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Room Rent Capping Under Health Insurance

What is Room Rent Capping in Health Insurance?

In Health Insurance, coverage for room rent expenses is restricted to a certain limit as per the insurers’ terms and conditions. This is called Room Rent Capping.

Room Rent

Typically, you need to get admitted at least a day prior to surgery for diagnostic tests and general preparation. Also, you may need to be kept under observation for a few day after surgery. After discharge, your final medical bill will reflect a room rent on a per-day basis.
Health Insurance companies cover room rent up to a certain monetary limit, irrespective of the Sum Assured of your health plan. This monetary limit is the Room Rent Capping.

For Example -

If you have a Health Insurance Policy of 5 lacs, you are not allowed to rent any hospital room within that budget as you please. Instead, the health insurance company tells you beforehand what the room rent capping is. Suppose it is Rs. 2000 per day for this example, then you cannot rent a room that costs more than Rs. 2000 and claim coverage benefits for the same. You would have to pay the excess amount yourself.

No Room Capping

If you had to opt for a room which exceeds your policy’s room rent limit, the health insurance company is liable to pay only the amount it is bound to pay under the policy terms and conditions.

To avoid paying inflated charges on medicines and incidentals when staying in delux or premium hospital rooms, try to get a Health Insurance policy that has no room rent capping or has a higher capping limit so that it can cover any room you may have to take. This can help ensure complete peace of mind in the event of an extended hospital stay.

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Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 25thApril 2024


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