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How can we celebrate Holi safe?
Nov 22, 2021

7 Tips for Celebrating a Safe and Colorful Holi

The Indian festival of colors, Holi, is the celebration of the arrival of spring and the end of winter season in the Indian subcontinent. The celebration mainly includes playing with colors, singing & dancing, beating drums, savoring sweet dishes and visiting family & friends. While all the festivals in India are celebrated with music and sweets, the use of colors makes Holi extra special. People of all ages enjoy playing with colors. Activities like painting faces with bright colors, drenching your friends with water gun and water-filled balloons are enjoyed by all; kids and elders. This colorful merriment, however, comes to an end when you realize the damage it has caused while you were having fun with the bright colors. You might have observed the colorful stains that Holi colors leave on you, your vehicles and sometimes even inside your home. Many a times it also happens that, the valuables in your home and the expensive parts of your vehicle get broken while celebrating Holi. So, here’re some safety tips that can help you celebrate this colorful festival without having to worry about any damages.

Tips to Protect Your Home and Its Contents During Holi

  • Apply anti-stain varnish on the internal and external walls of your home.
  • If for some reason the color party comes inside your house, be sure to cover your furniture with old bed sheets and putting the other valuables in a separate room.
  • Apply oil or Vaseline on the door knobs so that you can easily get rid of the colors after the celebration is over.
  • After the celebrations are over, avoid cleaning up yourself in the bathroom, instead use balcony or garden to wash the colors off you.
  • Place newspapers on the floor of your house to avoid the staining them.

Tips to Protect Your Vehicles During Holi

  • Apply wax polish on all the painted parts of your vehicle to avoid damaging them due to Holi colors.
  • If you are not using your vehicle that day, make sure to keep it covered so that it remains stain-free during the colorful celebration.
  • If you are using your vehicle on that day, please drive carefully and slowly to avoid getting hurt due to skidding on the slippery roads.
  • Use car shampoo to clean your car instead of detergent, which might damage the paint of your car.
  • Use old curtains and towels to protect the interiors of your four-wheeler.

Tips to Protect Your Skin During Holi

  • Apply olive or coconut oil before you start playing with colors.
  • Play Holi with skin-friendly & organic colors instead of chemical colors.
  • Wear clothes that cover your entire body in order to minimize the direct contact of colors with your skin.
  • Use moisturizer to avoid and soothe the itching caused due to colors.
  • You can also use a thick sunscreen all over your body and use nail polish to protect your skin & nails.
While you take these precautions to protect yourself and your valuables, we recommend that you also choose to secure your finances by purchasing the most appropriate insurance policy.

Over to You

You can get your car covered with Bajaj Allianz’s comprehensive car insurance policy , which can help you deal with any financial burden that you might have to bear if your car gets damaged during Holi celebration. You should also get Bajaj Allianz’s home insurance policy that can cover the structure and the contents of your house in case they get lost/damaged while celebrating Holi. Additionally, a health insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz can help you get the required protection if you have to face any emergency medical situation. Wishing you all a safe and colorful Holi!

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