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Electric Family Scooter
Jan 10, 2024

Ather’s Electric Family Scooter: The Eco-Friendly Commute Solution

In India, some customers have either purchased an electric two-wheeler as their first vehicle or switched to an electric two-wheeler from their existing fuel one. When it comes to choosing a brand, you have multitude options to select from. Ather is one such brand in the electric two-wheeler industry.

Ather: A Pioneer In Two-Wheeler Segment?

Ather was one of the first brands to offer full-fledged electric two-wheelers to Indians. Launched in 2013, Ather is based out of Bengaluru. After years of investment, R&D, and setting up their own manufacturing facility, Ather successfully launched their first electric scooter in 2018: Ather 450. Ather scooters are well-known for their performance, sturdy build, sporty look, and better after-sales service. With Ather’s introduction of electric two-wheeler in the Indian market, it may have helped create a sense of understanding among people on helping the environment and reducing the pollution.

Variants From Ather

Ather launched its first electric scooter in 2018. It was the Ather 450. Let’s look at the specifications of this scooter: Range: 75 kms (single charge) 110-145 kms (depending on the battery capacity) Battery charging time: 5.25 hours Brakes: Disc (Front and Rear) Digital display Riding modes: Eco, Normal, Sport Parking assistant Regenerative braking Top speed: 80 kmph Battery capacity: 2.7 Kwh Battery shelf life: >5 years The Ather 450 was well-received by people and had very positive reviews. It may have also encouraged people to purchase electric vehicle insurance, and ensure that their personal driving asset remains protected. Fours years after the launch of 450, Ather launched their new scooter, the Ather 450X. It was an upgrade of the 450, which was discontinued in 2021. They also launched an economical version of the 450X, termed as 450S. The 450X came with added features to enhance the user and riding experience. Here are the specifications: Maximum power output: 6400 W Range: 111 kms (single charge) 145 kms (overall range) Riding modes: Eco, Sport, Warp Brakes: Disc (Front and rear) Alloy tires Top speed: 90 kmph Battery charging time: 8.3 hrs Battery capacity: 2.9 Kwh Battery shelf life: >5 years

Why Ather

Ather has managed to establish itself as a major within such a short period. It’s not just the scooters that have attracted people towards the brand, but it is their technology and their service as well. So, if you are wondering why you should go with Ather, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with their scooters:
  • They are Eco-friendly

The main USP of Ather is that it is aimed at being nature-friendly. Electric scooters do not use fuel to power up the vehicle. By harnessing the power of electricity, Ather scooters reduce emissions. This leads to lower pollution levels, thus reducing the harm caused to the environment. It also promotes cleaner air, which means lower risk of illnesses caused due to air pollution.
  • They are Universal

Ather scooters are not made for any specific age category. They are easy to learn and use. The controls of Ather scooters make them easy to handle without any complications. Be it a youngster or a senior citizen, anyone can use an Ather scooter with ease. The design is sporty, modern, and unique, which appeals across all age groups. Note: While they may be easy to learn and use, no one can rule out the possibility of a mishap happening. To safeguard yourself and your Ather scooter, purchase electric bike insurance.*
  • Features Just Like A Car

It does not contain a seatbelt or a wiper, but there are other features that one can also notice in a car. Ather scooters have a digital display console, which is a massive upgrade from the analog ones. This display provides the rider with various features, such checking the battery capacity and speed digitally, using maps to navigate a route or connecting the phone to the scooter using Bluetooth. Ather scooters also provide different riding modes along with parking assistance, and a reverse feature as well.
  • It’s A Long-Term Investment

Electric scooters may be found by some to be affordable, at least when it comes to maintenance. This is due to the difference in the parts used in electric scooter and a petrol scooter. This makes Ather scooters a long-term investment. Their battery shelf life is long enough for you to possibly not feel the need to consider replacing the battery immediately. It is important to protect such an investment with a good policy, which is why you should opt for Ather bike insurance and provide all-round protection for your Ather scooter.*


While Ather has already managed to build a good foundation, they are now expanding their horizons by aiming to launch an electric scooter for families in the near future. And be it a regular scooter or a family scooter, always secure yourself, your loved ones, and your assets, from unpredictable situations with the help of Motor insurance.*   *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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