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Compare Bike Insurance Online at Bajaj Allianz

Why Is It Important To Compare Bike Insurance Online?

You might be a bike aficionado and know exactly the one that would fit your needs and style the best. Choosing your bike could be difficult (or easy), but putting your faith in a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy is certainly a different ball game. What could make it even more complicated is the number of insurance providers in the market today, all vying for your attention.

Investing in a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy should precede your decision of investing in a bike. The reasons are simple; because it is mandated by the IRDAI and it would help you get better coverage at affordable premiums.



Why compare Two Wheeler Insurance online? That is because it can be a real lifesaver when you need it the most. When you compare bike insurance online, besides helping you find the best coverage, it helps you understand how to minimize your financial loss and damages in case your two wheeler is stolen or involved in an accident that causes harm (bodily or otherwise) to a third-party.

With the internet having assumed the role of a master guide, no matter what your need may be, an online comparison of Two Wheeler Insurance seems just the right way to go about it. With comparison of bike insurance online online, you can take stock of the varied plans available in the market.

More importantly, such a comparison becomes all the more comprehensive, owing to the various parameters (from premiums, add-on covers to deductibles) that can be considered.

With Bajaj Allianz by your side, you don’t have to rely on self proclaimed experts to inform you about the insurance policies. A simple click is all it takes, and you’d be at the top of things within absolutely no time.


Unlock the Benefits of Comparison: How Does It Serve You?

When you compare Two Wheeler Insurance online, you can see for yourself the gamut of options that there are in the market, in real time. Otherwise, you might end up with a policy that eventually comes a cropper and proves a total misfit in your scheme of things.

Most importantly, what good it is to stick to your policy if there are other alternatives readily available! With Bajaj Allianz Compare Bike Insurance feature, say goodbye to hearsay!

Here is how an online comparison can be good for you:

  • Comparison Saves Big Money

    Relying on casual tips might not be the best idea if you wish to save buckets on premium rates on your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy. An online tally, on the other hand, helps you stay abreast of the varied premium rates that prevail in the insurance markets. Rest assured, you’d never have to shell out more than what is really required. All in all, you will be able to secure your financial interests and make sure you’re never taken for the proverbial ‘ride’.

  • Comparison tells you about the Specific Coverage

    The whole point of a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy is to provide you optimum coverage in case of a mishap involving your two-wheeler. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to compare insurers, basis the coverages they have to offer; and eventually select one that aligns with what your requirements are.

    For instance, a comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Policy protects you from liabilities arising out of any damage to property or injuries caused to a third-party. Besides, it also covers the insured and the two-wheeler from a slew of mishaps such as an accident, theft, in-transit damages or disasters.

    A Third Party Liability Only Policy, on the other hand, comes to your rescue should your two-wheeler be at the centre of all the wrong attention (we mean, if it’s responsible for damages caused to third-party property, bodily injuries or even death of the third-party).

    When you compare bike insurance, you exactly know what you might need and select accordingly, thus making sure you don’t settle for anything less.

  • Comparison tells you About the Possible Exclusions

    Reading up the policy wordings (of a particular insurer) will give you a clear idea of the liabilities they don’t cover you from. This way, you’d know better than making an irrelevant claim that wouldn’t stand a chance for approval.

  • Comparison helps you Choose Add-on Benefits Carefully

    When it comes to add-on covers, it is good to tread cautiously. While some such as the Zero Depreciation cover, Roadside Assistance cover and the Engine Protection Cover can be crucial in times of need, you might not require few other add-ons.

    Also, every insurance company may not have all the add-on covers on offer. Therefore, it is important that you first figure out what you could need, and then zero in on the most relevant add-ons for yourself. This way, you would be able to cut down on your premium outgoes as well.

    Thanks to the internet, comparing insurance policies has become more convenient than ever before. All it takes is a few minutes and you end up making an informed decision. Isn’t it so much better than taking random shots in the dark?

Additional Advantages That Two Wheeler Insurance Offers

With a range of insurance companies offering the best of Two Wheeler Insurance Policies, we would surely not hold it against you if you end up getting confused. Also, this is exactly where Bajaj Allianz comes in. With us, comparing bike insurance will be simpler than ever.

