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Telangana Road Tax
Feb 12, 2024

Deciphering Telangana Road Taxes: Compute Rates & Pay Online

Telangana, a state known for its rich cultural heritage and rapid urbanization, has a well-connected network of roads and highways. If you're a vehicle owner in Telangana, understanding the road tax structure is essential to ensure compliance with state regulations and contribute to the maintenance of road infrastructure. Let’s decipher Telangana Road taxes, helping you compute rates and make online payments efficiently.

Telangana Road Tax: Understanding The Basics

Road tax is a state-level tax imposed on vehicles using public roads. The revenue generated from road taxes is crucial for the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. In Telangana, road taxes are governed by the Motor Vehicles Act, and the rates vary based on factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, and purpose. Similarly, your vehicle, for example your car, needs to have a car insurance policy to be able to drive on the roads of Telangana.

Factors Affecting Telangana Road Tax Calculation

If you are wondering as to what factors are considered in calculating the road tax in Telangana, listed below are some of them:

Vehicle Type

Two-wheelers (Motorcycles and Scooters)/Four-wheelers (Cars, SUVs, etc.)/Commercial Vehicles (Goods Carriers, Passenger Vehicles for Hire)

Fuel Type


Vehicle Age

New Vehicle/Old Vehicle (Calculated on a depreciating scale)

Purpose of Vehicle

Personal Use/Commercial Use

Road Tax In Telangana

The following table will give you an idea about the road tax in Telangana as per the type of vehicle:


Age of Vehicle Lifetime Tax Charged
New vehicle – first-time registration 9% of vehicle cost
Registered Vehicle less than 2 years old 8% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 2 but under 3 years 7% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 3 years but under 4 years 6% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 4 years but under 5 years 5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 5 years but under 6 years 4% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 6 years but under 7 years 3.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 7 years but under 8 years 3 % of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 8 years but under 9 years 2.5 % of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 9 years but under 10 years 2 % of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 10 years but under 11 years 1.5 % of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 11 years 1 % of vehicle cost


Vehicle Category Life Time Tax charged (Vehicle costing under  Rs 10 lakh) Life Time Tax charged (Vehicle costing over  Rs 10 lakh)
New vehicles 12% of vehicle cost 14% of vehicle cost
Vehicles under 2 years 11% of vehicle cost 13% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 2 years but under 3 years 10.5% of vehicle cost 12.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 3 years but under 4 years 10% of vehicle cost 12% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 4 years but under 5 years 9.5% of vehicle cost 11.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 5 years but under 6 years 9% of vehicle cost 11% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 6 years but under 7 years 8.5% of vehicle cost 10.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 7 years but under 8 years 8% of vehicle cost 10% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 8 years but under 9 years 7.5% of vehicle cost 9.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 9 years but under 10 years 7% of vehicle cost 9% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 10 years but under 11 years 6.5% of vehicle cost 8.5% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 11 years but under 12 years 6% of vehicle cost 8% of vehicle cost
Vehicles aged over 12 years 5.5% of vehicle cost 7.5% of vehicle cost

Paying Road Tax Online in Telangana

After looking at the road tax rates given in the tables above, you can easily pay it online by following these steps:
  1. Visit the Parivahan Sewa Online Portal
  2. Select the Online Services option, followed by Vehicle Related Services. Here, you need to select the state of Telangana and select the
  3. RTO as per your vehicle’s registration.
  4. Provide the required details about your vehicle. For example, if you want to pay road tax for your bike, provide information related to your bike. Do remember that your bike needs to be insured with a bike insurance policy to comply with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1989.
  5. The website will display tax based on the information provided by you. Do cross-check to see if the amount shown matches what is shown in the computation table.
  6. For payment, you can do it using credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI. The payment will be done on the website through secure channels.
  7. Once the payment is successful, you can generate an online receipt. It is advisable to keep a digital or printed copy of the receipt for future reference.

Benefits of Online Road Tax Payment in Telangana

The following are the benefits of paying road tax online in Telangana:


Online payment eliminates the need to visit physical offices, saving time and effort for vehicle owners.


The online system provides a transparent breakdown of the road tax components, ensuring vehicle owners understand the calculation.

Digital Records

Online payments generate digital receipts, making it easy for vehicle owners to maintain records without the hassle of physical paperwork.

Secure Transactions

Online payment portals are designed with security measures to protect users' financial information, providing a safe and secure transaction environment.

24/7 Accessibility

Vehicle owners can make online payments at any time, providing flexibility and accessibility beyond regular working hours.


With the information provided above, it becomes much easier to pay your road tax online in Telangana. You can get more information on the government’s official website if you require more assistance. Do remember to abide by all the road laws, such as having valid vehicle insurance for your vehicle in the state of Telangana.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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