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Ola S1 Pro VS TVS iQube - All You Need To Know
Feb 6, 2024

Ola S1 Pro Vs. TVS iQube – All You Need To Know

India's electric scooter market has been growing rapidly, especially in the past few years. New electric scooters are being launched with competitive features and pricing in the market. Comparing these scooters is important to know which is the right one for you. In this article, we will look at two strong market contenders: the Ola S1 Pro and the TVS iQube. The Ola S1 Pro, presented by the well-known ride-hailing service, stands out with its advanced features, strong performance, and stylish design. On the flip side, TVS iQube, created by TVS Motor Company seems to be a tech-advanced and efficient electric scooter. While either scooters can be suitable depending on your needs, it is important to secure it with the right Electric bike insurance policy. Not only is it mandatory (for third-party insurance coverage) but it also helps provide financial support when needed.* Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy. With that in mind, let’s compare the two e-scooters to know which one you would want to buy and insure.

Ola S1 Pro Vs TVS iQube - A Comparison

To get a better understanding of both, we will be looking at each bike via its highlights, features, performance, etc.


Here is a general overview of both scooters -  
Key Highlights Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube
Price ₹ 1,39,828 ₹ 1,55,603
Riding Range 170 Km 100 Km
Charging time 6.30 Hrs 5 Hrs
Power 8500 W 4400 W


This is how the comparison between the performance of the S1 Pro and iQube stands -  
Feature Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube 
Max Power 8,500 W 4,400 W
Rated Power 5500W 3000W
Max Torque 58 Nm --
Top Speed 116 kmph 78 kmph
Riding Modes Eco, Normal, Sport and Hyper Eco and Power
  So far, the Ola S1 Pro seems to be better when it comes to performance, providing better riding range, top speed, power, and even more riding modes.


When it comes to electric vehicles, perhaps no other element is as important as its battery. The following table compares the battery specifications of each e-scooter -  
Feature Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube
Battery Charging Time 6h 30m 5h
Fast Charging Time Yes No
  Transmission Automatic Automatic
  Motor Type Mid Drive IPM Hub-Mounted Electric Motor
Battery Capacity 4 kWh 3.04 kWh
  Battery Type   Lithium Ion   Li-ion battery pack with Battery Management System
No. Of Batteries 1 2
  While the iQube has a lesser battery charging time, the S1 Pro emerges triumphant in the battery capacity aspect. The iQube also fares better in terms of battery, since it provides 2 batteries and even has an advanced battery management system.   Did you know? With a comprehensive electric bike insurance policy, you can enjoy benefits, such as on-site charging, pick-up and drop services, urgent message relay, and so on, if you face a battery breakdown in selected cities.* Hence, even though only third-party insurance coverage is mandatory, EV owners are recommended to opt for comprehensive electric vehicle insurance. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy.

Instrument/ Dashboard display 

Here are some of the features you may see on the instrument clusters of S1 Pro and iQube –  
Feature Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube
Touch Screen Display Yes Yes
Odometer Digital Digital
Regenerative Breaking Yes Yes
OTA Updates Available Available
Call/SMS Alerts Yes Yes
Central Locking System Yes No
Artificial Sound Yes No
Hill Assist Yes No
Anti-theft System Yes Yes
Geo Fencing Yes Yes
Speedometer Digital Digital
Tachometer Digital Digital
Stand Alarm Yes Yes
No. of Tripmeters 2 2
Tripmeter Type Digital Digital
Low Battery Indicator Yes Yes

Other important features 

Along with the above, the following features have also been compared -  
Feature Ola S1 Pro TVS iQube
Daylight Running Lights Yes Yes
Headlight Type LED LED
Brake/Taillight LED LED
Turn Signal LED LED
Extra Features Proximity Lock/ Unlock, Remote Boot Lock/ Unlock, Infotainment, Limp Home Mode, Hill Hold, Get Home Mode, Take Me Home Lights, Find My Scooter, and Voice Assistant. Connected features, Live vehicle tracking, Telematics-based Smart statistics, Remote charge status, 0-40 in 4.2 sec, 5” TFT screen, and Q-park Assist.
Colour variants Porcelain White, Jet Black, Liquid Silver, Anthracite Grey, Midnight Blue, and Matte Black. Titanium Grey, Racing Red, and Pearl White.
  The above comparisons can help you choose which e-scooter would suit your needs and budget. Regardless of the bike you choose, remember to safeguard it with the right electric vehicle insurance policy. If you are buying the feature-rich Ola S1 Pro, then ensure to opt for the Ola bike insurance plan plan. But if the stylish and efficient TVS iQube is more your choice, you should protect it financially with a well-designed TVS iQube insurance policy.* Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under motor insurance policy. Before you finalise an insurance plan for your two-wheeler, read its policy documents carefully. Additionally, to get an idea of the policy’s premium, use a bike insurance calculator and prepare your budget accordingly.   *Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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