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Portable Equipment Covered Under Home Insurance

A home isn’t truly a home without a host of electronic devices such as laptops, cameras, television sets and audio entertainment systems. They are easily among the most expensive items in a typical home, constituting a large share of its overall value.

In the event of any natural disaster or fire, it is possible that you could lose all of your essential home equipment such as kitchen appliances. With comprehensive home insurance, the insurance company reimburses you for all insured appliances, absorbing the cost of replacing or repairing them should the need arise.

Moreover after paying an additional premium, you can insure your portable items even when you are travelling to another city or country.


What does Portable Equipment Coverage offer? 

It provides for the cost of repair:

If you inadvertently spill a mug of coffee over your laptop, you may frantically try to contact your dealer to get it serviced quickly. The need for certified spares may require import from another country due to which the cost of repair can go up. With portable equipment coverage, the repair bill is covered avoiding the need to pay for expensive repairs yourself.

It provides for the cost of replacement:

Sometimes it costs more to repair an appliance than to replace it. After a flood, you may find that the vast majority of electronic appliances is unserviceable and needs to be replaced entirely. However, the cost of doing so can be prohibitive. With Portable Equipment Coverage, work related as well as personal use equipment such as laptops, cameras and other digital devices can be replaced at no extra cost to you.

If the insured equipment is destroyed:

In the event the equipment is totally destroyed, portable equipment coverage provides for the reimbursement of its value as on date. Variables such as depreciation and conveyance charges are taken into consideration.

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