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Hyderabad traffic fines guide
Mar 30, 2023

Hyderabad Traffic Fines: An In-depth Guide

Hyderabad is situated on the Deccan Plateau and is known to be the fourth most populous city in the country. While the Musi River flows nearby, the city also boasts of the Hussain Sagar Lake. It is an artificially constructed lake, built by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah around the year 1563. It draws its waters from the river Musi. Another aspect of the city that is popular with people around the country is the cuisine of Hyderabad. It boasts of influences such as Arabic, Mughlai, Turkish, South Asian, and draws from Deccan and Marathwada cultures as well. If its mouth-watering cuisine and rich history are drawing you towards the city, and you are planning to drive there in your vehicle, it is important to be acquainted with the traffic regulations of the city. Knowing these rules is equally important if you are a resident of the city, especially one who drives their own vehicle. Having a clear idea of Hyderabad or Telangana traffic fines may help you be more aware of the rules you should be following while driving.

Hyderabad Traffic Violations & Fines

The state of Telangana assumed its distinct identity after its separation from the state of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2014. The city of Hyderabad, which previously served as the capital of Andhra Pradesh, was then a part of the newly formed Telangana and became its capital. In the year 2019, the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act was introduced by the central government. This led to some changes in the traffic rules and regulations across the country, including Hyderabad. This may have brought some changes in the Hyderabad traffic fine structure. Today, if you want to drive in Hyderabad, you must be aware of the prevalent traffic rules in Hyderabad. Here are some of the traffic violations and related fines in Hyderabad that you should know about.
Offence Fine (amount in ₹)
Driving without a licence (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 500
Driving a vehicle without registration (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 2000
Driving without a permit (commercial/transport vehicles) Court or RTA
Driving without (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1000
Underage driving (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 500
Entering a ‘No Entry’ space (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 200
Entering a one-way from the wrong end (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 200
U-turn violation (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 200
Speeding, rash, or negligent driving (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1000
Driving dangerously in a way that poses threat to the lives of others (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1000 or court
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to do so 200
The vehicle driven is unsafe Court
Hit and run (fleeing the scene after an accident) Court
Not using a helmet (two-wheeler) 200
Driving an overweight/overloaded vehicle 1000/per tonne (collection by RTA) or court
Wrong-side driving (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1100
Riding triple-seat on a two-wheeler 1200
Irregular number plate 200
Disobedience against a traffic police officer in uniform 200
Signal jumping 1000
Using a mobile phone when driving 1000
Driving under influence (after consumption of intoxicants or substances) Court
Over speeding 1400
Driving without PUC (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1000
Illegal parking (two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and six-wheeler) 1000
  These are some of the offences and their corresponding fines. It is favourable to be aware of these Hyderabad traffic fines, so you know what you are facing if you were to ever be caught in any of these situations. However, as a model citizen, you should focus on abiding by all the traffic rules laid down by the authorities. Not only does this ensure that you do not have the face any fines, but it can also boost the safety of you and your vehicle when you are driving.

Documents Required When Driving

When you own a vehicle and plan to drive it in and around the city, or for long distances, you are required to possess a few documents. For example, PUC and car insurance are two of the four primary documents required when driving a car. Here is a checklist of all four documents when driving a car.
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Driving licence
  • PUC (Pollution Under Check) Certificate
  • Car insurance
A similar set of documents will be required if you own or ride a bike. Except in this case, you will require a bike insurance policy. Remember that a vehicle insurance policy is not valid forever. It needs regular renewals. Take note of the expiration date of your car or bike insurance policy and ensure that you renew it on time. Following traffic rules is a smart way to stay on the right side of the law. Ensure that you are well aware of the rules and regulations of your city, so you could follow them. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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