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List of Home insurance features

List of Home insurance features

A home is where your heart is. There is no place quite like home. After all, it is a place filled with memories- the warmth of your elder’s love, endless banter with your siblings, and long cuddles with your partner after a long day at work. That is why it’s often said, “A house is made up of walls and beams; but a home is made up of love and dreams.”

Home Insurance

Like a bird that collects twigs and branches from far and wide, your home is the fruit of years of labour and takes a lifetime of savings to purchase, construct, or maintain. Over the years, your home comes alive with your favourite paintings and the humming of fans and modern electronic appliances.

Nevertheless, all of it can fade away in just one fateful night. Burglary, fire, earthquake, building collapse etc. can eliminate everything that you hold dear. Although, the emotional trauma that you face in such times is impossible to compensate, the Bajaj Allianz family can take care of the financial setback that you may incur.

Our Home Insurance policy can secure the structure of your house as well as its contents. The result: reduced stress levels and a sense of quiet confidence.

The flexibility of Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance plans empowers you regardless of the loss. Backed by years of experience and industry expertise, we bring hope and cheer after a crisis. Choose from a range of add-ons to enhance your policy coverage even further.

That’s not all! You can extend insurance coverage to precious belongings such as jewellery, valuables, and portable equipment by paying an additional premium on your base policy. Travel worry-free to any part of the world, knowing that we’ve got your back.

Choose a trusted insurance partner and live carefree!

  • Useful add-ons to customize policy

    Picture this: It is a Monday morning and you are late for an important business presentation. As you are trying to recall the data..

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  • Emergency expense cover

    Emergency Expense Cover is a feature in certain Home Insurance Policies which which indemnifies policyholders if they ever have to ...

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  • Curios, Paintings and Work of Art covered

    As a collector of arts, you do a service to society by acquiring and taking care of priceless curios and paintings...

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  • Rent for alternate Accomodation and Brokerage

    Rent and Brokerage for Alternate Accommodation in Home InsuranceA home insurance policy is essential to protect your house..

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  • Key and Lock replacement cover

    Sample this: It is a busy morning and you have an urgent meeting slated soon. Just when you dash for your car, you realize that..

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  • Coverage starts for 1 day to 5 years

    Home insurance has come a long way from being seen as an unnecessary gamble to an essential protection for your..

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