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Important Winter Car Care Tips in 2022
Dec 6, 2022

Ultimate Winter Car Care Tips to Keep It Safe

The harsh weather conditions can easily take a toll on your beloved car. Regardless of the seasons, the car needs to be in the best of its condition. Of all the seasons, car maintenance is utmost required during the winter. With the fluctuating temperature, the mechanical devices in the car are open to threat. The timely maintenance of the car is a must as this gives happy driving experiences. Moreover, it's also important that you have an active car insurance policy. In this article, we will share winter car care tips that help to maintain the health of the car.

Essential Winter Car Care Tips that You Should Know

The temperature differs in every part of our country. However, taking the correct steps is always beneficial in the long run. Taking care of your four-wheeler increases the lifespan of the vehicle and also reduces repair/maintenance costs. Here’s a rundown of some of the key care tips for the car:
  1. Warm Up the Car: One of the easiest winter car care tips is to warm the car’s engine. In the winter season, keep the car running at regular intervals. This should be a practice if the car is parked outside. In the cold, the engine oil tends to thicken. Simply reviving the engine for a couple of minutes helps the engine to warm up. This also enables it to perform at its optimum level and also decreases the engine’s wear and tear naturally.
  2. The Health of the Car Battery: Excess heat is harmful to the battery of the car. In winter, if the battery is low then the battery will die. If the distilled water within the batteries freezes, it causes damage to the cells. It will lead to problems such as flickering lights, and so forth. In a situation like this, call a mechanic immediately. Compared to the summer the car’s battery finds it a bit challenging to operate in the cold weather. If the battery is weak, it will die in the winter season. Before you go out on a long journey, get the battery of the car gets checked. In case of any fault, replace the battery immediately to avoid future hassles.
  3. Check the Lights of the Car: During winter, the sun usually sets early in the day. It implies that there is less daylight. So, ensure that the car’s lights of the car are working appropriately. In case the lights in the car such as the taillights, headlights, etc. are not working get it checked and replace it if required. Fog generally obscures the vision and contributes to the accident. The fog lights can penetrate dense fog and also alert other vehicles. This can be installed in the vehicle.
  4. Use the Right Engine Oil: If you think that simply topping up the engine oil or a coolant is the ideal way to use the car, then it isn’t. During the inter-season, it is recommended to use light engine oil. Besides, you should also go through the manual that states the manufacturer’s recommendation to fill the coolant or engine oil as per the temperature.
  5. Check the Tyre Pressure and Brakes: Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. It is the initial contact point between the vehicle and the surface. During the winter, tyre pressure constantly drops. Regular maintenance of the tyres is important so check the tyre pressure timely. Ensure that the tyre remains prescribed to the limits. You may also consider checking the tyre depth for wear and tear. In case any issue is found, replace them without a second doubt. Similarly, good brakes help to avoid accidents, so examine the brake pads and disc as well.
  6. Check for Windshield Cracks or Wipers: The role of the windshield wiper is extremely important in the winter season. If there are cracks and damages visible before you forget replace them with fresh new blades. Likewise, the windshield is important as it helps to avoid rain, wind, or fog from entering the cabin. So during winter, the frost, and fog easily accumulates on the windshield of the car, which hampers the vision of the way ahead. In case this happens, balance the temperature both inside and out by using the defroster or climate control system.
  7. Renew the Car Insurance Policy: Any damage to the car can be expensive. The winter season can cause vehicle problems such as losing control on a slick road, etc. Therefore, the car insurance policy must be active to mitigate any financial loss that may incur. You can also renew your car insurance online without facing any hassle and save time.
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Wrapping it Up

Before you head out, check the temperature and plan your drive accordingly. Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep the car in the best driving condition regardless of the season. Happy Driving!   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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