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Monsoon-Ready Car Insurance with Engine Protector
Sep 9, 2021

Monsoon-Ready Car Insurance with Engine Protector Add-On

Rains are one thing that bring relief from the scorching summer heat. While it may be fun to enjoy them after months of soaring temperatures, they are not so pleasant for your cars as they often bring along some share of their problems like waterlogging and floods thereby damaging your car. For that reason, a car insurance policy can be the perfect safeguard. The coverage of a car insurance policy is pre-defined as per the policy terms. Be it a liability-only policy, or a comprehensive policy. For some of you, these coverages are enough to cover the possible risks, whereas others may find it insufficient. For that reason, insurance companies offer car insurance add-ons Add-ons are optional features that can enhance your policy’s scope. However, these add-ons are only available for comprehensive policies. Customisation of your insurance cover becomes handy when selecting these add-ons. These add-ons can either be purchased when buying car insurance online or even at a subsequent date, say renewal. One such add-on that aids in enhancing the coverage, especially during the rains is engine protector add-on. Let’s have a look –

What is engine protector add-on?

A comprehensive policy covers not only the damages caused to third parties, but also any repairs that may be required for your car. But it still has its share of limitation. This policy excludes the repair costs that may be required in the event of electrical failure and damage to mechanical spares. This limitation applies to the repairs for the engine and its components. To compensate for this shortcoming, add-ons can be handy. Any upkeep to the engine can put a dent in your bank account, but not with the engine protector add-on. Rains often lead to waterlogging, specifically in the urban areas. This situation causes the water level to rise and slowly seep into the engine block. When you crank up the ignition on your car, it does not complete the combustion required to start the vehicle and often leads to a hydrostatic lock. With this engine protector add-on, these unexpected events are covered by your insurer thereby offering financial safety.

What forms part of the coverage under engine protector add-on?

The following are the expenses that are covered by this add-on cover:
  • Repair cost required due to leakage of oils and fluids inside the engine requiring any replacement or repairs.
  • Repair cost associated due to water seepage into the combustion chamber and other components.
  • Physical damage to the components of the engine like crankshaft, gearbox, pistons, etc that requires a replacement or repairs.
  • Any damages as a result of hydrostatic lock caused when water has entered the engine and it is cranked up.
Since this add-on is in addition to your base comprehensive policy, it impacts the car insurance premium. To know the impact of this feature on your premium before buying, you can make use of car insurance premium calculator that aids in such estimation. When adding this add-on to your car insurance cover, any substantial repair costs towards damages due to monsoon are covered by the insurance plan.

Are there any exclusions under the purview of the engine protector add-on?

Just like all insurance policies have certain exceptions, this engine protector add-on also has exceptions. Any events where vehicle is force-started when being submerged in water can lead to a hydrostatic lock. This kind of event is rejected by your insurance company. Moreover, any consequential loss to other parts are outside the purview of the engine protector add-on. These are some ways how an engine protector add-on can be useful to safeguard damages to your vehicle due to monsoon-related damages. So, if you’re looking for a new insurance policy or due for a car insurance renewal, insure it with the help of this add-on.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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