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Tips To Secure Your Bike This Winter With Bike Insurance
Aug 17, 2022

Tips To Secure Your Two Wheeler This Winter With Bike Insurance

Winters can be difficult for bike owners as the chilly winters often make riding the bike a shivering affair. Thus, many two-wheeler owners prefer to put their bikes under the covers and opt for either a car or use public transport during the chilly months. If you are one of them and planning to store your two-wheeler for the winter, ensure to not skip bike insurance renewal and any policy renewal. Even when your bike is stored, there is a possibility of it being damaged. Earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, etc. are some natural events that can cause damage, while riots, vandalism, and theft are a few man-made calamities that can be a probable cause of damage. These kinds of events might bring about physical damages, requiring you to pay for the steep repair costs. Thus, you mustn't ignore a bike insurance policy.

Two-wheeler Insurance Policies to Buy During the Winters

When you buy bike insurance online or offline, there are two types of insurance covers that you can choose from—a third-party policy and a comprehensive policy. Between the two, a third-party cover is a minimum required insurance cover and safeguards your two-wheeler against legal liabilities that may arise due to an accident or collision. So, even if you are keeping your bike under the covers for the winter, the third-party cover is a mandatory insurance cover that you must buy. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy provides 360-degree coverage for repairs. Hence, it is best to avail of comprehensive insurance coverage since it includes a cover for third-party liabilities as well as own damages. A comprehensive policy also allows customization of your insurance cover using an add-ons facility. Here, you can choose additional insurance covers that can help protect your bike against specific risks. For instance, an engine protection cover can come in handy while storing your bike during the winters, as repairs and damages to the engine that are otherwise not covered by a standard comprehensive policy are included in the add-on cover’s scope. * Standard T&C Apply

What are the things to Consider at the Time of Bike Insurance Renewal Or Purchase During Winters?

If you are planning to avoid riding your bike during winter, here’s what you must consider in buying insurance cover:
  1. Choice of policy

Deciding the insurance policy is an essential step to store your bike during winters. As discussed, a third-party policy is required at the least, however, a comprehensive policy is what provides comprehensive coverage for any repairs. *
  1. Selecting suitable policy features

Once you have made up your mind about selecting a suitable insurance plan, you also need to ensure the right policy features are included therein. For that, you can make use of add-on covers. The only thing to remember about add-ons is they are in addition to your base insurance cover and hence, will increase the two wheeler insurance price. *
  1. Understanding the limitation of the insurance cover

Other than knowing the right policy and its features, it is also crucial to understand the limitations of the insurance policy. Knowing your policy’s limitations will help you know exactly what will be excluded and what will be a part of its coverage. * * Standard T&C Apply With these tips for selecting a bike insurance policy for winters, it can be convenient to restart your ride after the mercury comes back to normal. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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