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Tips to avoid car theft
Sep 14, 2020

Tips for Successful Car Theft Prevention

Car theft is a big problem, not only in India, but in most of the countries of the world. But, the bigger problem is that even if you are able to get your car back, it may not be in the same condition in which it was stolen. So, you should be prepared for two scenarios – either you might not get your car back, or if you get it back, there is a chance that your car might be missing some important parts like r stereo, side mirrors, rims and tyres, license plates etc. In India, most of the people in cities park their cars outside their house on the streets, which is not safe at all. Some of them may even be parking their cars a few kilometers away from their home, due to scarce parking space. This gives robbers/criminals a good opportunity to steal the car. Here’s what you can do to prevent your car from getting stolen:
  • Always lock your car – Make it a practice to lock your car as soon as you step out of it. Don’t assume that it is okay to keep your car unlocked if it is just a few meters away from you. It is not safe to leave your car unlocked and unattended for a long period of time. If possible, park your cars in a well-lit area and lock it once you get down from your car.
  • Check the locks – Once you step outside the car and lock it, make sure to check and re-check the locks of all the doors including the car trunk. Also, check if all the windows of your car are rolled up and are tightly secured.
  • Avoid keeping valuables inside your car – Car theft occurs because thieves usually want to sell the valuables kept in your car. So, try not to leave valuables like jewellery, cash or laptops inside your car, even if you have to just get down to grab something on your way. If it is absolutely necessary to keep the valuables in the car, make sure that you hide them properly, out of sight of people outside your car.
  • Carry documents with you – Do not leave your documents such as driving license, registration of your car (RC), insurance documents of your car and even extra pair of keys inside the car. It makes it very difficult for the police to catch the robbers as they can impersonate you using these documents. Always carry the originals with you.
  • Install anti-theft devices – Installing anti-theft systems in your cars can help prevent car theft. An anti-theft device can decrease the chances of your car getting stolen. There are various types of anti-theft devices available in the market like telematics devices, dash-cams, anti-theft alarm systems, steering wheel locks and electronic immobilizers that can keep your car safe from the thieves. And, you can also get discount on your car insurance premium if you have some kind of anti-theft device installed in your car.
We hope that you use these tips to prevent your car from getting stolen. You should also opt to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy, so that in case of an unfortunate event of car theft, you can make a claim and deal with the financial burden that you might befall upon. We also recommend that you opt for buying adequate add-ons along with the car insurance policy such as key and lock replacement cover, so that you can get enhanced coverage for your car.

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