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Travel Insurance: Protect Your Trip!
Mar 31, 2021

Does Family Travel Insurance Cover Individuals?

Family holiday plans are different from a simple couple's tour or an individual trip. They require more planning and risk mitigation since people of different ages are involved. And that is where a family travel insurance plan comes into the picture. Whether you are considering a travel insurance online purchase or just exploring your options, you should be aware of the offerings, coverage, and benefits of a family travel insurance plan.  

What is Family Travel Insurance?

A family holiday consists of several touchpoints – a large set of luggage, travelling through various modes, staying at hotels, coordinating with the holiday package agent, and so on. With each one of these, there is an added risk of something not going as planned and the entire vacation coming to a halt. In a broad sense, a family travel insurance plan mitigates most of these risks. So, the answer to what is family travel insurance is - By having a family travel insurance plan in place, you can protect your family and your holiday. Most family travel insurance plans tend to have the same criteria – they cover two adults under the age of 60 years and two children under the age of 21. The central logic to buying travel insurance online is that if your family is eligible to get one, it is generally more cost-effective than buying individual insurance policies for each of your family members.  

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Family travel insurance acts as the protecting layer between your family’s holiday plans and a large set of potential risks that can ruin it or put more financial burden on you. Here are some of the common areas covered under a family travel insurance plan:
  1. Medical Expenses: This tends to include major and minor medical expenses that were unforeseeable. This is what differentiates a family travel insurance plan from a medical insurance plan that may cover medical tourism. You might be surprised to know, but some leading family travel insurance providers are now providing COVID-19 in their coverage.
  1. Deportation Scenarios: If you, unfortunately, find yourself or your family in a foreign location with no access to cash, this coverage will help you get back to your homeland safety with the travel covered by the policy.
  1. Individual Accident: If you or any of your loved ones get into an unfortunate accident that requires a considerable expense in recovery and return to your homeland, this coverage can protect you against such expenses.
  1. Missing Passport or Travel Documentation: If you or your loved ones miss their passport or travel documentation, this point of coverage can act as both your proof of identity and help you in covering the expenses of getting duplicate documents.
  1. Delayed or Lost Luggage: With flight congestion and commercial air traffic surging, it is common even for the most revered airlines to face delays in delivering your luggage or miss it entirely. This form of coverage will give you some cushion against expenses required in temporary refilling for the essentials and recovering the luggage.
  1. Flights Getting Cancelled or Missed: If the flight gets cancelled or you miss the flight for some reason, this will cover your rebooking charges to a large extent.
Several insurance companies bundle coverage against bad weather & natural calamities, theft, hotel booking cancellation, etc. Even if such comprehensive coverage is not available in your family travel insurance plan, you can easily avail it with add-ons.  

Why Should You Consider a Family Travel Insurance?

There are several reasons why a family travel insurance plan can
  1. Covers Emergency Expenses: Irrespective of whether you know someone in a foreign location or whether you have the available liquidity, your family travel insurance plane can provide you immediate financial assistance the moment you need it.
  1. Acts as Proxy of Identity Proof: Since the process of getting the family travel insurance policy is quite similar to any other insurance policy, you will be able to use it as a proxy for identity proof in emergency situations. Although it may come to the judgment of the respective government official, it is reasonable to expect its acceptance as a backup of identity proof.
  1. Helps You Converge Business and Family Travel: Business travellers who are frequently travelling can converge their business trip with family travel. They can finish their business agenda and join their respective families, covered with the family travel insurance plan.
  1. Decreases the Cost of Insurance without Loss of Coverage: The cost of one family travel insurance plan will generally be lesser than the sum of individual insurance plans for each of the family members.

‘Does Family Insurance Cover Individuals’ and Other FAQs

  1. Does Family Insurance Cover Individuals? The short answer is - Yes. As far as your family member has been recognized under the family travel insurance plan at the time of the documentation, she/he will be covered in the plan.
  1. What are the Types of Family Travel Insurance Plans? The family travel insurance plans are generally available in two forms – one-time family travel insurance plans and plans that tend to cover 30, 60, or 90 days from the day of issuance. The latter allows families who take multiple trips in a year.
  1. What is the Eligibility Criteria for a Family Travel Insurance Plan? Along with the usual eligibility criteria for an insurance product, family travel insurance plans tend to have age limits – adults under 60 years and kids under 21 years of age. That said, with add-ons, you can request an exception to these age limits in most cases.
To know more about what is travel insurance how a good family travel insurance plan can help you, explore Bajaj Allianz Blogs.

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