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Travel Packing List: Things to Carry While Travelling
Dec 29, 2022

Travel Packing List: Things to Carry While Travelling

Travelling is one of the most beautiful wonders of life. When you are traveling and exploring a new destination, you tend to forget your daily worries and stresses. Rather, one experiences a new kind of relaxation and enjoyment. Perhaps this may be the reason, but for many, preparing and packing for a trip is also an exciting process. It is important to pack well before leaving for a trip since there is no saying what may or may not be available at the destination you are visiting. Some tend to forget their medicines, while others may forget to insure their trip with a good travel insurance plan. Whether you are an adventurous backpacker or a leisurely business traveler, it is important to know what to take with you on your trip. If you are seeking help in this regard, here is a handy list of things to carry as well as some tips to pack well.

Essential travel items to carry while traveling 

To make your travel packing list more organized, you should order travel items into relevant categories. This makes it easier to remember items as well as tick each item off.

1. Documents 

No matter where you go, carrying vital documents is non-negotiable. Some documents you are going to require for a domestic trip are:
  1. Identity cards (PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving license, etc.)
  2. Tickets and confirmation receipts (Airline/train/boat/bus tickets, hotel booking confirmation, etc.)
  3. Domestic travel insurance documents
  4. Health insurance documents
  5. An ID card relating to your profession, occupation, university, etc.
For an international trip, ensure to pack these in addition to the above:
  1. Passport and visa (for all accompanying members)
  2. Boarding pass
  3. international travel insurance documents for all members, especially for senior citizens (mandatory when traveling to Schengen countries.
Remember to carry the original as well as a copy when it comes to identity cards. Most of these documents, such as travel insurance documents or flight tickets, can be accessed and stored on your phone itself. However, if you want, you can take hard copies of these as an additional safety measure.

2. Clothes and toiletries 

The clothes you pack would depend on your destination. Some general items you would require are:
  1. Your daily outfits which you would be wearing while traveling (t-shirts, kurtas, jeans, track pants, dresses, etc.)
  2. Pajamas (for night-time)
  3. Innerwear
  4. Appropriate shoes and socks
Additional things to carry while traveling to a cold region include:
  1. Sweaters
  2. Jackets
  3. Thermal wear
  4. Snowshoes (if required)
  5. Caps and scarves
Similarly, pack light, cotton items if you are traveling to a warmer destination. Your travel essentials list must also include toiletry items, such as:
  1. Dental care items (toothbrushes, paste, floss, etc.)
  2. Towels and tissues
  3. Feminine hygiene products
  4. Hair care items (comb, brushes, shampoo, etc.)
  5. Skincare items (moisturizer, sunscreen, serums, etc.)
  6. Deodorant or body spray

3. Health and safety aids 

A travel items list is incomplete unless you add these necessary items:
  1. Medicines as required
  2. Doctor’s prescriptions, if required
  3. A first-aid kit
  4. ORS (oral rehydration solution) packets, especially if you plan to go on hikes
  5. Insect repellent
Depending on the destination and your needs, you can also carry along the following items:
  1. Maps or offline guide (for those times when the network is not available)
  2. Safety locks
  3. Luggage tags
  4. Snacks and drinks
If you feel the need to, you can also carry pepper spray or a small pocket knife. However, ensure that you are not violating the rules of the flight carrier or the destination by doing so.

4. Other travel essentials to add to your packing list: 

Aside from the international or domestic travel insurance and related documents, you must also carry the following items:
  1. Debit/credit cards
  2. An extra wallet for additional cash in times of emergency
  3. Foreign currency, if required
  4. Cell phone and laptop chargers
  5. A camera, if required
  6. Travel adapter
  7. Headphones
  8. A book, if required
  9. Small bags to help carry stuff on your sightseeing tours
It is ideal to pack light. Remember that a lot of these items may be available at the destination as well. If you are a senior citizen or are traveling with one, remember to buy appropriate travel insurance for senior citizens. A good travel insurance plan can help you combat unforeseen circumstances that may come up during your travels and thus help you travel with confidence.   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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