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Insurance Claim For Bike Scratches
Apr 1, 2021

Should You Claim Insurance For Bike Scratches?

We all try to keep our vehicles clean and shining. After all, who doesn’t like a dazzling car or bike, right! But, it is inevitable to keep your bike or car good as new for longer. No matter how cautious you are, your new car or bike will end up getting minor scratches or dents with time. And this can be very irritating if it was not your fault. Well, you cannot control the circumstances, but the thing you can do is buy a car or bike insurance. Insurance can help you get the recovery of the damage done to your bike or car. However, the question that surfaces here are that can I claim insurance for bike scratches? More importantly, is it worth claiming insurance for some minor scratches on your bike? Let us find answers to these questions!

Can I claim insurance for bike scratches?

As it is your bike insurance, you can claim it for whatever you like. But, the real question that needs your attention is, is it worth claiming insurance for some minor scratches. To be straight forward, it will depend on the extent of damage that has happened to your bike. Plus, it also depends on the type of policy you have. For instance,
  • If you have a comprehensive policy cover for your bike, you can claim insurance if the expenses will be more than the claim money.
  • On the other hand, if you have third party bike insurance, you cannot claim anything as it will not benefit in renewing your bike. But, it will pay for damages that happened to the third party because of you.
The key point is that you need to analyse the cost of revamping your bike. If it is less and affordable as per you, save your bike insurance for some bigger damage. However, if you have damaged it beyond limits, claiming the insurance will be the best choice.

What are the advantages of not claiming insurance for minor bike scratches?

It may seem like an unlikely option at first, but if you do not claim your insurance for some minor damages to your bike, it will help you in the long run. You ask why? Here are some of the hidden benefits of that:

No Claim Bonus

If you’re not aware of what is NCB in bike insurance then you should know that it is a discount that you get for not claiming the insurance in the preceding year while renewing your policy. And the amount of this bonus keeps going up for each claim-free year. Refer to the table below:
Number of Claim Free Years NCB Discount
1 year 20%
2 continuous claim-free years 25%
3 continuous claim-free years 35%
4 continuous claim-free years 45%
5 continuous claim-free years 50%
So, if you will refrain from claiming your insurance whenever it is possible (however not for a high damage amount), it will be beneficial for you. Every time you claim your insurance, the NCB resets to zero.

Low premium

You should also be aware of what is insurance premium. The benefit of not claiming insurance for minor bike damage is a low premium. Whenever you claim for the damages of your bike, the premium rises by a significant value. This, in turn, will again hit your pocket badly.

Is there any threshold amount for which I should claim the insurance?

As no one knows how much the damage will cost at first, it is necessary for you to do the maths before claiming your bike insurance. The general rule is that if the revamping is required for two panels of the car or the overall damage amount is over 6000 INR, it is best to go for the insurance. Here are some simple examples:
  1. Damage: One body panel
If you get it repaired on your own: Rs 5000 If you claim insurance: Rs 5800 (including filing charges) Solution: Save the claim!
  1. Damage: Three-Body Panels
If you get it repaired on your own: Around Rs 15000 If you claim insurance: Around Rs 7000 (including filing charges) Solution: Claim! These are some simple examples for comparing the cost. You need to assess these costs before making a decision. These costs will vary based on the type of vehicle you are claiming insurance for. Hence, be careful while calculating!


  1. Are scratch and dent insurance worth it?
Well, it will depend on the difference between the charges that you will incur if you got it repaired yourself and the amount that the insurance company will pay. If it is less than what you are paying, claiming, the insurance is a good option or vice versa.
  1. How much does a scratch increase insurance?
If you file an insurance claim for scratches on your bike, it will boost your insurance rate by around 38% or more depending on the prior damage to the bike.   *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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