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Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Coverage
Jun 20, 2021

Why You Should Opt For A Domestic Travel Insurance Policy?

We all are familiar with travel insurance but only opt for it when we travel abroad. The concept of buying domestic travel insurance is rather new and a lot of people don’t find it necessary to invest in one. What we tend to overlook is insurance of any kind is always a good investment and a reliable back-up if things go wrong. To give you a better understanding of what coverage our domestic travel insurance plans offer, we’ve listed some of the important features of the policy:

Medical expenses

Needing immediate medical attention or hospitalization is not uncommon while travelling. It is unfortunate to fall ill during your vacation, yes. But if we look at the larger picture, an insurance saves a lot of money on treatment even when you’re travelling within the country. This is Accidental Hospitalization Expenses! Accidental Bodily Injury sustained during the Policy Period,

Loss/Theft of Baggage (This is checked baggage)

One of the most common issues while travelling by any mode of transport is losing your baggage or having your baggage stolen. Almost everyone has been a victim of that. Nothing is more disheartening than reaching your holiday destination without any of your belongings. A cover like this comes handy during such scenarios as it reimburses the amount that you spend in restocking whatever you have misplaced/lost.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If your holiday destination does not have a hospital that is equipped to treat you, and you have to have to be transported to bigger facility then the money spent in travelling from one city to another city will be indemnified under this cover.

Adventure Sports Benefit

With the boom in adventure sports industry, people are travelling across the country for extreme sports like river rafting, bungee jumping, rappelling etc. These sports are fun but also risky, Bajaj Allianz provides accidental insurance to people who injure themselves while performing these stunts activities under professional supervision.

Home Burglary Insurance

Not many travel insurance policies provide coverage as extensive as this one. Under this cover, any damage that is done to your property due to attempted robbery or theft while you’re away is indemnified by us. This feature is extremely beneficial as it not only covers your travel but also guards your home while you are away.

Trip Curtailment

Altering the duration of your trip for an emergency at work or family is pretty common and almost everyone has been in that situation. This cover helps you save money during such emergencies as it reimburses the money you spend on the ticket for your sudden return journey home. (Work Emergencies not covered)

Missed Connection

This is a very common sight at train stations and airports as we have seen people or have been in situations where we had to run to catch our connecting flight or train. If you miss your connecting flight/train due to a delay in the previous journey then the money spent on buying a new ticket will be reimbursed by us. This is the most helpful and travel friendly cover that this policy has to offer. While everyone is packed and prepared for the known adventures of the journey not a lot of people keep themselves prepared for the things that could go wrong. An travel insurance policy helps us a great deal for such situations, do not let any of those factors kill the spirit of your travel stay insured, and stay secured. If you wish to purchase a policy right away, please visit our website and get the detailed list of coverage and benefits. We wish you safe travels!

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