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Bike Insurance Endorsements Explained
Aug 18, 2022

E-Bike License & Insurance: In-depth Guide

The last few years have seen fuel prices entering triple-digit figures to become more expensive with each passing day. Thus, the automotive industry has an inevitable all-electric future. The electric motor vehicles market is growing in India at a steady pace, with the necessary infrastructure being developed gradually. The government has even offered subsidies to incentivise buying electric vehicles (in the form of direct subsidy as well as tax benefits). Please note that tax benefit is subject to change in tax laws. Between an electric car and a bike, it is the latter that is favoured by many, since bikes are used mainly for short distances, unlike cars. Moreover, with limited range for these vehicles, using it where the necessary charging infrastructure exists is the logical choice. An e-bike is one such product that uses a battery to power itself, completely skipping the use of an internal combustion (IC) engine. This battery technology makes it not just environmentally friendly, but also noiseless, easy to operate, and good at avoiding high costs of refuelling with minimal maintenance. If you are someone looking to buy a new e-bike, this article has you covered with all that you need to know about e-bike licence and its insurance.

What is an e-bike licence?

The current motor vehicle guidelines determine that an electric bike with battery capacity of up to 250 watts and a top speed lower than 25 kilometres per hour is not considered as a motor vehicle. Hence, transport rules do not apply and thereby do not require a driving licence. * Please visit the official RTO website for exact information. On the other hand, all e-bikes with a capacity of more than 250 watts, capable of clocking speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour, are classified as motor vehicles, and hence, a driving licence is mandatory. * Please visit the official RTO website for exact information. Having a driving licence ensures the rider is aware of all the traffic rules and regulations. Obtaining a driving licence requires a person to appear for theory as well as a practical test which ensures that the necessary vehicle information is knowledge to the rider. Further, to receive any amount of two wheeler insurance claim, a valid driving licence is necessary. * Standard T&C Apply

What is e-bike insurance?

Since electric vehicles are new in the market, there are no exclusive insurance plans that cover e-bikes or electric bikes. However, the standard insurance plans extend its coverage for e-bikes too. Just as how standard IC engine two-wheelers require an insurance cover, e-bikes also must be mandatorily insured with third party bike insurance. A third-party policy or liability-only plan offers coverage for a third person and not the e-bike. Since these bikes are expensive, a comprehensive plan is what protects them against several damages and risks. * Standard T&C Apply

What do e-bike insurance policies cover?

Depending on the type of policy, the coverage is defined under the insurance terms. For third-party plans, the coverage is limited to damages faced by a third-party’s property and injuries to a third person. On the other hand, comprehensive plans cover several repairs and damages to your e-bike. These include the cost of replacement of spares as well as repairs that may be required in the case of an accident. Further, damages due to natural calamities as well as man-made events such as theft, are covered by a comprehensive plan. As the coverage for comprehensive plans is significantly broader, the bike insurance price for it is higher when compared to its third-party counterpart. * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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