Compare Two Wheeler Insurance prior to making the final purchase, because:

  • It Is Convenience, Redefined. Period.

    Trust us when we say this! With Bajaj Allianz, no more will you have to visit an insurer’s brick and mortar outlet; neither is there much paperwork to be carried out. You can compare some of the best Two Wheeler Insurance quotes (along a range of parameters) from the top insurers of the country, do your due diligence and finally select one that suits you the best.

  • It Throws Light on Various Aspects Related To Insurance

    A thorough comparison of Two Wheeler Insurance policies can provide in-depth information about the various aspects that should be considered prior to putting your finger on one. From voluntary deductibles to premium rates and level of coverage to all inclusions and exclusions, you will have become wiser and more informed by the end of the comparison exercise.

  • It Generates Alternatives

    You hit the ‘Compare’ button, we will do the rest. Sit back and compare Two Wheeler Insurance quotes from a number of insurers, something that would give you an idea of all the players in the fray. Moreover, you can also find out about other comparatively newer insurance providers in the market, and see if their products fit your insurance and financial objectives.

  • You Get Exactly What You See

    With online insurance comparison becoming increasingly relevant, gone are the days when you had no other way but take your agent’s word as the gospel truth. While the agent could’ve shoved any policy down your throat (why else, but just to close his sale), an online insurance policy comparison tells you the exact premiums different insurers are charging.

    Basis such information, you can also choose to read up reviews of the products and decide on the coverage and other variables accordingly.

  • You Don’t End Up Spending Unnecessary Time and Money

    When you compare Two Wheeler Insurance online, all it takes is filling up a few basic details and that one click that serves up all the information you need in an instant.

    Also, when you compare bike insurance side-by-side, you get a more comprehensive evaluation of Two Wheeler Insurance policies basis some of the more important parameters such as voluntary excess (the money you’d have to pay from your own pocket while making a claim), premiums, Insured Declared Value (the present market value of your two wheeler), etc.

Start Your Comparison

Before we tell you about the process of comparison, ask yourself this simple question, “What do I really need in my Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?”

When you think of comparing Two Wheeler Insurance, think Bajaj Allianz. We have made the entire process, simple and hassle free for you. All it takes is filling in a few basic details such as the make and variant of your two-wheeler, year of purchase and the location of the Regional Transport Office.

Just be careful while filling up the online form, because that is going to get you the best quotes from all the top insurers in the country. With Bajaj Allianz Compare Two Wheeler Insurance feature, you can get superior coverage and beneficial add-ons, at very economical premiums.

  • Make and Variant of your Two-Wheeler
  • While not a rule of thumb, usually, a better make and an upgraded variant attracts more premiums on your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy.

  • Year of Manufacture
  • This bit of information will help the insurer assess the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your two-wheeler. The IDV has a bearing on the premium outgoes as well.

  • Add-on Benefits
  • When you compare bike insurance, you would be required to specify the add-on covers you’d want on the various accessories, electrical or otherwise, of your two-wheeler.



How To Compare Two Wheeler Insurance


With Bajaj Allianz, you can compare bike insurance following these simple steps. Here we go:

1) Enter details of your two-wheeler, including the model, make, variant and two-wheeler number

2) Keep the vehicle registration number and RTO location ready

3) Answer a few basic questions- Is there any ongoing Two Wheeler Insurance Policy? Has the policy expired? What is your geographical location and where would you want to drive your two-wheeler?

4) After you’ve done what is there to do, click on the Get Quote button, and use this quote to compare to other plans you may be considering

You can compare a wide range of Two Wheeler Insurance policies according to the criteria that’s the most crucial for you, zero down on one, pay online and get your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy instantly.

It is really as easy as it sounds!


When To Compare Two Wheeler Insurance


Comparing bike insurance policies doesn’t begin and end with two-wheeler insurance premium comparison. In between, there are quite a few factors that you should base an online comparison on.

Here’s a checklist of that:

Shopping for Cheap Premiums? Know your cover first

When you compare Two Wheeler Insurance, be sure of the type of cover you need. While The Motor Vehicles Act warrants that every two-wheeler have the basic Third Party Liability Only Policy, in order to ply on Indian roads, a more comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance Policy provides coverage to your two-wheeler from regular losses/damages (as a result of man’s actions or otherwise).

