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Inclusions of Domestic Travel Insurance
Nov 23, 2020

Domestic Travel Insurance: Key Inclusions & Other Perks

Many people don’t feel the need to buy a travel insurance plan when they have to travel somewhere in India. They assume a travel plan is only required when traveling abroad. Keep in mind, be it an international trip or a domestic one, the risks that come along with travel remain the same. Of course, the expenses for an international trip are way too high, but they’re still expenses when incurred in national currency. Therefore, it is wise to buy an adequate travel insurance policy and travel within India without any worries. Let us now dig into the inclusions and benefits of a domestic travel insurance plan:
  1. Loss or theft of baggage
Baggage has to be the most important thing that you carry, as it contains all your requirements for the trip. Not just that, but managing your trip without luggage and essentials would get difficult. However, if you buy domestic travel insurance, it provides you with coverage for loss of baggage due to theft or any other reason.
  1. Delay in flight
Your flight can be delayed due to several reasons. In case you had a connecting flight and happened to miss it, a domestic travel insurance policy will provide cover for such incidents.
  1. Emergency Cash
While you’re on your trip, you might be in urgent need of cash. The travel insurance providers understand how important cash is and make sure to offer you the same in times of need.
  1. Medical emergencies
The last thing you want on your trip would be falling ill. This will spoil your trip and you’ll have to get treatment for your illnesses yourself, which was surely not included in your plan. If you have domestic travel insurance, all these medical expenses will be covered, leaving you relaxed.
  1. Personal Accident Cover
Accidents don’t take place with a warning sign. They can occur anytime and anywhere. Having a travel plan is best during such times, as it covers the travelers against injuries suffered during their insured trip. Along with this, any kind of disability whether partial or permanent and accidental death are covered as well.
  1. Expenses for Personal Liability
Situations might occur wherein damages are caused to other person or their property, as a result of your actions when you’re on the trip. You are held liable in cases like these, and hence a travel insurance policy proves to be helpful here as well.
  1. Criteria for Eligibility
A domestic travel plan can be bought if you are somewhere around the age group of 18 to 65 and traveling in India via railways, roadways, or airways. The place where you’re headed also contributes in deciding your insurance cover. You must inform your insurer regarding the duration of your trip, any medical conditions that you have, or any other details as such. If you’re looking to insure elderly members of your family then consider travel insurance for senior citizens due to it’s specific inclusions that would benefit the aged. Purchase Travel Insurance Online It has become extremely easy to purchase travel insurance online. All you require is a laptop or a smartphone with an active internet connection. Once you have access, you can visit your preferred insurer’s website, provide the necessary details and choose the plan that you would like to have. Lastly, make the payment and receive the insurance policy in your inbox.

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