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Importance of World Earth Day
Nov 22, 2021

World Earth Day – The Environmental Protection Movement

World Earth Day is one of the most important holidays observed all over the world on April 22 every year. The aim of this observance is to raise awareness about the environmental protection and importance of planet Earth. Environmental protection is very important today as the rising pollution levels have led to many serious conditions like severe health hazardous, depletion of natural resources, ozone layer depletion, disruption in the food chain, destruction of ecosystems and habitats and decrease in wildlife population. The theme of this year’s World Earth Day is to protect threatened and endangered species.

How to Celebrate World Earth Day?

Keeping the environment clean and caring for the planet & near-extinction species is the responsibility of everyone, individuals as well as governing bodies. Here’re some effective ways that can help protect environment and celebrate World Earth Day:
  • Plant more trees in your surroundings.
  • Keep your surroundings clean by segregating the dry and wet garbage at your homes.
  • Extend your help by picking up the wastes from streets, parks and other neighboring places.
  • Encourage people to reduce the use of plastics and other non-biodegradable items.
  • Raise awareness about the extinction of millions of species and ways to curb this extinction.
  • Stop using harmful chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.
  • Use the natural resources like water judiciously and economically.
  • Take part in activities such as seminars and debates, which educate people about environment protection.
  • Adopt modern & practical ways of energy conservation and spread awareness about the same.
  • Pledge to recycle and reuse your old items to avoid wastage and unnecessary dumping of old materials.
  • Wear green, brown or blue clothes on World Earth Day to display the colors of environment.
  • Organize events where plays and fun activities can teach people about environment safety and the importance of planet Earth.
These activities can inspire the people of your country to participate in the celebration of World Earth Day in large numbers. Also, it will spread awareness among the young people to take care of our planet so that they have a sustainable future for themselves and the coming generations.

Over to You

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