If you have your eyes trained only on low premium costs, you might have to settle with inappropriate or inadequate coverage. That’s the reason why you should ideally carry out a through comparison of the products and their specific features (including add-on covers) before finally moving ahead with one.

Consider Add-ons

Add-ons take your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy past the basic plan mark. However, amidst a slew of add-on benefits, know which ones might not add much value to your policy. Additional covers such as Roadside Assistance Cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, or the Engine Protection Cover for that matter, might be more beneficial than others.

Having said that, your insurance objectives, budget and driving habits should influence the add-on covers you opt for.

Be Familiar with the Insurer’s Claim Settlement History

Being savvy with your insurer’s history of claim settlement would give you a valuable insight into its efficiency when it comes to getting a claim approved. Look up reviews and grievances posted by customers on the insurer’s web portal. Moreover, you can also probe into their after-sales and customer services for absolute peace of mind.

Check for Deductibles

A compulsory deductible is a sum that you would have to pay from your own pocket at the time of a claim. A voluntary deductible, on the other hand, is an amount that you’ve consented to pay prior to claim settlement.

Should you choose a higher deductible value, you’d be charged a relatively low premium on your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy. However, this will certainly affect the total claim amount (from the insurer) that you’re eligible for.

Don’t skimp on factoring in these deductibles when you compare bike insurance policies.

Know all Inclusions and Exclusions

As the maxim goes, the devil lies in the details. And your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy isn’t an exception to the norm. Read up the policy wording carefully as that would tell you exactly what’s included and what’s not. This way, you’d know whether the policy is worth your money.


Why Choose Bajaj Allianz


Sure, your insurance needs can be varied, but we are here to serve them all. Be it buying a Two Wheeler Insurance Policy or renewing it, our host of coverages and additional benefits has got you covered, 24x7.

Extensive Coverage

Fun fact! We found out that our coverage is directly proportional to your insurance needs More varied the needs, better is our coverage.

Be it a fire or an earthquake, hurricane or typhoon (and every other natural calamity there is), our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy provides you elaborate coverage. No questions asked.

Amidst burglary, theft, riot, accidents, damage-in-transit and every other unforeseeable man-made circumstance, we will offer extensive coverage, making sure you don’t have to bear the brunt of such damages.

For the owner of the insured two-wheeler, we offer a Personal Accident Cover of Rs.1 lakh. Moreover, if you have a family member riding pillion with you, our coverage will take care of that as well.

Should your insured vehicle be responsible for damages to third-party (bodily harm, death or damages to their property, for that matter), Bajaj Allianz Third Party Legal Liability Policy has got your back.

Instant Policy Purchase and Renewal

Want to compare bike insurance in a jiffy? Look no further. With Bajaj Allianz, you can now sift through a wide range of policies, purchase and renew our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy within minutes. All you have to do is click and let us do the rest.

Easy Transfer of NCB

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is your reward for having been a responsible driver (and not filing a claim) over the course of your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy. If you have a No Claim Bonus accumulated with your former insurer, you can transfer up to as much as 50% of that to us, absolutely hassle-free.

Help is Always Round the Corner

Got a query regarding claims at 12 in the night? Why worry, when you have round-the-clock help from our experts? Just reach out to us on our Toll-Free number and we will be ready with help, faster than the speed of sound (well, that’s figuratively, of course!).

Easy Settlement of Cashless Claims

Our extensive network of garages across the country is ever ready to listen to and settle your cashless claims, no matter what time of the day it is. Here, processes are fast, so that you don’t have to wait in the wings.


I hereby authorize Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. to call me on the contact number made available by me on the website with a specific request to call back at a convenient time. I further declare that, irrespective of my contact number being registered on National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) under either Fully or Partially Blocked category, any call made or SMS sent in response to my request shall not be construed as an Unsolicited Commercial Communication even though the content of the call may be for the purposes of explaining various insurance products and services or solicitation and procurement of insurance business. Furthermore, I understand that these calls will be recorded & monitored for quality & training purposes, and may be made available to me if required.

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