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travel insurance for natural disasters abroad is essential
Feb 26, 2023

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory For Travelling Abroad?

Planning an international trip can be tedious. It involves finalising the destination, booking tickets and accommodations, and getting the proper documents for travel. Getting to enjoy a hassle-free trip abroad is what you would aspire to, especially if it is your first trip. While you might not be able to predict any unfortunate incidents, you can be prepared for them by adding travel insurance to your itinerary. If you are travelling abroad, you might end up asking yourself if the insurance is really necessary. Given below is more information related to that for your understanding.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a general insurance policy which is designed to provide financial coverage to you and your loved ones during your trip. Often, there can be incidents wherein the loss of luggage or valuables, or someone falling sick during the trip. In such situations, travel insurance is your companion as it provides you with financial coverage. This coverage compensates you if you lose your luggage or get hospitalised during the trip. *

Is travel insurance mandatory?

While there are no rules which state that travel insurance is mandatory when travelling abroad, it would be prudent for you to purchase it, nonetheless. Travelling abroad for the first time can be overwhelming for many. Visiting a new place without much knowledge about the culture or language often causes problems. Incidents regarding tourists being looted of their valuables by miscreants are not new. Especially in Europe, where pickpocketing is quite prevalent. Hence, it is better to be financially shielded from such incidents with the help of international travel insurance.

What is covered under travel insurance plans?

The following things are covered under this insurance:
  1. Loss of luggage and valuables

Imagine this: you have packed your bags with everything you need. You head to the airport and submit your bags for a mandatory security check. However, your bag gets misplaced due to some unforeseen circumstance. Not only does it mean a loss of your luggage, but it also means not being able to board your plane. While you can file a police complaint, the chances of retaining your lost luggage are very slim. On the other hand, your international travel insurance will financially compensate you for the loss of your luggage and valuables. In addition, compensation is also offered if your luggage gets damaged. *
  1. Loss of documents

When travelling abroad, your passport is the most vital document. This along with your tourist visa are proof of your nationality. If you were to lose these documents during your trip, it could cause legal problems for you. Your international travel insurance assists you in this situation by providing you with a temporary passport so that you can continue your trip without any worries. *
  1. Medical expenses

It is natural to get sick in a foreign country. Adapting to the change in surroundings and diet can take some time. However, availing of medical facilities abroad can be costly for a tourist. As you need to keep your spending limited, getting medical treatment could impact your budget. Having international travel insurance can benefit you at such times. The insurance policy is equipped to provide you with financial assistance to take care of the medical expenses incurred. This also includes hospitalisation. Do read the policy document carefully to check inclusions, exclusions and the sum offered. *
  1. Evacuation and Repatriation

There is no predicting when a natural or man-made calamity might take place in the country to which you are travelling. Such situations are filled with panic with people looking to leave immediately. This impacts the infrastructure, leading to leading to delays or cancellations of the flight. Your international travel insurance will assist you in getting tickets for the next emergency flight, with the cost being covered by the insurer. If something unfortunate happens during your trip, the mortal remains of the insured are repatriated back home under this insurance. The cost of the flight would be covered as well. *
  1. Flight cancellation

Cancellation of a flight at the last moment causes huge inconvenience for everyone. Reasons such as poor weather, a technical issue with the system or problems with the plane can cause cancellation. This means both, postponing your trip and enduring financial loss. However, your international travel insurance compensates you in the event of flight cancellation. Please read the policy document carefully to see which conditions qualify for this compensation. *  *Standard T&C apply

 Things to keep in mind

When buying this insurance policy, pay attention to these things:
  1. Type of luggage and valuables that are covered and the amount of compensation offered.
  2. Type of medical procedures that are covered and compensation offered for them.
  3. Type of activities included and excluded.
  4. List of countries not covered by the policy.
  5. List of countries where this insurance policy is mandatory.


The reasons and benefits mentioned above should help you understand the importance of this insurance policy. If you wish to buy the policy before your upcoming international trip, you can use the travel insurance premium calculator to get an affordable quote for the policy.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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