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Car Insurance Checks During Relocation
Jul 22, 2020

Important Car Insurance Details to Consider While Relocating

After the industrial revolution, technology has developed at an unprecedented rate. Due to the availability of modern conveniences in abundance, relocating has never been easier. However, there are many things that need to be in order before you move. As shifting is often stressful, it's possible that you may forget about some important things that needs to be looked into. Besides, changing your location can be a tricky affair as many things need sorting - including your Car Insurance. So, if you are planning to shift to a new place any time soon, here are a few things you should consider: Address Update Firstly, provide your new address to your Car Insurance provider along with your email address and phone number. This will be beneficial as the information provided will facilitate communication. Not doing this will deter your insurer from communicating important information regarding your Car Insurance. This could include details regarding car insurance renewal, coverage, increase/decrease in premium and no-claims bonus. Re-registration Information Moving to another city permanently or for more than 12 months would require you to obtain a local registration number for your car. Inform your insurer regarding the same so that your records are updated. This will prevent any issues from arising when you file for a claim. The updation process is very simple and quick. That being said, for re-registering your car, you will have to submit a No Objection Certificate from your previous road transport authority. Network of Cashless Garages Trusted service providers like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance maintain a network of garages all over India. This will help you avail cashless services if your car breaks down. However, if you service your car at a different garage due to the remoteness of the location, then you will have to make the payments yourself and file for a reimbursement claim. For reimbursement of the same, your location information with the insurer needs to be updated in order for a surveyor to conduct an inspection of the vehicle. This will facilitate a hassle-free claim process. Remember to check car insurance status online to keep track of the validity of your policy, else your claim might face rejection. Premiums and Covers Normally, your premium will not get affected if you move to a new city. Nevertheless, your premium can get affected due to a number of other factors like the risks covered. The terms of your Car Insurance will also differ across different locations as per the regulations. For example, your premium might increase if you're shifting to a calamity-prone zone. In certain regions, you won't be provided facilities like towing or roadside assistance. Service providers like Bajaj Allianz General Insurance are known to provide customers with fair Car Insurance quotes. Upgrading Cover This might be beneficial in certain locations, but unnecessary in others. Therefore, before moving from one place to another, make sure to ascertain your current Car Insurance needs and bridge the gap. For example, you may need to go with a comprehensive cover instead of third-party coverage in a region where the risk of potential car damage is high. Shifting to a metro city from a rural area may also impact your car insurance prices . Note that you cannot upgrade your car insurance during the policy term itself and hence you must do so while renewing your policy. You can insure your car against acts of vandalism or natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides by opting for additional coverage. No Claims Bonus Transfer A no claim bonus is an incentive provided by your insurer for maintaining a clean driving record. This bonus can be transferred to your new car after you have sold the previous one. Similarly, this reward is also transferable to a new insurance provider. These general Car Insurance policy guidelines should be considered before relocating to a new place. If you want to purchase Car Insurance online , make sure to check out Bajaj Allianz General Insurance website today!

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