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Schengen Travel Insurance
Sep 25, 2020

A Complete Guide on Schengen Travel Insurance

Being one of the most loved destinations of all times, Europe has won the hearts of plenty of travelers. Due to its growing popularity, the need for a Schengen travel insurance while traveling to Europe has become a compulsion. Schengen travel insurance not only covers a list of over 26 European countries but also avails numerous benefits for every European traveler. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a family, take a look at this complete guide that will help you understand the significance of Schengen travel insurance better:

Which countries are covered under Schengen travel insurance?

Ever since The European Union Countries have made the Schengen travel insurance mandatory, it has included 26 countries under the coverage. So if you are visiting Europe, then you are in the absolute need of a Schengen insurance. Additionally, your visa will also be valid if you want to travel to any of these 26 countries specified in the list. Therefore, go through the list of countries covered under Schengen travel insurance.
Austria Germany Malta Spain
Belgium Greece Netherlands Sweden
Czech Republic Hungary Norway Switzerland
Denmark Iceland Poland -
Estonia Italy Portugal -
Finland Lithuania Slovakia -
France Luxemburg Slovenia -

What are the key benefits of availing Schengen travel insurance?

When you purchase a travel insurance plan, it provides coverage to the customers in times of need. Keeping the essence of travel insurance plans intact, Schengen travel insurance also provides policyholders with a host of benefits. Here are the key benefits provided by the insurance companies on the purchase of Schengen travel insurance.
  1. Permits automatic extension of policy till a period of 7 days before the journey starts.
  2. Provides medical coverage for emergencies like unexpected surgery, diagnostic tests like X-ray, scans, and blood samples or any other tests as prescribed by a physician.
  3. Makes provision for covers like personal accident cover, personal liability cover, loss of baggage or passport, trip delay, and more.
  4. Allows emergency dental cover over and above a medical cover.
  5. Certain insurance companies might provide a home insurance cover while you are abroad.

What is the process of applying for Schengen travel insurance?

The process of applying for Schengen travel insurance is complex. Therefore, it is important to follow the process given below. Before you purchase travel insurance for Europe , you should know when, and how to apply and the documents required to do the same. Hence, go through the steps given below for a hassle-free journey:
  1. Correct time to apply:
In case your chosen destination falls under the list of Schengen countries, then apply directly either at the embassy or a consulate of that particular country. In case you’re planning to visit multiple Schengen countries, then apply for a visa either at an embassy or a consulate of that particular country which is your prime destination.
  1. Requirement of the documents:
For the initial entry, procure a visa along with a passport which is valid for 3 months and beyond. If you plan on visiting the Schengen countries for a duration of 2 weeks, then a passport for a period of 5 months is a must.
●     An invitation from a firm for attending the event ●     Other documents must include existence of the said event ●     In case you’re staying with someone, then an invitation from the host or any document of lodging ●     In case of a transit, you need tickets as a proof ●     A letter from the third party confirming your delegation ●     Copy of the official invitation


  1. Trip cancellation and interruption
  2. Medical exigencies while traveling to Schengen countries
  3. Loss of personal belongings
  4. Flight cancellation or delays
  5. Hijack


  1. Pre-existing medical conditions like asthma and diabetes
  2. Adventure sports like skiing, scuba diving, paragliding, and so forth
  3. Trip to high-risk countries pertaining to war or terrorism
  4. Sudden occurrence of pre-existing medical conditions without any warning or symptoms
Now that you know how to secure your family trip to Europe with Schengen Travel Insurance, what are you waiting for? While a standard travel insurance is not enough on a Europe trip, Schengen travel insurance is a mandate for a hassle-free experience in Europe. Ensure that you compare travel insurance plans to select one that is versatile for you and your family members. Visit the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance website to equip you and your family with our travel insurance plans before you embark on your journey.

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