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Motor Insurance Claim Process
Oct 14, 2016

Motor Insurance Claim Process: A Guide to Make a Motor Insurance Claim

Indeed it is amazing to drive your beloved car around the city, but what if when someone bumps you from behind during your joyride? You will be left with a badly dented car which needs repair. Worry not! Your vehicle insurance will come as a saviour in such a situation and you need to follow these steps for a smooth motor insurance settlement in case your car meets with an accident or worse gets stolen.   Step 1: Intimate Your Motor Insurance Company Immediately after an unforeseen incident, it is always advisable to keep your motor insurance company informed as they are going to be your friends who are going to help you come out of this loss. It is important that you do this before you make a claim as it just eases the claim settlement process.   Step 2: Lodge an FIR In case of a severe accident or theft of your vehicle, you need to lodge an FIR. Your claim will not be filed without the FIR document.   Step 3: Survey of the Damage Once you intimidate your motor insurance company, a representative will visit to evaluate the damage caused the car. He will also guide you about the nearest service center you should take your car to for the hassle-free services. You can also be relieved as these service stations will have a tie up with your insurance company for cashless servicing. This typically means that the insurance company will settle your bill directly. In case your car is not in a position to be driven, the insurance company will tow your vehicle to the nearest service station.   Step 4: Settling the Claim Once your vehicle is evaluated, damages are agreed upon and the timelines for the repair decided, relax and be assured that your vehicle is in good hands as your insurance company is involved in the process and you will not have to shell out the hidden costs which go into repairs otherwise. Most importantly, the claim settlement process will take lesser time since they are well aware of the claim in advance.   Following things should be considered while making an insurance claim:  
  1. Voluntary Excess
Voluntary Excess is a certain amount of money the insured opts to bear in case of an unforeseen incident and the rest is insured by the insurance company. In case the cost of damage is lesser than the voluntary excess amount, it is advisable not to file a claim.  
  1. No Claim Bonus (NCB)
All the insurance companies offer a no claim bonus to the policyholders for each claim free year. It is great if you do not have an accident and have a claim free year, however, in case of accident if this amount exceeds your voluntary deductible amount, it is advisable that you do not make a claim and avail discounts on future renewals.   Claim settlement is a major aspect one considers while opting for a motor insurance. We at Bajaj Allianz ensure a smooth motor insurance claim for each valid one. Do take a look at the best motor insurance plans available with us!

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