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organizational group travel insurance: essential info
Mar 31, 2021

How Does Group Travel Insurance Work?

If you plan to travel with a group of friends, colleagues, or members of a club, you should consider exploring travel insurance online. The large umbrella of travel insurance will guard you against financial constraints that come from otherwise unforeseeable events. Within the set of travel insurance packages is an excellent bargain of value – Group Travel Insurance. It has a great collection of benefits if you are travelling as a group.  

What is a Group Travel Insurance Plan and Who Should Consider It?

If you know the individual travel insurance plans or family travel insurance plans, understanding group travel insurance plans would be more comfortable. These insurance products extend similar benefits but across a large group of travellers, who are not related like a family. Most group travel insurance plans tend to protect you from flight cancellation, medical expenses, theft, emergency cash requirements, hotel booking cancellations, and so on. The critical value lies in the fact that group travel insurance plans are more economically beneficial than buying individual travel insurance policies for each group member. This makes such insurance plans an ideal fit for travel planners and agents who want to offer differentiated services to their retail or corporate clients.  

What are the Criteria for Getting a Group Travel Insurance Plan?

The essential criteria for group travel insurance include:
  1. The constituents should not have problems with substance abuse or have a prevailing medical condition that prevents them from traveling when the group travel insurance policy is being issued.
  1. All the travellers covered under the plan are supposed to start and end the travel together. Travel plans that include convergence at some other location where foreign associates will join the troop might not be covered under group travel insurance plans.
  1. The travellers applying for the group travel insurance plans should be under 60-65 years, depending on the underlying policy's guidelines. Some policy issuers may allow members aged beyond these limits with add-ons and riders.

How Does a Group Travel Insurance Work?

Once you have evaluated your group’s criteria for a group travel insurance plan, you can expect a varied set of benefits with the insurance policy:
  1. Cover Against Deportation: When your group travels to a foreign location, it may witness an event that necessitates deportation. This can be due to the loss of crucial travel documents, legal challenges, or even medical emergencies. For such instances, group travel insurance plans would be suited to cover your expenses for returning to your homeland and other minor ancillary costs on the way.
  1. Medical Expenses: Understanding the medical expenses is one of the most important ways of understanding how does group travel insurance work. Apart from tours precisely planned for surgeries & other medical procedures, group travel insurance plans will cover most medical expenses with unforeseeable events like medical emergencies or accidents. You would be submitting documents to the insurer to show that the members are not already running huge health risks before leaving.
  1. Luggage Cover: The luggage cover tends to include both the baggage and the contents of the bags. That said, each policy will come with its set of clauses and coverage. This cover can help your fellow travellers get compensated when their luggage goes missing or is delayed.
  1. Loss of Key Documents: Key documents tend to include your passport, air tickets, hotel reservation invoices, travel permits, medical certificates, and some other papers. The loss of such documentation can lead to an immediate halt in the tour or lead to the point of deportation.
  If you are travelling to Europe or Australia on a Schengen Visa Permit, you will be required to have a travel insurance document. This way, the Schengen travel insurance policy can cover the expenses needed to redeem the documents or their copies and act as your backup identification for the authorities.  
  1. Natural Calamities, Disasters, and Other Unforeseeable Events: Not all group travel insurance plans will cover natural calamities and other unforeseeable events. The ones that do so will provide you with compensation that can cover damage to assets & luggage, immediate travel back to your homeland, and medical expenses if necessary. Some leading group travel insurance packages are also covering COVID-19 in their plans.


  1. What are the exclusions for the group travel insurance plan?
There are broad and specific exclusions. Broad exclusions can include restricted geographies and specific ones can include pre-existing medical conditions. Read the insurance documents carefully to get more info.  
  1. Can business travellers get a group travel insurance plan if they buy travel insurance online?
Yes! Business travellers can take group travel insurance plans for one or more trips in a year.  
  1. Do I need individual insurance along with the group travel insurance?
No. If you have a group travel insurance plan, you would not need other individual policies.  

Best Practices for Getting the Right Group Travel Insurance Plan

  1. Align all relevant documents of all the individuals to be ensured.
  2. Verify their eligibility for the group insurance plan.
  3. Ensure you understand the reporting guidelines.
  4. compare travel insurance plans and the value you are getting, not just the premiums.
  To know how you can get one of the best group travel insurance plans, visit the Bajaj Allianz website.

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