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Add Ons For Sports Bike Insurance
Aug 17, 2022

Various Bike Insurance Add-Ons You Shouldn’t Miss For Your Sports Bike

Loud revving engines, bulky and yet having great aerodynamics, and an aggressive seating posture are all that come to mind when you hear the words ‘sports bike’ or ‘superbike’, right? These beauties come with triple-digit power figures available at the twist of the throttle, which means you must also consider the safety aspects involved. While safety gears like helmets, jackets, boots, etc. do help in ensuring protection, it is also essential to have a safeguard for your bike with a bike insurance policy.

Why a Two wheeler Insurance?

A two wheeler insurance is mandatory for all two-wheelers registered in the country, but even more for sports bikes. While the regulation prescribes a third-party insurance cover as the minimum requirement, it doesn’t offer any protection for repairs to your vehicle. Hence, sports bike owners must opt for comprehensive insurance coverage. Comprehensive plans ensure coverage for your bike as well as for third-party damage. Hence, any natural calamities or man-made events (including theft) are covered by this insurance policy. Further, any unfortunate accident that may require a repair for your expensive sports bike is also covered in a comprehensive cover. But owning a superbike comes with its share of steep repair costs and even minor repairs may burn a hole in your wallet. That’s when add-ons help. Here are a few insurance add-ons in your sportbike insurance coverage that will help to enhance your policy’s scope significantly.

Zero Depreciation Add-on

Marketed across in many names, such as bumper-to-bumper cover, nil depreciation, or even zero-dep plan, a zero-depreciation add-on enhances the compensation amount which the insurance company pays. It eliminates the impact of depreciation on your, bike helping you receive maximum possible compensation for the repairs. It plugs a significant drawback of the standard comprehensive coverage which is depreciation. Hence, it is one of the must-have add-on covers that you can choose to buy. *

24x7 Roadside Assistance (RSA) Cover

Imagine a situation where your vehicle breaks down without any local mechanic being unable to restart it. Seems like a very rare situation for a sports bike, and yet, cannot be excluded entirely. Hence, a 24x7 roadside assistance (RSA) add-on provides assistance to get your bike to the nearest service garage while you can be assured about the right technicians working on the problem. Your travels can be hassle-free even to places where there is no authorized service garage as a towing facility is included in most RSA covers. *

Engine Protection Add-on

Engine protection add-on is a smart way to ensure that repairs to your engine are covered by the insurance policy. These repairs are otherwise excluded from the standard coverage of a comprehensive plan and hence, may prove to be expensive if required. Also, another strong use case of an engine protection add-on is for those owners residing in a flood-prone region where a hydrostatic lock can easily cease the bike’s engine completely. * * Standard T&C Apply

The Bottom Line

These are a few add-ons that no sports bike owner must overlook. While add-ons do increase the bike insurance price, they are a guaranteed way to safeguard your financial losses otherwise. You can make use of a two wheeler insurance premium calculator to determine the impact of these different add-ons on your overall bike insurance premium. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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