Holiday Travel Tips
Jun 21, 2021

10 Travel Tips – Have a Stress-Free Holiday!

Going abroad for a vacation? Excited, but at the same time worried about the many things that can go wrong? It’s easy to have a stress-free holiday abroad, just keep these 10 tried-and-true travel tips in mind wherever you go: 1. Check your overseas medical services: Any country you travel to, find out how the medicare system works and the procedure for getting a doctor’s appointment. In some countries, it is not as simple as walking into a doctor’s clinic. Ideally, before traveling you need to ensure that you have a travel health insurance that will protect you against the unknown medical risks while raveling. 2. Familiarize yourself with local conditions and laws: Every country has its own customs and social etiquette. In order to avoid unknowingly offending someone, it is always better to take out some time to learn about the etiquette of the country you are traveling to. 3. Rent a car: Most countries provide an option of renting a car that you can use to drive around and explore the cities. This is a preferred option, especially if you are going to travel from one city to another. Hence, make sure you know the international road signs. 4. Read up about the local language: It goes without saying that before you leave, find out a bit about the culture and customs of the land. Learning to say simple words, such as a ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ in the native language of the country, never fails to bring a smile to the locals’ faces. 5. A medical kit is important: Carry a basic medical kit with you – some medicines for fever, cold, stomach ache, etc. You are generally allowed to carry certain medicines if you have a doctor’s prescription from your home country. Many foreign countries do not approve of over-the-counter medicines unless you have a prescription from a local doctor. 6. Find out about Indian embassy: Know where the Indian embassy is in the country you are traveling to. In case of loss of passport or any such unfortunate event, you will know where to head to. 7. Keep soft copies of your important documents: Keep a scan of all your major documents – your tickets, passport, visa, id proof are just some essential documents. In case of any issue, where you loose the physical copy, you have a ready reference stored in your email. This can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble in case the physical copies are lost or stolen. 8. Don’t leave your belongings unattended: Keep your bag on your lap or on a chair next to you. Make it a practice to take a quick check just before you leave to ensure you haven’t left your keys or wallet on the table or your jacket hanging on the chair. 9. Don’t keep all your money in one place: If you lose it, you lose it all. Split the money between you and others traveling with you. Always keep some in your luggage back at your hotel room all locked up as a backup. 10. Leave copies of itinerary and passport with friends: Leave copies of your itinerary, hotel contact details with family or some friend, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency. Last, but not the least, make sure you get a good travel insurance cover before you go, as medicare expenses can be extremely high in other countries. To have a truly hassle-free travel experience, choose from our range of overseas travel insurance plans. Based on your own travel experiences, if you have any useful travel tips, do share them with us in the comments below!  

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