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Safety Measures For Bikes in Rainy Season
Sep 9, 2021

Safety Measures for Bikes Before Venturing in the Rain

Monsoons have already touched the western coast of the country with slowly making its way to the entire nation. With relief from intense summer heat, it is a much-awaited season by many at large. Some appreciate it for the lush greenery that it brings, while other appreciate the rains to sip on their favourite hot beverage while snuggled in bed. But that isn’t the case for motorist, especially two-wheeler owners. While car owners have a way to stay dry and navigate through the rains, two-wheeler owners have to deal through wet and slippery roads, potholes and other inconveniences as a flip side of the rains. Moreover, there is an increase in the number of road accidents due to poor visibility and deteriorating road conditions as months pass. But to stay wary of these situations, timely service must be ensured while your 2 wheeler insurance can aid if need be. Here are some of the essential safety measures that can help you stay protected:

#1 Ensure timely service of the bike

During rains, it isn’t only dust that needs to be cleaned, but also water droplets need to be addressed. At such times, ensuring timely service helps to address any problems created by it. Also, before the rains begin, getting your bike serviced in advance can help you identify if any problem persists and get it fixed creating no difficulties when it pours.

#2 Check the condition of the tyres

During rains, the road conditions are wet most of the times. This invites additional risk of slipping since the tyre cannot maintain an adequate grip due to such water. Moreover, keeping a tab on the condition of the tyres is crucial since they are the only contact patch between your bike and the road. As the exhaust fumes settle atop the accumulated water on the road, tyres lose their traction. Tyres with adequate tread in them help to maintain the much-needed traction, thus maintaining balance.

#3 Get the brakes serviced

As crucial are tyres, so are brakes as they help you keep your bike in control. Exposure to rains can damage the brakes resulting in the brake pads get rusty and jammed. Further, sudden and hard braking can result in your bike skidding. So, getting your brakes serviced helps.

#4 Lubrication of chains, hinges and levers

As water flows over the chain, it tends to lose its lubricating properties thereby limiting its performance. To avoid such rusting issues, it is advisable to keep a check and ensure its timely lubrication. Also, pay similar attention to other parts like hinges and levers of the various mechanical parts of your bike

#5 Cleaning the air filters

Moisture is higher during the rains. This tends to restrict the air flow through the air filter thereby clogging them. Replacing worn out air filters or timely ensuring it is clean helps to maintain adequate air-fuel mixture.

#6 Opting for a anti rust coat

The dampness in the air and the rain speed up the rusting process thereby damaging metal parts including the chassis. With an anti-rust coating, an additional layer is created to protect all these parts lowering the chances of rust damaging your bike. These are some nifty tips that help to keep your bike safe and protected during rains. Along with it, ensure your two-wheeler insurance policy has an adequate coverage that safeguards from the various perils of the rain. This can be done using comprehensive plans with add-on features. While add-ons increase the premium of your policy, a bike insurance calculator can help to estimate it and accordingly decide your purchase. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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