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Trip Cancellation Insurance
Jan 28, 2023

Single Trip Travel Insurance: Key Benefits & Coverage

Travelling is an essential part of our lives, whether it is personal or for work. With travel restrictions gradually being eased after the COVID-19 lockdown, domestic as well as international travel is bound to resume. So before you step out on your next adventure, make sure you opt for travel insurance. However, you need not necessarily buy a travel insurance policy from your travel agent anymore. You can now compare travel insurance policies online as per your travel requirements. Moreover, you can even buy a single-trip travel insurance policy or a multi-trip one, based on your requirements.

What is single-trip travel insurance?

Single-trip travel insurance, as the name suggests, covers a single travel. Ideally opted for by infrequent travellers, these policies can be bought for domestic and international destinations alike, depending on your need. The number of days for which the policy is valid differs with each travel insurance provider. Imagine this situation: you have been preparing for a vacation for months now but fear unexpected cancellations, delayed flights, or any similar situation that can ruin your mood. Moreover, such unwanted events will not only spoil the excitement but also have a financial impact. But not when you have travel insurance cover! So let us look at a few benefits of availing a single-trip travel insurance policy.

Missed flight and trip cancellation cover

Your travel insurance policy ensures that any last-minute changes in flight schedules are compensated. Similarly, any sudden illness or change in plans can also lead to trip cancellation. At such times, a travel cancellation insurance cover comes in handy as it reimburses financial losses arising from ticket cancellation, etc.

Loss of baggage or passport

There are several instances where bags are misplaced at the airports due to no fault of your own. When you buy travel insurance online, you can file a claim against such baggage loss. Another alarming incident that might occur to you in a foreign land is losing crucial documents, such as your passport. Fret not, your single-trip travel insurance will help you get a fresh set of the lost documents, including your passport.

Medical cover and emergency evacuation

It is one of the most sought-after reasons to buy travel insurance online. Unlike the treatments that are available in India, most foreign nations have an expensive healthcare ecosystem. Buying a single-trip travel insurance policy ensures you remain stress-free in scenarios wherein medical assistance is needed. Moreover, in extreme situations, it will also cover you in case you need to be evacuated. Apart from this, changes in your itinerary and theft or burglary are also covered by the travel insurance policy. However, some of these features vary according to the policy you choose and the add-ons you opt for. Also, an extensive travel insurance policy will also make an impact on the premium you pay. Let us look at some typical inclusions to your single-trip travel insurance:
  1. Loss of personal belongings/baggage or travel documents
  2. Trip cancellation
  3. Assistance in case of misplaced passport
  4. Medical expenses for emergency hospitalisation, including dental cover
  5. Theft or burglary protection
  6. Any delay or loss of check-in baggage at the airport
  7. Emergency evacuation, if required, due to political unrest or medical reasons.
With these assurances, you can safely set out on your trip and enjoy it fully. Hence, compare travel insurance policies, get insured and stay protected.

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