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Tips to Restart Your Garaged Bike
Apr 5, 2021

5 Tips to Help Restart Your Garaged Bike | Bajaj Allianz

The lockdown caused due to the Covid-19 pandemic not just locked us inside our homes but also locked in our vehicles for many months. While earlier we could take our bikes for a ride whenever we wanted, now it just sits in the parking lot, gathering dust.   Now with restrictions on mobility being lifted, you might want to take your bike out for a spin once again. Just like any electronic device or motor, your bike might not turn on the first time you crank the engine. Also, some parts of the engine might be jammed and may take some time to free up. In this case, the power output of your bike may not be sufficient. Here are some points that you need to remember when you restart your bike after a long time.   Battery Drain One of the most common problems that arises after a prolonged standstill is battery drain. The battery of your bike tends to drain out, which might mean your bike will require a jump start. In some cases, even if the battery has some voltage, it might not be able to turn on all the electrical points of your bike. So, the first and foremost thing to consider is to recharge the battery. Recharging the battery might work most of the time, but in some cases, the battery deteriorates and becomes dysfunctional. Here is when you need to go for replacing the battery. Modern-day batteries come with a minimum one-year warranty and can be replaced. Make sure you opt for a battery from a reputed company.   Rust Issues Rusting does not occur if your vehicle is idle for a short period. It only takes place where the weather has high humidity. It is a significant problem in bikes, which can lead to jamming of brakes and also is seen underneath the fuel tank and on the components of the engine. Rusting does not always occur on the outside. Sometimes, rusting to the chassis of your bike can prove risky too.   Fluid Check Your bike requires certain fluids for its smooth functioning. These include the engine oil, brake oil along with lubricants for smooth movement of mechanical parts like the chain. If your bike is stationary in the parking lot for more than a couple of weeks, you must check for these fluid levels. The chains and other areas often dry up when unused for extended periods. When you restart your bike after a considerable period, make sure to check for these things before heading out.   Basic Check Many times, the bike does not have any major issues like those mentioned above, but instead rodents chew the wirings that can cause electrical failures. These electrical failures can be in the form of faulty indicators or other electrical issues.   Vehicles documents Along with the issues mentioned above, there can be the expiry of a few crucial documents that are mandatory for every vehicle owner - License, PUC certificate and bike insurance.   While the validity for a driving license is for longer periods, the PUC certificate, as well as your bike insurance copy, are valid for shorter tenures. When you resume using your bike, these are a few documents that must be checked for their validity. The fines for not having any of these documents are hefty, and you wouldn’t want to bear the brunt. Bike insurance renewal is a simple and straightforward process which can be done both online and offline. Insurance renewal online is hassle-free and a quick process and saves you from visiting your insurance office and can be done as per your convenience.   Thus, if you are someone who is restarting their bike, say after the covid-19 related lockdown, monsoon or after your vacation, these are some of the things you should pay attention to.

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