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senior citizens essential lab tests
Feb 10, 2023

Essential Lab Tests for Senior Citizens to Stay Healthy

During the lunch break, Reena's friend was sharing a story about her neighbour's demise on account of a sudden heart attack. It saddened Reena as to how people ignore the symptoms of illnesses and risk their lives. Reena got worried about the fact that her mother, Mrs. Sharma, never takes care of herself. All these years, while Mrs. Sharma was busy with her professional life, her personal health was totally ignored. Now, when her mother has finally retired and started to keep herself busy with regular household chores only, Reena decided to make her mother understand the importance of undertaking some essential medical tests. She booked an appointment with her friend cum doctor, Dr Rhea, and explained to her the purpose of the visit. Then, she asked her mom to accompany her to the doctor for a routine check-up. Her mom gladly agreed, and they decided to go to the clinic. Read more about: Senior Health Care Rider At the doctor's office, Dr Rhea casually enquired Mrs. Sharma about her post-retirement life. Reena's mom shrugged her shoulders and informed Dr Rhea that she is still trying to get the hang of the retirement lifestyle. Sitting idle is not her cup of tea, and therefore, she had planned to travel to a few places with Reena's father and enjoy the rest of their remaining life. Dr Rhea smiled and agreed that it was indeed a brilliant idea. Though along with that, she told Mrs. Sharma to take proper care of herself as it's essential to stay happy, healthy, and safe. Dr. Rhea then suggested Mrs. Sharma to get some essential medical tests done. Mrs. Sharma got confused as to what medical tests Dr Rhea was referring to and informed the doctor that she checks her blood pressure and glucose level regularly and if there are any other medical tests that she needs to undergo. Dr Rhea gladly obliged to offer her advice. Read more about: Health Insurance The doctor explained to Mrs. Sharma how important it is to get the blood lipids level tested for cholesterol and triglycerides as they are directly associated with heart diseases. Thyroid is another common occurrence in women and should be tested from time to time. Then, a colonoscopy should be done once in every 10 years as it is important for detecting colorectal cancer. When Reena heard the term cancer, she looked at her mother with a worried expression. She expressed her concern about cancer and told Mrs. Sharma how early diagnosis can help in better treatment and cure. Dr. Rhea nodded in agreement with Reena, and mentioned that MRIs, blood test, uterus and pelvic scanning, pap test for cervical cancer, mammogram test for breast cancer etc. will help in early diagnosis of the disease. In case of men, prostate cancer test is required to be done. Dr Rhea explained further that calcium deficiencies are a common occurrence in women with the increase in age. It causes difficulty in walking and can affect other body movements, too, which can result in Arthritis. In such cases, early detection and proper medication helps in better recovery. Read more about: Senior Citizen Health Insurance Mrs. Sharma was finally on-board with the idea of getting those check-ups done. She couldn't believe that she had been so ignorant about it. Reena and Mrs. Sharma later thanked the doctor for the detailed information before leaving the clinic. Mrs. Sharma pleasingly told her daughter that she is going to share all this information with her husband and shall also take him for the lab tests. Reena was so relieved that her plan worked and that her parents finally understood the importance of regular medical tests and take good care of themselves from now on. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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