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Winter Care Tips for Car
Oct 29, 2020

5 Tips for Car Care During Winter

Every season has its own charm. After enjoying the much awaited monsoons, after months of scorching heat of summer days, we are waiting for onset of winter season. Along with the winters come a new set of factors and problems that will affect our vehicle. Here are few vehicle care tips which will help to keep your car healthy in the upcoming cold winter months. Routine Check Ups As we do our checkups to understand the onset of any conditions, it is always recommended that before any season change, we take our vehicle for a health check-up to the authorized service centre. Vehicles are more prone to malfunctions during extreme weather conditions. Routine check-ups would ensure core parts of the vehicle are functioning normally and can help avert potential mishaps later. Bu even after servicing of the vehicle, one should not let their guard down and keep a note of the vehicle performance so that any signs of malfunction are not missed. Warming Up Your Vehicle It is recommended to start the engine and keep it idle for at least a minute. Do not rev the engine, as the engine oil takes a bit longer to reach the moving parts in this season. One also needs to avoid driving at higher speeds for the first few kilometers. This will help maintaining overall health of the engine. Battery Health One of the most important components of the vehicle is the battery. The battery has a good chance of dying off during winter. The primary signs of battery damage are improper functioning of electrical systems, startup troubles, weak/flickering lights, non-functioning of cabin lights or audio systems and these are the core indications of battery problems. If you encounter such issues, get it checked immediately. Car Lights Irrespective of whether your location witnesses fog or not, making sure that the headlights, fog lamps (if any) and taillights work properly, are clean and are in a good shape. Also checking the flashers, turn signals, brake lights and back-up lights ensures a comfortable and safe driving experience. Windscreen and Window Fogging Driving in conditions when windscreens and windows are fogged up compromises safety. Fogging occurs due to the difference in the temperatures outside and inside the car.  If your windscreen fogs up from the inside, switch the air-conditioner on to the ventilation mode until the fogging clears up. For windscreen fogging on the outside, use the wipers to get rid of the mist or roll down the windows to balance the temperature and switch on the heater and put it on the windshield mode The key is to regulate the temperature inside so it is at par with the temperature outside. To clear fogged-up windows, roll down and roll up the windows, and the rubber strip at the bottom of the windows will clear the fog. Taking all these steps will ensure safety and confidence. However breakdown and mishaps do happen even after taking precautions. Make sure that you have breakdown reflective triangles. In case of a breakdown, they should be placed at a safe distance, about 20 metres, behind the stalled vehicle. They will warn the traffic of an obstruction ahead. One also needs assistance of comprehensive car insurance with Engine Protector Cover and Depreciation Cover. Do check to ensure that your policy also covers towing facility and roadside repair. This will ensure you don’t end up being stranded on the roadside and will speed up the recovery process and relieve you off unnecessary stress. We hope these tips will ensure a cozier driving experience in the cold months of winter. Expert Article by Aditya Sharma Business Head – Motor, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance   *Disclaimer: The views & opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author & not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or any other group or individual.

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