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Luggage Security: How To Keep Your Bag Safe
Nov 2, 2022

How To Keep Your Bag Safe?

There tends to be a lot on people’s minds when travelling. Firstly, there may be the anxiety of travel that comes with anticipating the journey from start to end. Secondly, there may be worries about the planning and logistics and how well the details will be executed. Lastly – a factor that is quite important – is your security and the security of your belongings. Taking care of your luggage can be quite a hassle without proper planning. Ever since lockdowns all around the world are being lifted, travellers are booking their journeys and packing their bags, ready to explore newer horizons. However, travelling facilities may not yet be functioning as efficiently as at pre-pandemic levels.Thus, ensuring the security of your luggage, especially at airports and on trains, presumes priority during travels. One of the common ways to do so formally is getting travel insurance that also covers the loss of baggage Keeping your luggage safe

Here are a few more ways of ensuring the safety of your luggage during your travels.

• Make it easily identifiable

Try to make your luggage unique, or at least easily identifiable to you. Try to take a bag that may stand out in a crowd or can be spotted easily. If that is not possible, put some markers on your luggage that make it stand out to you. For example, you may use luggage tags that are bright in colour, a cover with a unique design, or stickers on your bag that make it more relevant to you.

• Pack fragile items carefully

If you are carrying any fragile items with you, it may be helpful to pack the big ones among them separately. Even when carrying fragile items alongside your other belongings in the same bag, ensure that you pack them in a way that they stay protected despite any bumps in the journey. When carrying fragile items, ensure that you use fragile stickers on your luggage to decrease the chances of these bags being handled recklessly.

• Check your travel insurance

You are likely to buy travel insurance well before you embark on your journey. Read through your policy documents to better understand what your plan has to offer with respect to your luggage safety. international travel insurance may work differently than domestic plans. Hence, ensure that you understand the nuances of your travel insurance plan. Consult with your insurance advisor in case of any concerns. *

• Pack smart

Whether travelling internationally or within the country, make it a prerogative to pack smart. Try to minimise the number of bags you carry, especially when travelling alone. Don’t exceed your bag’s capacity. Avoid taking unnecessary items with you.

• Take responsibility for your bags

In places such as the airport, avoid letting other travellers handle your bags. Similarly, avoid handling other people’s luggage as well. This entails unnecessary risk, so stick to handling your luggage. If somebody needs help, bring it to the attention of airport staff. Despite taking every precaution, it is possible that a piece of your luggage is mishandled or lost, especially during longer international travels. International travel insurance may come in handy in such cases. If you are travelling with senior citizens, ensure that they are also covered with travel insurance for senior citizens. *   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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