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Mar 10, 2023

Make the Most of Your Summer Holiday Travels with These 15 Travel Tips

As the season of summer dawns upon us, it signals the beginning of summer vacations. A majority of the tourists going on summer holidays are families, especially the ones with young children. If you are also planning a summer trip with your loved ones, there must be a lot on your mind when it comes to vacation-planning. The selection of destination, booking of flight tickets, looking for hotels and choosing spots to visit, are all activities you may have to put in your time and efforts into. While you are busy with some of the activities mentioned above, make sure to also get travel insurance to enjoy a hassle-free trip. Although planning for the trip can be overwhelming, here are tips that can help you have a memorable summer trip for you and your family.

Tips to have an amazing summer holiday trip

The tips given below can help you plan your trip with ease without any hiccups:
  1. Research your destination

Before you go, carry out some research on the destination you'll be visiting. Find out about the local culture, customs, weather, and tourist attractions. This will help you to plan your itinerary and make the most of your time.
  1. Book your accommodation in advance

Summer is a popular time for travel, and many hotels and vacation rentals can fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, book your accommodation in advance.
  1. Pack light

Summer weather means you can pack lighter clothes, but it's still important to be mindful of what you're bringing. Stick to the essentials and avoid overpacking.
  1. Check the weather forecast

Before you leave, check the weather forecast for your destination. This will help you to pack appropriately and plan your activities.
  1. Carry sunscreen and insect repellent

Summer weather also means more exposure to the sun and bugs. Make sure to pack sunscreen with a high SPF and insect repellent to protect your skin.
  1. Stay hydrated

The summer heat can be intense, so it's important to stay hydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up throughout the day.
  1. Use public transportation

In many cities, public transportation is a convenient and affordable way to get around. Consider using buses, trains, and subways to explore your destination.
  1. Walk or bike

If you're staying in a city or town, walking or biking can be a great way to explore. It's also a good way to get some exercise and fresh air.
  1. Try local cuisine

Summer is a great time to try new foods and flavours. Look for local restaurants and street vendors to get a taste of the local cuisine.
  1. Take breaks

It's important to take breaks throughout the day, especially in the heat. Find a shady spot or a cool indoor space to rest and recharge.
  1. Bring a portable charger

Summer activities can drain your phone battery quickly. Bring a portable charger to ensure you always have a way to stay connected.
  1. Stay safe

Summer can also bring increased risks of sunburn, heatstroke, and dehydration. Be mindful of your health and safety and take appropriate precautions.
  1. Use a travel app

There are many travel apps available that can help you with everything, from finding local restaurants to booking tours and activities.
  1. Plan for crowds

Summer is a popular time for travel, and many tourist attractions can be crowded. Plan ahead and consider booking tickets in advance to avoid long lines.
  1. Enjoy the moment

Finally, remember to enjoy the moment and take in the sights, sounds, and experiences of your summer vacation. Take photos and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel insurance: The perfect travel companion

Here are a few reasons why a travel insurance policy can make your summer vacation amazing:
  1. Covers medical costs

While a summer trip can help shake off the winter chills, too much summer can take a toll on your health. Sudden change in the temperature can cause heat stroke or dehydration and require hospitalisation. Travel insurance coverage includes expenses related to medical treatment and hospitalisation, thus not burdening you with those expenses.
  1. Provides temporary documents

With tourists flocking popular destinations to get some sun, chances of pickpocketing may also increase. As a result, valuables such as mobile phones, wallets and purses may get stolen. If, in such an unfortunate circumstance, you were to lose your passport, it could create problems for you on the remainder of the trip. One of the benefits under your travel insurance coverage is the issuance of a temporary passport for the rest of the trip. This ensures you can continue your trip without having to worry about document problems.
  1. Baggage is insured

There can be situations where you are in a rush during your trip, and you end up forgetting a bag or two. Such a development can be disheartening, especially if there were any valuable items in those bags. With travel insurance, you can be compensated for the loss of items.


Follow the tips given above to have an amazing and memorable summer trip with your family. Also, do not forget to purchase travel insurance online to add a layer of financial safety and comfort to your trip.     *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.    

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