • Avoiding congested areas
  • Tracking and avoiding covid hotspots
  • Getting booster shots post-vaccination
  • Regularly washing your hands
  • Avoid touching your lips and nose excessively.
  • Following proper hygiene

Before you depart for the country, make sure to buy travel insurance online or offline as per your convenience. In most cases, buying a policy online proves to be more convenient.

Tourist attractions in Singapore:

Singapore is stunning at all of its locations. There are, however, a select few locations in Singapore that stand out.

  • When you arrive at Jewel Changi Airport, do not immediately depart. Instead, give the airport some time to be explored. It is amazing in and of itself.

  • Enjoy a great time at Universal Studios.

  • Visit the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the only botanical park to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, to enjoy its full splendour.

  • In Sentosa Island, observe the pink dolphins performing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will decide if I will get a Singapore visa?

Your visa application will be processed and decided by Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Do I need to submit my original passport to apply?

You must present your original passport for identity verification when you apply for an entry visa, either with the Singapore High Commission or with their authorised visa agents.

If I need to obtain a visa to enter Singapore, when should I apply?

You may apply for a visa up to one month before the date you expect to arrive in Singapore.


Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 23rd  November 2023


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