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Driver/Passenger Cover Under Car Insurance

Personal Accident Cover for Owners, Drivers, Paid Driver and their Passengers

Personal Accident Coverage for owner-drivers is mandatory. However, there are options available to insure the Personal Accident risks of any paid driver or passenger who would use your car.

Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver

If you are a car owner with a valid driving license, it is compulsory for you to have Personal Accident Coverage under your car insurance policy. It gives you coverage in case of an unfortunate demise or total permanent disability caused in direct relation to the vehicle registered to your name.

The Condition: The insurance amount is payable to the policyholder or his/her legal heir only. No other person can raise a claim even if they were deemed owner and happened to be driving the car at the time of the accident. 

Personal Accident Cover for Paid Driver

In another scenario, you may own a car but employ another individual for driving it. You have the option to pay a little extra premium for an add-on to cover him/her as well. This add-on is called Personal Accident Cover for Paid Driver.

The Condition: The sum insured is payable to only the person declared as the paid driver in the add-on proposal application. No other person could claim the financial benefits even if they were paid to drive that particular car.

Personal Accident Cover for Unnamed Passenger

As the owner of the car, you have a liability to pay for any injuries that may come to your passengers should an accident happen while they are in your vehicle. You have the power to insure the lives of your passengers as well by getting an add-on called the Personal Accident Cover for Passenger. In this add-on, if your car has 3 passenger seats, you can choose to insure 1-3 passengers.

The Condition: There must not be more passengers in the car than legally allowed, during the accident. 

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